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Guthixian Cache is a safe, Divination focused distraction & diversion which can be accessed at three hourly intervals from all wisp colonies on Gielinor, excluding the pale wisp colony in Draynor Village. To access the event players need to right-click the energy rift and select "enter cache" however the rifts are only active for 10 minutes before you can no longer enter them.


The aim of the D&D is to collect Guthix's memories and deposit them in the unstable crater at the centre of the room whilst avoiding the Automatons who will attempt to stop you from succeeding. Players may also subdue the Automatons for points and to make it easier for themselves and others to deposit the memories.

Unlike most D&Ds Guthixian Cache can be repeated as many times as you're able to during the day, however after obtaining a daily total of 200 points from it you will no longer get any rewards from it.

Requirements Start Location
Items None
Quests None
Skills 1 Skill Divination Logo
Items Both hands need to be free in order to collect memories.
Skills 45+ Skill Divination Logo
*This does not include the Pale wisp colony south of Draynor Village. The Vibrant wisp colony location is shown due to it being the closest to a teleport.

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How To Play

Guthixian Cache is a fairly straightforward D&D to play with players needing to get as many memories as they can from the shelves along the edge of the arena into the unstable crater at the heart of the arena. It sounds easy however there are a number of Automatons in the vicinity of the crater who will attempt to stop you. Get too close to one of the Automatons and they will knock the memory of out of your hands and you will have to go and retrieve another.

Left: Human Interface Right: Automaton Interface.

The interface that is present during the D&D allows players to see their total score, utilise abilities, keep a track of when they can touch the statue of Cres and keep track of how long they have left as an Automaton.

Collecting Memories

Around the arena there are 8 shelves which hold a few memories (tiny or raw) that can be picked up by players by clicking on the memory you want. The large memories are too big to be stored on the shelves and can usually be found on the floor nearby. If other players have been picking memories from the shelves recently you may find some of the memories missing. You may only carry one memory at a time.

After collecting a memory you need to make it to the unstable crater to desposit it without getting too close to an Automaton. There are three different types of memory which require different Divination levels and as a result give different amounts of points.

Pic Memory Skill Divination Logo Points
GuthixianCacheTinyMemory Tiny 1 1
GuthixianCacheRawMemory Raw 45 2
GuthixianCacheLargeMemory Large 85 3

Subduing Automatons

In addition to collecting the memories players can also gain the temporary ability to subdue the Automatons in the cache by touching one of the statues of Cres in any of the four corners of the room. Doing this transforms players into an Automaton for 60 seconds and allows them to subdue the Automatons just by clicking on them.

Left: A Statue of Cres. Right: A player who has been transformed into an Automaton.

The Cache interface will tell you how long you have remaining as an Automaton and you will receive a 10 second warning message too. After the transformation has worn off you will be unable to transform again for another 60 seconds. There are three different Automatons that can be subdued, each requiring a different Divination level and giving a different amount of points as a result.

Automaton Skill Divination Logo Points
Ancient 1 1
Confused 45 2
Enraged 85 3


There are four abilities available to players, two whilst in human form and two in Automaton form which are designed to make point scoring easier. The abilities are as follows:

  • Double Points for Conversion - Every 5 memories converted - Doubles points for converting memories for 24 seconds after activating it.
  • Immunity - Every 10 memories converted - Grants 12 seconds of immunity against Automatons.
  • Double Points for Automatons - Every 10 Automatons subdued - Double points for subduing Automatons for 12 seconds after activation.
  • Subdue all Automatons - Every 20 Automatons subdued - Subdues every Automaton in the room.

After the 10 minutes are up you will be ejected from the Cache and given your rewards. Obtaining 200 points in one session is a challenge, even for players with 85+ Divination so you may need to play it several times to maximise your points.

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The main rewards from Guthixian Cache are temporary boosts to your Divination training as well as some Divination XP based on your level and the amount of points scored during the game.

The boost you receive from completing the D&D is random and the duration is determined by the amount of points scored during the game (points/5) with a maximum duration of 20 minutes although be warned as the clock will continue to run down even if you log out. The duration of your boost is shown in the buff interface like so:


You may participate in this D&D as many times as you would like per day, however after gaining a total of 200 points no further rewards can be gained.

Pic Reward
Experience Icon Divination experience based on your Divination level and the amount of points gained participating in the D&D.
Skill Divination Logo 10% chance when siphoning from a divine location to get double loot at no extra cost to the player's gathering limit.
Skill Divination Logo 10% chance when using a sign of the porter that a charge will not be used.
Skill Divination Logo 10% chance when converting memories at any Divination crater that all the memories in the player's inventory will be converted in one go.
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Tips & Tricks

  • The Surge ability can be used to quickly move between the shelves and the crater, avoiding the Automatons.
  • Try to avoid turning into an Automaton if there are already several players doing so as you will struggle to find ones to subdue.
  • Safety in numbers! Automatons can only target one player at a time so sticking with other players can help keep you safe.
  • More than one player can pick up the same memory if they're both near it when they click on it.
  • Use your double points wisely, especially as an Automaton as there is no point in using it if most of the Automatons are subdued already.
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