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After the events of The World Wakes, the Gods are returning to RuneScape. Each God has an Emissary that the player can talk with to join their faction. Emissaries assign the player various jobs to prepare their faction for the coming of the Gods and offer a number of useful rewards for your time. Players that do not wish to side with a particular god can join the "Godless" faction. Each God Emissary will talk to the player about their God and their aims within RuneScape so the player can make an informed choice.

Simply talk to an Emissary to join their faction after confirming your choice. You allegiance can be changed at any time by talking to a different God Emissary, all your progress with the God Emissary is preserved when changing factions so switching does not mean the content has to be replayed. See below for the locations of each emissary, job descriptions and rewards.

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Finding the Emissaries

Locations of the God Emissaries
Image Name Faction/God Location Minimap
Taw\'Paak Taw'Paak Armadyl South of Falador to the east of the Clan camp. Emissary Armadyl Minimap
Murknose Murknose Bandos Outside the entrance to the Goblin Village, north of Falador. Emissary Bandos Minimap
Holstein Holstein The Godless East of the Player-owned ports portal in Port Sarim. Emissary Godless Minimap
Julienne Julienne Saradomin Falador park to the east of the tree patch. Emissary Saradomin Minimap
Endwyr Endwyr Seren South of Port Sarim jail. Emissary Seren Minimap
Relomia Relomia Sliske The center of Draynor in the sqaure to the north of the bank. Emissary Sliske Minimap
Moldark Moldark Zamorak North-east of Edgeville bank. Emissary Zamorak Minimap
Soran Soran Zaros South-west of Varrock west bank. Emissary Zaros Minimap
Soran Hannu V Altar room in the cave on the trading post island after completion of the Hero's Welcome quest. Emissary V Minimap
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After allying yourself with a God Emissary and being awarded a God Banner, the player can complete a number of tasks to aid their cause. These are split into Combat, Skilling and Exploration tasks, which can be completed in any order. Some jobs may have skill requirements that are too high for the player, in this case the jobs can still be completed but with a reduced experience reward. The God Emissary can be contacted at any time by selecting "contact emissary" on the God Banner. This serves the same purpose as contacting them in person, so the whole set of jobs can be completed without having to return to the Emissary. Simply use the "contact emissary" function to start and complete jobs when required.

Combat Jobs
Job Description and/or Tips Reward
Kill 10 Goblins. Found in the Goblin village, north-east Lumbridge and west of the Port Sarim lodestone. 500xp in any combat stat*
Defeat Black or White knights. Black knights are found at their fortress west of Edgeville. White knights can be found in Falador castle. Kill them until they drop a message for your emissary. 2,000xp in any combat stat*
Distract Yanille guards for 3 minutes. Go to the flower patch in western Yanille to start the distraction. Select "contact emissary" on your banner to start the diversion, stay in combat with the level 52 soldiers for 3 minutes to complete the job. The Yanille lodestone is a convenient teleport to the area. 4,000xp in any combat stat*
Retrieve an artefact from a Kalphite worker. Head to the Kalphite Hive in the north-west desert to start this task. If you have not been to the hive before, a rope is required. Fight the level 84 Kalphite workers until one drops the curved artefact. 7,500xp in any combat stat*
Collect 5 jogre talismans, a demon horn and a perfect blue dragon scale. Fight Jogres, blue dragons and demons (such as lesser demons, greater demons or black demons) to obtain all the required items. See the bestiary entries for more information on these monsters. 10,000xp in any combat stat*
Enchant the artefact at the fire altar. Take the artefact, use it on the fire altar (north-east of Al Kharid) and be prepared to fight a level 140 black demon. If the demon disappears after spawning, try restarting the ritual farther away from the altar. After defeating the demon, contact your emissary to complete the job. Two lots of 10,000xp in any combat stat*

*Experience rewards for combat jobs grant experience in a choice of Attack, Strength, Defence, Constitution, Magic and Ranged.

Skilling Jobs
Job Description and/or Tips Reward
Make 3 bowls of scrambled egg or 3 bronze 2h swords. The items must be made yourself. See the item entries for information on how to create these items. 1,000 coins and 750xp in Cooking or Smithing depending on which items were made.
Collect 5 metal fragments when Woodcutting, Mining or Fishing. The metal fragments can only be found when using the above skills to gather level 30 or higher items, such as willow, coal or salmon. 4,000xp in Woodcutting, Fishing or Smithing depending which skill was used to complete the job.
Place bonfires or flags in Varrock square, Rimmington square, Ardougne market and Draynor market. Placing a bonfire requires 4 logs and 40 Firemaking. Placing a flag requires 4 cloth and 40 Crafting. Click on your banner to place a bonfire or flag when standing in the correct area and carrying sufficient supplies. 7,500xp in Firemaking or Crafting depending which skill was used to complete the job.
Collect 5 more metal fragments by pickpocketing knights of Ardougne, desert bandits and thugs, or by hunting implings. Knights of Ardougne can be found around Ardougne market, desert bandits can be found in the Bandit camp or Pollivneach and Implings spawn commonly around Ardougne monastery. 10,000xp in Thieving or Hunter depending which skill was used to complete the job.
Put the fragments together using your skills. Read the note to learn how to reforge the artefact. Use your Woodcutting, Mining and Fishing skills until you find 4 strong sticks (with at least one well-cut strong stick), 4 small gemstones (with at least one fine small gemstone) and 4 smooth stones (with at least one very smooth stone). Now use the artefact on an anvil with these items in your inventory to reforge it.
Finally, use runes on the artefact in the following order to charge it: fire, earth, air, water, body, and mind.
10,000xp in Woodcutting, Mining or Fishing
10,000xp in Crafting or Smithing
10,000xp in Magic, Runecrafting, Summoning, or Prayer

Exploration Jobs
Job Description and/or Tips Reward
Persuade armour sellers to help your cause. Visit Horvik's Armour Shop in Varrock, Louie's Armoured Legs Bazaar in Al Kharid, Cassie's shield shop in Falador and Peksa's Helmet shop in the Barbarian village and talk to the shopkeepers to ask for their assistance. 500xp in Agility.
Find 8 strange fragments around Asgarnia. There are 12 fragments in total, only 8 are required. See the above item entry for the specific locations of the fragments. 2,000xp in Agility.
Investigate 4 prayer altars. Approach a prayer altar and select "contact emissary" and "search" on your banner to investigate the altar. Many altars across Asgarnia will work, and each altar investigated should be aligned to a different god. The altars are different for each player. 3,000xp in Agility.
Visit Runecrafting altars to charge an artefact. The Runecrafting altars (just the surface ruins) need to be visited in pairs as follows; Fire and Water, Air and Earth, Body and Mind. Once the artefact has been charged at the first altar of a pair, you have 90 seconds to get to the next one, so plan your journey carefully. See the Runecrafting Guide for the locations of each altar. 7,500xp in Agility.
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When joining a faction, the player automatically unlocks a basic God banner, the "of [Faction]" suffix (where [faction] is replaced by your chosen faction, for example "of Zaros" for the Zaros faction) and an incomplete book of the Gods.

As the player completes the three sets of jobs, additional rewards are unlocked. For each job set completed the banner gains a cosmetic upgrade and offers a number of temporary boosts as detailed below. These boosts can be activated once a day and last for 30 minutes before wearing off.

  • Combat - Boosts Attack, Strength, Magic, Ranged and Defence by 5.
  • Skills - Boosts a chosen non-combat skill by 2.
  • Exploration - Boosts Agility by 5.

Additionally, the player obtains a god-themed relic helm that has tier 60 hybrid stats. More pages are added to the book of the Gods as jobs are completed.

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