Goblin Raids


If there's one thing that goblins love, it's raiding quiet, peace-loving communities to loot them of resources and generally cause a ruckus. The Black Guard have set up a division to handle these incursions, but as a wandering adventurer, you can help out too in stopping these raids. Alternatively, if you're up for giving the goblins a taste of their own medicine, you can head down to Goblin Village to cave in some heads.

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Raid Locations

Goblin raids occur every hour or half an hour, and will be announced in a server-wide broadcast. Note that to receive this broadcast, you must have your game chat filter set to On and have toggled the Goblin Raids option at the Doomsayer to be active.


The news message details the location where you can find the goblin raiders. Following the message will lead you to the site being raided, allowing you to step in and disrupt their little party.

Location hint Location map Nearest teleport
Farm North of Port Sarim Raid Fallyfarm The Dual Cabbageway
Lumbridge Farm Raid Lumbfarm Lumbridge Lodestone
Lumbridge Swamp Copper Mine Raid Lumbcopmine Lumbridge Lodestone
North of the Champions' Guild Raid Northchamp Combat bracelet teleport
North of the Crafting Guild Raid Craftguild Skills necklace teleport
Potato field near the Lumbridge windmill Raid Lumbwheat Draynor Lodestone
Rimmington Mine Raid Rimmington Port Sarim Lodestone
South of Varrock Raid Svarr Varrock Lodestone
South-West of Varrock Raid Westvarrock Varrock Lodestone
Taverley Mine Raid Tavmine Burthorpe Lodestone
Taverley Wheatfield Raid Tavwheat Taverley Lodestone
West of Lumbridge Raid Westlumb Lumbridge Teleport/Lodestone
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Stopping a Raid

Once you've tracked down the location of the goblin raiders, you'll notice them harvesting the area's resources under the watch of their commander, Hollowtoof. Get rid of them by attacking and killing as many of them as possible.


Once all the goblin raiders are defeated, Hollowtoof will fly into a rage and become attackable - killing him now will finish the raid, and a group of Black Guard dwarves will teleport in to clear out the area. You can speak to the dwarf commander to receive your reward for stopping the raid.

Note that if you take too long to kill all the goblins and their commander, they will teleport away just as the Black Guard dwarves show up. You can still talk to the commander to receive some reward for making an attempt at clearing out the raid, though.

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Goblin Bosses

If you're up for taking the battle to the goblins, you'll want to conduct a raid of your own on their village. You can head into Goblin Village and start killing them, but beware - your incursion will eventually result in a goblin boss coming after you for revenge.

You can check how close you are to summoning a goblin boss by setting your game chat filter to On.

Raid Summon

After defeating 15 goblins (whether in one go or between game sessions), you will provoke a response from a goblin boss. One of three goblins, Brokeface, Stinkears or Lumpnose will appear and attack you. Each of these bosses uses attacks from a specific corner of the combat triangle (melee, magic and ranged, respectively), and will harass you until you kill them or run away.

Raid Boss

Killing this goblin boss will reward you with some low-levelled class-specific armour, and you may also find the boss dropping a goblin cower shield, which can reward you with bonus XP in certain combat skills.

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Once a goblin raid has finished, you will be able to collect rewards from the Black Guard patrol that shows up. These rewards are low-levelled resources, and will vary based on the location of the raid (such as ores at mines or seeds at farms). They will always handed out in a stackable form, such as bank notes for ores and logs. The amount of resources you receive is based on the number of goblin raiders killed.

Raid Location Potential Rewards
  • North of the Crafting Guild
  • South of Varrock
  • South-West of Varrock
  • West of Lumbridge
Up to a total of 10 Logs and Oak logs.
  • North of the Champions' Guild
  • Lumbridge Swamp Copper Mine
  • Rimmington Mine
  • Taverley Mine
Up to a total of 10 Clay, Copper ore and Tin ore.
  • Farm North of Port Sarim
  • Lumbridge Farm
  • Potato field near the Lumbridge windmill
  • Taverley Wheatfield
Up to a total of 10 Potato seeds, Marigold seeds and Barley seeds.

Killing the goblin raiders will also reward you with some resources alongside their normal drops, and finishing the raid by killing Hollowtoof will also give you a chance to receive some of his equipment as a drop.

Goblin Raider Equipment
Pic Name Requirements Attack/Defence Stats Other
  Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged Summoning Strength
Raider Axe Raider axe 8 Attack Attack bonuses -2 +18 +13 +0 +0 - +22
Defence bonuses +0 +0 +0 +0 -1 +0
Raider Chainbody Raider chainbody 8 Defence Attack bonuses +0 +0 +0 -15 +0 - +0
Defence bonuses +20 +29 +35 -3 +22 +8
Raider Shield Raider shield 8 Defence Attack bonuses +0 +0 +0 -6 -2 - +0
Defence bonuses +14 +15 +13 +0 +14 +7

Finally, killing the goblin bosses in Goblin Village gives you a chance to obtain a goblin cower shield. When dropped by the goblin bosses, it will give you a 25% bonus to XP gained while training Attack, Defence and Constitution as long as the shield is worn, for up to a total of 1000 bonus XP.

Goblin Bosses Equipment
Pic Name Requirements Attack/Defence Stats Other
  Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged Summoning Strength
Goblin Cower Shield Goblin cower shield 5 Defence Attack bonuses +0 +0 +0 -8 -2 - +0
Defence bonuses +13 +15 +14 -1 +14 +5

You can also obtain this shield from the goblin generals for free if you have completed The Chosen Commander; however, it will not give you any bonus XP if it is obtained this way. Note that you may only have one goblin cower shield at any time.

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