God Wars Dungeon

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You must have started the Troll Stronghold Quest to access this dungeon. This massive dungeon can be found by walking directly north of Trollheim, and north up the icy path directly in front of the Thrower trolls. The entire dungeon is multi-combat, so make sure you dress appropriately. To approach the entrance to the dungeon, you must have at least Strength level 60 to push the boulder out of the way OR Agility level 60 to navigate the crevice next to the boulder. Getting past the boulder will bring your run energy to 0% automatically, and the icy area will lower your stats by 1 every few seconds. Walk north and slightly east past the level 136 Ice wolves until you see the Dying Knight. You must talk to him and receive the letter to continue down into the dungeon. (You may bring the letter to Sir Tiffy in Falador park later, though it will not grant you any reward.) Use a rope on the entrance and climb down. This rope is permanent; no matter how many times you come back to the dungeon, the rope will stay there.

The Main Chamber

When you enter, you will drop down into the middle area, where there's a massive ongoing battle between the four different god factions (Armadyl, Bandos, Saradomin, and Zamorak). These are aggressive monsters with levels ranging from 8 to 220, as listed by god colour on the map (as well as the spiritual mages, rangers and warriors from each faction). You can prevent monsters from automatically attacking you by wearing or wielding an item of their god, which are listed below. Aggression from all four factions can be prevented by using an item from each god. Note that Spiritual Mages (from any faction) drop the coveted dragon boots, but Slayer 83 is required to kill them.

Surrounding the central area are four strongholds, one for each faction, which are described individually below the map. There are different requirements (skill levels and/or items) to reach each stronghold. Within each stronghold is a chamber for the general and commanders of that faction. To enter the boss chambers you need to kill 40 monsters of the corresponding faction. So to enter General Graardor's chamber in the Bandos section, for example, you will need to kill 40 Bandos monsters. It is also important to note that although all four boss chambers have altars for recharging Prayer, they may only be used once every 10 minutes, and not at all during combat, so be sure to bring Prayer potions or Super restore potions.

Even deeper within the turmoil of the God Wars Dungeon lies a fifth, hidden faction, locked away by the other Gods in fear of its power. This fifth faction belongs to the ancient god, Zaros, whose minions are even stronger than those of the other four gods! To access this part of the dungeon, a player must obtain a frozen key by killing minions of the other four gods, then opening the Frozen Door in the southern most alcove. The key can only be used 5 times, however, before it disappears. This decay can be prevented by repairing it on a PoH armour stand or by Bob in Lumbridge, at the cost of (99 - [Smithing level]) * 400 + 10,000gp per .

Otherwise, Zaros' Stronghold is the same as the other Strongholds. To challenge Zaros' champion, the legendary Nex, one must kill 40 Zaros monsters. Note, however, that unlike the other gods' champions, you cannot escape Nex's lair through normal means. Once you are in, there are only two ways out: teleporting to escape, or death.

God Wars Dungeon Item Required Item Required Item Required Item Required Item Required Item Required

Items Protection Table

Item Slot Armadyl Bandos Saradomin Zamorak
Ammo - -
Rings - - -
Boots -
Gloves - -
- -

NOTE: Zaros' minions are extremely hostile and thus will attack players regardless of any Zaros items he or she may be wearing. In addition, the default left-click options on all Zaros minions is to attack.

Wearing multiple types of God equipment will protect you from the various factions simultaneously. For example, wearing a Pendant of Armadyl with an Ancient mace, Saradomin mitre, and Unholy book all at once will prevent every faction except Zaros from automatically attacking you.

Armadyl Chamber

To the south-west is the Armadyl section. To enter, you must have at least level 70 Ranged and you will need to fire a mithril grapple at the pillar next to this section's entrance using a crossbow to swing across. Most of the monsters in this section use a ranged-based attack. You must use ranged or mage to attack this faction - melee attacks will not reach these flying foes! The Tip.It guide to Armadyl's Eyrie offers strategies for monster hunting in this chamber.

Bandos Chamber

To the north-west is the Bandos section. To enter, you must have at least 70 Strength and have to bang on the door using a hammer. Most of the monsters in this section will use melee-based attacks. The Tip.It guide to Bandos's Stronghold offers strategies for monster hunting in this chamber.

Saradomin Chamber

To the south-east is the Saradomin section. To enter, you must have at least 70 Agility and two pieces of rope to tie around rocks to enter each of the two areas. These ropes are permanent so you will only need to attach them the first time you enter this area. The monsters in this section will use mostly magic-based attacks. The Tip.It guide to Saradomin's Encampment offers strategies for monster hunting in this chamber.

Zamorak Chamber

To the north-east is the Zamorak section. To enter, you must have at least level 70 Constitution. A light source such as a Bullseye lantern may be helpful, as this area gets progressively darker. Most of the monsters in this section will use melee-based attacks. The Tip.It guide to Zamorak's Fortress offers strategies for monster hunting in this chamber.

Zaros Chamber

To the south is the frozen door and the Ancient Prison. To enter, you must have first recreate the frozen key by getting each of the 4 pieces as a drop from minions in each gods' fortress. Once you open the frozen door you can search the skeleton in the room for a rope to travel down the hole into the Ancient Prison. Zaros items will not give protection from monsters in this section! Banking your frozen key with a pack yak scroll is recommended before proceeding to get the killcount. The Tip.It guide to Ancient Prison offers strategies for monster hunting in this chamber.

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