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This minigame has been rated as Low Risk. See the minigames page for a definition of high and low risk.


Heist is a Cops and Robbers style multiplayer minigame which brings together the best elements of Hide and Seek style play. Choose to either become a Robber and don crazy disguises such as a Camel to steal the treasure for your team, or become a guard and patrol the perimeter, accusing those who you think are hiding as NPCs and giving chase before arresting them.

Requirements: You must be a RuneScape member to play Heist, as this is a P2P only minigame. There are no skill or quest requirements to play Heist.

Requirements Information
Items None

Heist is a safe minigame in which players become Robbers trying to steal treasure for points, or Guards accusing the NPCs around them of being robbers, and hopefully making arrests.

Two teams of (up to) five compete in one of 5 selected arenas. Robbers must obtain enough treasure (equal to twice the amount of robbers in game) within twenty minutes to win, Guards must arrest all robbers thus turning them into guards within twenty minutes to win. Rewards include bonus hunter or thieving experience.

Quests None
Skills None
Items None
Skills None
Pic Information
Robberpic Heist Guide

The robbers' job is to plunder each map of its treasure. Robbers' must disguise as NPCs by clicking them and adopting their characteristics, then finding the chests scattered around the map and looting their treasure, before returning with it to the air ship (or any loot carts/row boats around). Robbers should also look to free their friends from the jail when possible, and to distract the guards from other robbers.

The robbers must find twice as much loot as the number of robbers in the team before the 20 minute game time is over to win. If a guard catches you, you will be frozen for 30 seconds before being released. Get caught a second time, and you get sent to the jail where after 30 seconds more without anyone rescuing you, you become a Guard. More in depth information to this role can be found below.

Pic Information
Guardspic Heist Guide

The Guards' job is to be on the look out for any NPC that may be a robber. Each guard is allowed three false accusations before internal affairs decide to arrest the guard for 30 seconds. Some of the best strategies are to be on the look out for any running NPCs (as these will often be robbers if they're running a long distance), and to accuse NPCs not behaving in a normal manner like climbing up stairs and loitering around treasure.

When you think you've found a robber, click them to accuse them. If you were correct, the robber will run away and you must give chase by clicking to arrest them. If successful, the robber will be arrested and cannot move for 30 seconds before being freed. Upon a second arrest, the robber will be jailed. If they are not freed by their team mates or cannot escape the jail, then they will become a guard. The guards must convert all robbers before the 20 minute game time is over. More in depth information to this role can be found below.

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How to Start

To begin playing Heist, you must first find the airship ladder which is located just North of Falador (a short walk west from the Falador Lodestone.

Heist Guide Start Location

When you have clicked the ladder, you will be able to choose from the following options:

  • Enter Heist waiting room - This option will take you to the airship lobby for your world, which is an open non-instanced area which anybody can join and play. This is the best option if you're not wanting to play with friends and are looking for a quick game.
  • Start custom session - This option gives you the chance to create an instanced shard for private play with your friends. You will be asked for the maximum number of players you want to admit ranging from 4 to 100, and the option to then set an entry key as a password if you only want friends to join. Entering 0 will give no key.
  • Join an existing session - If you want to join somebody else's game. This will ask for the name of the hosting player, as well as for the entry key if they have set one.

Once you have chosen, you will be sent up to the Airship platform lobby, where you can choose from three starting areas. The Robbers area is on the ship to the west, the Guards area is on the ship to the east, and the Neutral area is in the middle of the Airship.

Heist Guide Lobby Picture

Once you have chosen which side you want to play for, and the minimum number of players (2 per team) has been reached (each game will take a maximum of 5 players per side), the interface for choosing the map theme will appear. Two of 5 total map choices will be available to you, however note that the last played map for that world will not appear twice in a row. Every guard/robber about to enter the game will get to vote for a map theme. Note that every map theme has different perks, NPCs and random events, which are described in the Maps theme section below.

Select Map Heist Guide
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How to Play (Robbers)

The aim of the game for Robbers is to steal (2 times the amount of robbers worth of) loot before the 20 minutes gametime has been exceeded, without getting caught. Heist provides various mechanics for one to do so, which are explained a little below:

Skill Thieving Logo Transforming

Transforming Heist Guide
A robber transformed into an Al-Kharidian Warrior

The main mechanic of being a robber is the ability to "transform" yourself into an NPC on the map, so that the guards won't recognise you. This is simply done by clicking on any of the NPCs during the game. Once disguised, you must act exactly like an NPC would. This involves walking everywhere, stopping randomly and changing direction, and never travelling too far at once to name but a few traits. It's advisable to watch NPCs in the overworld to get a feel for how they are programmed and randomly act to truly master your disguise.

There will also be benches on the map that NPCs can (and will!) randomly sit on. It may be an idea to copy this behaviour to blend further in to the scene. On the other hand, some maps will have hay carts in which robbers can dive into to hide. However it is not normal behaviour for an NPC to be seen diving into a hay cart, thus you should only do this when no guards are about! If a guard pokes the hay cart whilst you are in it, you will be temporarily stunned which makes it very easy for the guard to arrest you.

  • You cannot change disguise within 6 seconds of having previously transformed.
  • You cannot change disguise if you have stolen loot and not deposited it.
  • You cannot change into an NPC if you are already disguised as that NPC.
  • You cannot change into an NPC if you have been accused by a guard and are in evasion mode.

Skill Thieving Logo Looting

Looting Heist Guide
Shiny gold!

Clearly as a robber, your main objective is to rob the map of its loot. All of the loot on a map can be found in Treasure chests, which are both in the bank of that map and spread around the map in houses and market areas. To rob some loot, all you need to do is click any of these chests. Be warned however, the chest will then appear empty to any nearby guards, so they will know that someone nearby has a stash of loot on them.

Guards can also lock chests outside of the bank, so another aspect of being a robber is lockpicking. To lockpick a locked chest, you need only click on it to begin the procedure. Once it has been unlocked, you can then freely take the loot. Some random events will also reward loot, so be on the lookout for those!

Skill Thieving Logo Depositing

Depositing Loot Heist Guide
The enemy has secured the intelligence!

Stealing the loot itself is just the beginning...you have to bring it back to a deposit point for it to actually contribute to your score! On most maps, this will be the airship that you came to the map on, and you must give the loot to Liara. Be warned however, some sneaky guards may be lurking on and around the ship, so play it cool! In some maps however, there are nearby deposit points such as rowing boats, loot carts and flying carpets where you can deposit your hard earned treasure.

Naturally, if a guard catches you trying to deposit some loot, unless you get away in evasion mode, you will lose the treasure.

Skill Thieving Logo Pickpocketing

Pickpocketing Heist Guide
A successful snatch.

For EXTREMELY daring robbers who just can't get enough of looting, there is the option to pickpocket some unaware guards. To do this, you need only right click a nearby guard and select the "Pickpocket" option. Doing so will reward you with a jail cell key, which can be used to free fellow robbers from the nearby jail. Not only that, it can get yourself out of a sticky situation if you find yourself prisoned.

This is however VERY risky, as an attentive guard will most likely spot you trying to pickpocket them. Only use this tactic when you're sure the guard isn't paying attention.

Skill Thieving Logo Escaping

Being Caught Heist Guide
Caught in the act!

Should you be unfortunate enough to get caught looting, you will enter evasion mode. Your run energy will be decreased by 95% (less with perks from the rewards shop), and your hands will flail up in the air whilst you try to get away. You must run and escape the guard before he catches you. The first time this happens, you will be handcuffed at the spot with a timer above your head for 30 seconds, before you are freed again.

The second time this happens however, you will be sent straight to the prison. If you don't have a jail cell key or a spade purchased from the rewards shop, you won't be able to escape the jail unless a fellow robber breaks in and sets you free. If you don't escape the jail after 1 minute has passed, you will become a guard.

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How to Play (Guards)

Skill Hunter Logo Accusation

Accusing Heist Guide
Accusing a local Paladin of foul play

The main aim for guards is to hunt down and successfully accuse disguised NPCs of being the robbers. To do this, they simply need only click on any NPC they believe is actually a human. Some traits which will point them out to you include running for long distances, loitering around the bank and climbing stairs to grab loot. It's advisable to stay near loot chests such as in the bank in order to have a better chance of catching a robber.

You can also use some of the rewards to gain even more indicators. This includes a friendly wave option, which normal NPCs will respond to, however robbers will not. You get 3 chances to accuse robbers before being jailed by the internal affairs office for gross incompetence. However after a minute of jail time, you will be put back on the beat to continue hunting down the robbers.

Skill Hunter Logo Arresting

Arresting Heist Guide
Making a successful arrest

Once you successfully accuse a robber, they will flail their arms in the air and attempt to run. It's now time to go in for the arrest, which is the simplest part of the procedure as robbers will have their run energy severely reduced. To arrest the fleeing robber, you must click them again. If it's their first arrest, they will be grounded for 30 seconds with a pair of handcuffs appearing above their head before being allowed to wander off again.

If it's their second arrest, they will be sent straight to the jail. It is then advisable to have some guards at the jail to make sure that they don't escape. After one minute of jail time, robbers will become guards and join your team. You must arrest all the robbers before 20 minutes to win the game.

Skill Hunter Logo Clever Traps

Hiding In A Tree Heist Guide
A sneaky hiding spot for a guard

Guards don't have to be on the patrol in order to catch robbers, as they can be a bit sneaky and set traps for them. There are positions on all maps for guards to hide such as in trees far above the paths, which will be important if a robber doesn't see you and acts strangely nearby.

In the jail, Guards also have access to 5 viewing orbs, which can be deployed anywhere on the map. These act as remote eyes and ears which can be viewed from the jail, so one person can monitor 5 different areas to catch robbers. It's a good idea to set them up near to loot chests so you know immediately if one is stolen. The noticeboard perk in the jail after being purchased from the rewards shop is also extremely handy, as it can tell you which NPCs to be on the lookout for.

Skill Hunter Logo Protecting the Loot

Locking A Chest Heist Guide
The loot chests you must protect

If the robbers gain enough loot to win (that is, they deposit loot equal to twice the number of players on their team), then the guards will lose. It is then advisable to naturally protect this loot at all costs, and this can be done in a few ways. For loot inside the bank (where most of it is kept), you must have a guard patrolling inside or nearby, otherwise the robbers will simply walk in and take the lion's share.

For loot around the map however, the loot chests can be locked by guards simply by clicking on them. This will lock the chest for 30 seconds, or until a robber picks the lock. However if a robber attempts to pick the lock with a guard in the nearby vicinity, then they will be giving themselves away, and the guard can swoop in for the arrest.

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Random Events

In every game of heist, some special events will occur randomly which can benefit both the guards and the robbers. Should a guard complete the event successfully, a temporary path will be created leading them to a robber. Should a robber complete the event, they will receive some loot to return to their base. Below is a list of all the random events and how to complete them:

Name Description
House keys You may find an upset woman crying. She will ask you to retrieve her keys for you. You may find these keys on the ground anywhere on the map. They do not appear as an item (red dot on the map).
Lost ball You may find a young boy who will ask you to retrieve his ball. You may find the ball on the ground anywhere on the map. They do not appear as an item (red dot on the map).
Lost pet cat You may find a shocked woman who will ask you to bring back her pet cat. You can find the cat anywhere on the map. Once found, the cat will follow you back to the woman.
Medical supplies You may find an injured man. Take him to a medical supplies crate and give him a first aid kit. You can't run when he is following you. The opposing team's players can speak to him and make him follow them instead.
Wanted poster You may notice a wanted poster. Tear it down and speak to the nearby stranger for the reward.
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Map Themes

Before the game begins, each guard and robber will be able to vote for one of two map themes, which are drawn randomly from a pool of five maps. Each map has its own different traits and suspects to be on the lookout for, which are outlined in the tables below:

Pic Features Suspects
Burthorpe(night) Heist Guide
  • Swimming
  • Piers
  • Climbing
  • Row Boats
  • Zombies
  • Blacksmith
  • Farmer
  • Guide Woman
  • Man
  • Paladin
  • Priest
  • Thief
  • Town Guard
  • Tramp
  • Traveller
  • Warrior Woman
  • Woman
Pic Features Suspects
Burthorpe(day) Heist Guide
  • Swimming
  • Piers
  • Climbing
  • Row Boats
  • Blacksmith
  • Farmer
  • Guide Woman
  • Man
  • Paladin
  • Priest
  • Thief
  • Town Guard
  • Tramp
  • Traveller
  • Warrior Woman
  • Woman
Pic Features Suspects
Canifis Heist Guide
  • Loot carts
  • Zombies
  • Gargoyles
  • Ahrim the Blighted
  • Canifis Local
  • Dharok the Wretched
  • Guthan the Infested
  • Karil the Tainted
  • Landlord
  • Nervous Woman
  • Shady Woman
  • Shop Keeper
  • Torag the Corrupted
  • Vampyre
  • Verac the Defiled
Pic Features Suspects
Alkharid Heist Guide
  • Flying Carpets
  • Dancing
  • Camel
  • Desert Princess
  • Desert Trader
  • Kharidian Guard
  • Kharidian Warrior
  • Merchant
  • Sorceress
Pic Features Suspects
Darkmeyer Heist Guide
  • Loot Carts
  • Blood Drinker
  • Guard
  • Juvinate
  • Male Juvinate
  • Priest
  • Regal Vampyre
  • Vyre
  • Vyrewatch
  • Werewolf

Map Features

The following list describes all the features as seen in the maps above:

  • Swimming: On the edge of the map are cliffs, from which you can jump off the piers into the water to swim around as a robber or a guard. This is particularly useful if you're trying to make a fast get away as a robber. The climbing ropes allow you to get back up to the main map once you've had enough.

  • Row Boats: These row boats appear in the water, and are alternative (with respect to the air ship) drop off points for loot. Particularly useful if your air ship is heavily guarded, however you must swim to get them.

  • Loot Carts: Similar to row boats, these are alternative drop off points for loot. They appear on the edge of the maps, and are particularly useful if your air ship is heavily guarded.

  • Flying Carpets: Similar to Loot carts, these are alternative drop off points for loot. They appear on the edge of the maps, and are particularly useful if your air ship is heavily guarded.

  • Zombies: A zombie can sometimes appear, which will prove incredibly useful to any robber. Once you have found a zombie, you can disguise as it and become "infected". You are then free to infect other NPCs on the map, making it much harder for the guard to tell which one of you is the real robber. Guards can find vaccine in the storage chest in the jail, and can use the vaccine on zombies to turn them back into NPCs. Note that NPCs will make a groaning sound when turned back, whereas robbers will not. Guards can also use vaccines on the original zombie to cure them before a robber gets to them.

  • Gargoyles: These solitary statues will notice when a robber is in the near vicinity, and turn to look at them when they pass. This is helpful to the guards, who can tell when a robber is nearby by standing by the Gargoyles. They will however reset quickly, so be vigilant.

  • Dancing: NPCs will begin dancing when music is playing near by (from Valerio in particular), so guards may be wary if they see an NPC walking past without getting their boogie on, as they might just be a robber!
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The main reason for playing heist is for the Hunter and Thieving bonus experience reward. Other rewards available are perks which can be used within Heist itself, which make the game more challenging and fun. All rewards are outlined in the table below:

Pic Name Cost Description
Guard Level Up Icon Heist Guide Level Up Guard 250 points Used as a prestige system, you can pay to have all of your perks reset and gain a guard level. Mostly for those who plan on playing a lot of Heist.
Wanted Board Icon Heist Guide Wanted Board 25 points Unlocks the Wanted Board in the guard station, which tells you which NPCs robbers are disguised as.
Friendly Wave Icon Heist Guide Friendly Wave 40 points You can wave at nearby NPC citizens, causing them to react. Robbers will not immediately react however.
Security Sensors Icon Heist Guide Security Sensors 75 points These are deployable mines that detect when robbers pass over them.
Undercover Cop Icon Heist Guide Undercover Cop 110 points Disguise yourself as an NPC citizen for 30 seconds.
Robber Levelup Icon Heist Guide Level Up Robber 250 points Used as a prestige system, you can pay to have all of your perks reset and gain a robber level. Mostly for those who plan on playing a lot of Heist.
Wanted Board Icon Heist Guide Supercrook 25 points Stealing and depositing loot will restore run energy, and being spotted will result in less run energy being reduced
Friendly Wave Icon Heist Guide Resist Arrest 40 points Throw a smoke bomb, stunning nearby guards briefly to give you a chance to escape
Security Sensors Icon Heist Guide Great Escape 75 points Have a spade smuggled into jail to aid escape
Undercover Cop Icon Heist Guide Decoy 110 points Deploy a decoy that looks like you to confuse guards
hunterlogo Hunter Experience 10,25,50 or All points Grants bonus hunter experience which scales with level. You can left click to spend 10 points, or right click to choose more options
thieflogo Thieving Experience 10,25,50 or All points Grants bonus thieving experience which scales with level. You can left click to spend 10 points, or right click to choose more options
Convert Win points 1 win point Each win point will grant the player 5 reward points. You can choose how many win points to spend
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Last updated on: 09-Mar-2014

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