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Greegrees are talismans used on the members-only island of Ape Atoll, which is first accessed during the Monkey Madness quest. Only members have access to greegrees.

A greegree transforms the player into a specific form of monkey or gorilla when wielded. Being transformed has many benefits. First, being a monkey stops all Ape Atoll denizens from attacking you - from the highest level gorilla guard to the lowliest level 1 poisonous spider! Next, it allows you to navigate through the city freely, since going through it as a human will likely result in your capture. Wielding a greegree also allows you to trade at various shops, if you are also wearing a monkeyspeak amulet. Additionally, the Ape Atoll agility course can only be used while wielding a small or medium sized ninja greegree.

The talisman's effect will only work on the island - and at the Ardougne Zoo near the monkey cage. If you teleport away, the greegree is "wrenched from your hand." Normally it goes in your pack, but players with full packs have reported losing their hard earned greegree!

Greegrees are only accessible after the point in the Monkey Madness quest where you have to make one in order to meet with Awowogei, Ape Atoll's leader. You need at least three different types of greegree (Zombie, Gorilla and Ninja) to complete the Recipe for Disaster quest, too. A ninja monkey greegree is also needed to access the Ape Atoll agility course; popular amongst many players with high agility levels.

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How are they made?

How you make your first Greegree is slightly differently from how you make any of the others after that. During the Monkey Madness quest, you'll have to kill a monkey (most commonly, a normal monkey from Karamja) and gather its remains. Then you'll need to steal a blank talisman from the little monkey child in the banana tree plantation on Ape Atoll by asking him whether you can 'borrow' it while wearing a Monkeyspeak Amulet (also made during Monkey Madness). Take the monkey remains and the talisman to Zooknock the mage in the Marim Dungeon outside the city gates and west of the Crash Island return boat. Zooknock will take them and convert them into a greegree, which you can use right away.


All other greegrees after that are made in exactly the same way, except the talisman can now be bought for 1,000GP each from Tutab's Magical Market on Ape Atoll after the completion of the Monkey Madness quest.

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Here is a table containing the seven different types of greegree that can be made, including what remains are needed with the blank monkey talisman and what monsters these remains come from:

Greegree Items needed Monster the remains come from
Karamjan monkey
pic pic Monkey (Level 3) pic
Small ninja monkey
pic pic Archer Monkey (Level 86)
Medium ninja monkey
pic pic Padulah (Level 149)
Small zombie monkey
pic pic Zombie Monkey (Level 82)
Monkey Zombie -2-
Large zombie monkey
pic pic Zombie Monkey (Level 129)
Zombie Monkey -3-
Non-bearded Gorilla
pic pic Monkey Guard -1-
Bearded gorilla
pic pic Monkey Guard -2- **
Blue faced gorilla
pic Monkey Skull Zombie ImplingZombie Impling

** = Attack the monkey guards closest to the trapdoor in the western part of the temple. Rather than checking for beards, you can fight the ones you can't walk through.
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Specific uses

Both of the ninja monkey greegrees can be used to access the Ape Atoll agility course; one greegree just transforms you into a larger monkey than the other. After the A Fairy Tale Part III - Battle at Orks Rift Quest, you can unlock a shortcut to the Ape Atoll agility course, and to use the shortcut you must use the smaller ninja monkey greegree. Aside from that, there's no difference between the two of them. During the Recipe for Disaster: Awowogei sub-quest, you will also need to grab some special nuts in the arena.

The zombie monkey greegree can resist the hot floor inside the cave where you cook the snake as a part of the Recipe for Disaster: Awowogei sub-quest. Being in any other form will result in damage to the player due to the flames. Again, either size will work.

The gorilla monkey greegree is also needed during the Recipe for Disaster: Awowogei sub-quest. You need to be in gorilla form in order to grab some red bananas using a rope on the tree. The bearded or non-bearded version will work.

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Final Notes

  • Remember: the bearded version of monkey guards are slightly different than the other guards in the temple. You can tell them apart by trying to run through them. You cannot run past the bearded version as they are one of the few monsters in RuneScape which don't allow you to walk through them. Their bones look identical to the non-bearded monkey guard bones and have the same "Examine" text, but will produce the bearded version of monkey greegree.
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Original Guide by: Ginger Warrior, Mc90123

Thanks to: essiw, Jaffy1, Mchainmail, Saladin643, Ubida

Last updated by: Jaffy1

Last updated on: 16-Jan-2012

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