Herblore Guide


Herblore is a members only skill. F2P players can train this skill to level 5 and use any of the skill's functions up to that level. Free-to-play items are seen with a brown background throughout this guide. The skill is dedicated to making different types of potions (also known as pots) for different uses throughout the game. Herblore involves mixing a herb and a secondary ingredient into a vial of water to make a potion. Different potions will have differing effects when drun, often based on the player's level in a related skill.


The higher your Herblore level the better potions you can make. Keep reading for details on how to make all the potions and what their effects are.

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The first thing every herbalist needs is a vial to mix and hold the potion. You can get them either by crafting them, or by buying them from other players or from shops. The Herblore shops in Taverley and Entrana stock them, as well as the general stores in Ardougne, Mort'ton, and Shilo Village. Then you will need to fill the vial with water by 'using' it with a fountain or sink. Look for a water source (the icon for this on maps is a water drop) close to a bank as this will allow you to fill your vials quickest. The lunar magic spell humidify can be used to fill many vials with water at once.

Vial -empty-
Vial - empty-
Vial of water
Vial of water

If you have a potion you don't want to keep, you can right-click it and choose the option to "empty" the potion. This allows you to keep and re-use the vial.

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The first ingredient of a potion is the herb. Herbs are obtained as drops by killing monsters, some monsters drop herbs consistently and are detailed in the obtaining herbs section. Herbs can also be grown using the Farming skill. Additionally, herbs can be gathered by your workers in the Manage Thy Kingdom minigame or by gathering them yourself in the Sorceress's Garden minigame.

When you obtain an herb, either one you've grown, or as a drop, it will be grimy. You must clean it by clicking on it while it is in your inventory. Each herb needs a specific level to clean before you can use them with a vial of water to make an unfinished potion.

If you really want your herbs cleaned but are not a high enough level, Zahur in Nardah will clean them for you at a cost of 200gp each. You do not get any of the experience associated with cleaning herbs if you let her do this for you. The following table shows the levels needed to clean all the herbs:

Pic Herb name Level to clean Exp gained
Clean Guam Guam 1 2.5
Clean Tarromin Tarromin 5 3.8
Clean Marrentill Marrentill 9 5
Clean Harralander Harralander 20 6.3
Clean Ranarr Ranarr 25 7.5
Clean Toadflax Toadflax 30 8
Clean Spirit Weed Spirit Weed 35 7.8
Clean Irit Irit 40 8.8
Clean Wergali Wergali 41 9.5
Clean Avantoe Avantoe 48 10
Clean Kwuarm Kwuarm 54 11.3
Clean Snapdragon Snapdragon 59 11.8
Clean Cadantine Cadantine 65 12.5
Clean Lantadyme Lantadyme 67 13.1
Clean Dwarf Weed Dwarf Weed 70 13.8
Clean Torstol Torstol 75 15
Clean Fellstalk Fellstalk 91 16.8

Cleaning Jungle Potion quest herbs (ardrigal, rogue's purse, sito foil, snake weed, and volencia moss) requires level 3 Herblore and earns 2.5 xp each after completing the quest.

Jungle Potion Herbs
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Secondary Ingredients

The second item you add to your unfinished potion is the secondary ingredient. Some ingredients are preceded with the prefix 'Ground', this means they must be ground up first in the inventory. Locations of secondary ingredients and their details are listed below. Free-to-play items are listed with a brown background.

Pic Name How to obtain
Ashes Ashes Make a fire and leave it to die out. Ashes will appear on the ground.
Coloured Beads Bead Dropped by Imps.
Bear fur Bear fur Dropped by Bears, Werewolves and Barbarians or purchased from fur traders in Ardougne or Varrock.
Blamish Snail Slime Blamish Snail Slime Received from the owner of the Port Sarim fishing shop during the Heroes quest. After the quest, crush a blamish snail into a sample bottle. Sample bottles are purchased at the Canifis general store.
Cactus Spine Cactus spine Grown using the Farming skill.
Chocolate Dust Chocolate Dust Grind up a bar of chocolate or cut using a knife. You can get chocolate from food stores (Port Sarim, Yanille, Grand Tree), Culinaromancer's chest, Chef's guild, Lost City, or Nardah.
Chopped Onion Chopped onion Made by using an empty bowl on an onion.
Cockatrice Egg Cockatrice egg Gained by killing cockatrices, foraged by spirit cockatrices, or by using the spirit cobra's ophidian incubation scroll on an egg (see Summoning.)
Coconut Milk Coconut milk Coconuts can be grown using Farming skill. Crack it open and use it on an empty vial. Coconut milk is the base for extra-strong or super-strong antipoison or weapon poison potions.
Crushed Nest Crushed bird's nest Get it by grinding up a bird's nest. Nests are not tradable but ground nests are. You can get a bird's nest from woodcutting, hunting the giant mole and trading the skin and claws to Wyson the gardener, or from the Managing thy Kingdom activity.
Dragon Scale Dust Dragon scale dust In the middle of the Blue Dragons chamber in the Taverley Members dungeon. Grind up the blue dragons scale to turn it into dust.
Eye Of Newt Eye of Newt Herblore shops in Taverley or Entrana, or the Magic Emporium in Port Sarim.
Frog Spawn Frog spawn Catch it with a small fishing net in the Lumbridge Swamp Dungeon or Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon. It can also be obtained by looting an impling.
Garlic Garlic Respawns in homes in Seers Village and Ardougne, the cupboard in the second floor of Morgan's house in Draynor (where you start the Vampyre Slayer quest), or can be purchased or stolen from Vegetable Stalls in Miscellania.
Goat Horn Dust Goat horn dust The horns can be found in many locations within the Kharidian Desert, such as near the entrance to the Kalphite Hive, south-west and north-west of Nardah, north of Pollnivneach, and west of the agility pyramid. Grind them up to get the dust.
Gorak Claw Powder Gorak claw powder After starting Fairy Tale II quest, use fairy rings to visit Gorak lair at coordinates D-I-R. Kill Goraks to get gorak claws. Crush the claws to turn them into powder.. Warning: Goraks are known to hit hard, the one you are fighting can change constantly, and protection prayers do not work.
Grenwall Spikes Grenwall spikes Trap a Grenwall using the Hunter skill.
Ground Mud Runes Ground mud runes Grind up a mud rune to make a ground mud rune.
Jangerberries Jangerberries On the Ogre Island just west of Yanille. You will need a rope to swing across (level 10 Agility) unless you use the Telekinetic Grab spell. Can also be grown using Farming skill.
Kebbit Teeth Dust Kebbit teeth dust In the Hunter skill, catch a sabre-toothed kebbit and crush its teeth to turn them to dust.
Limpwurt Root Limpwurt root Drop from Hill Giants, Hobgoblins and Druids as well as Cockatrice. Can also be grown using Farming skill. (Item is F2P.)
Magic Roots Magic roots Chop down a Magic tree that grown using Farming skill. Use a spade to quickly dig up the roots.
Morchella Mushroom Morchella mushroom Grown using the Farming skill in a mushroom patch. The Priest in Peril quest must be completed to access the patch. You will receive nine mushrooms instead of the normal six.
Mort Myre Fungus Mort myre fungi The Nature Spirit quest must be completed to get this ingredient from Mort Myre Swamp. Use the silver sickle(b) obtained in that quest to Cast-bloom while standing near rotting logs.
Nail Beast Nails Nail beast nails Kill a nail beast during the Temple Trekking minigame.
Cave Nightshade Nightshade Grown from belladonna seed using the Farming skill. Not tradable. Also obtainable in Gu'Tanoth (see Watchtower quest; requires the re-obtainable Skavid map and a light source such as a lit candle.)
Papaya Fruit Papaya fruit Pick from a Papaya Tree that you grew using the Farming skill. Fruit bats are also useful for foraging papaya.
Phoenix Feather Phoenix feather Grab a feather from the Desert Phoenix running around near the clay rocks in the north-eastern part of the Kharidian desert.
Poison Ivy Berries Poison ivy berries Grown using the Farming skill.
Potato Cactus Potato Cactus These spawn in the Kalphite Dungeon in the desert. Can also be grown from a potato cactus seed in a cactus patch.
Red Spiders\' Eggs Red spiders' eggs Red Spider Nests; at Karamja dungeon, Edgeville dungeon, Varrock Sewers and also by the road to the elven lands (south of the gate shortcut). Can be created by spirit spider familiar scroll (see Summoning Guide.)
Redberries Redberries Can be picked from bushes, bought in a shop or grown using Farming skill.
Rubium Rubium Ruins west of Witchhaven (Kennith's Concerns quest required) by mining Rubium veins.
Silver Dust Silver dust Put a silver bar through the Bone Grinder upstairs from the Ectofuntus outside Port Phasmatys.
Snape Grass Snape grass At Hobgoblins west of the Crafting Guild, and numerous spawns on Waterbirth Island north of Rellekka. Can also be grwon from a snape grass seed.
Star Flower Star flower After starting Fairy Tale II quest, use fairy rings to visit star flower plane at coordinates C-K-P.
Swamp Tar Swamp tar Spawns throughout the Lumbridge Swamp, mostly around the water altar and the entrance to the Lumbridge Caves. It also spawns in Mort Myre Swamp, and it's a 100% drop from Cave slime.
Toad\'s Legs Toad's legs At the north end of the Gnome Stronghold and in Taverley near the lake there are spawns of toads. Pick up a toad and remove its' legs to get this ingredient.
Unicorn Horn Dust Unicorn horn dust Kill unicorns and grind their horns.
White Berries White berries Red Dragon Isle around level 40 wilderness, and in Tirannwn near Lletya. Also dropped by the men and women of Canifis (in both normal and wolf form). Can also be grown using Farming skill.
Wimpy Feather Wimpy feather Obtained by successfully snaring a Wimpy bird in the Oo'glog hunting area.
Wine Of Guthix Wine of Guthix Player made at 92 Cooking.
Wine Of Saradomin Wine of Saradomin Player made at 92 Cooking.
Wine Of Zamorak Wine of Zamorak At the Chaos Temple south-west of Goblin village. Use the Telekinetic Grab spell, otherwise every monk in the room will attack you. Can also be made by players at 92 Cooking.
Bonemeal Wyvern bonemeal Place wyvern bones in the bone grinder at the Ectofuntus while holding a pot.
Yew Roots Yew roots Chop down a Yew tree that you grew using the Farming skill. Use a spade to quickly dig up the roots.

Unicorn horn, red spiders eggs and eye of newt can also be obtained from the Tower of Life, see the Tips section below.

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Once you have your secondary ingredient, use it with your unfinished potion to complete the potion. Most potions come with 3 doses.

Free players can make a 4 dose regular strength potion by paying the Apothecary in Varrock 5 coins to mix a limpwurt root and a red spiders' eggs.

Extra-strong and super-strong antipoisons and weapon poisons are made with a coconut milk base (not a vial of water). Coconut milk can be obtained by smashing a Coconut with a Hammer, then pouring the milk into a vial.

Please also note, that in order to use a herb with a vial of water, it must be clean. If it is grimy, nothing will happen. Multiple ingredients must also be added in order. The table below shows the levels needed to make each potion, what is needed to make it and its' effects.

Level Potion Herb required Secondary Ingredient Exp Effect
1 Attack Potion 3Attack potion (3) Clean Guam Guam Eye Of Newt Eye of newt 25 Boosts Attack by 1 + 8% of the skill's level.
3 Ranging potion 3Ranging potion (3) Clean Guam Guam Redberries Redberries 30 Boosts Ranging by 1 + 8% of the skill's level.
5 Magic potion 3Magic potion (3) Clean Tarromin Tarromin Coloured Beads Bead 35 Boosts Magic by 1 + 8% of the skill's level.
7 Strength Potion 3 Strength potion (3) Clean Tarromin Tarromin Limpwurt Root Limpwurt root 40 Boosts Strength by 1 + 8% of the skill's level.
8 Relicym\'s Balm 3 Relicym's Balm (3) Clean Rogue\'s Purse Rogue's purse Clean Snake Weed Snake weed 40 Heals the Zogre disease during the Zogre Flesh Eaters quest.
9 Defence Potion Defence potion (3) Clean Marrentill Marrentill Bear Fur Bear fur 45 Boosts Defence by 1 + 8% of the skill's level.
13 Antipoison 3 Antipoison (3) Clean Marrentill Marrentill Unicorn Horn Dust Unicorn horn dust 50 Provides immunity from poison damage for 86 seconds.
15 Serum 207 (4) Serum 207 Clean Tarromin Tarromin Ashes Ashes 50 Allows the people of Mort'ton talk to you. Only after starting Shades of Mort'ton quest.
18 Guthix rest Guthix rest (3) Clean Harralander Harralander Clean Marrentill Marrentill 59 Reduces some poison effects, restores some run energy, and if you are at full life points, temporarily raises your life points to your maximum +50. Requires related segment of the One Small Favour quest.
19 Guam Tar Guam tar (15)* Clean Guam Guam Swamp Tar 15 swamp tar 30 Use as bait or ammo for swamp lizards (see Hunter skill).
22 Restore Potion Restore potion (3) Clean Harralander Harralander Red Spiders\' Eggs Red spiders' eggs 62.5 Restores drained Attack, Defence, Strength, Magic, Ranged and Prayer by 10 + 30% of the skill's level. Does not restore Constitution or Summoning.
22 Guthix Balance Potion Guthix balance (3) Herblore Stat Restore 3 Restore potion (3) Garlic Garlic
Silver DustSilver dust
50 When a Vampyre is held by a retainer, using this on them will either kill them, cure them, or make them very angry.
25 Blamish Oil Blamish oil Clean HarralanderHarralander Blamish Snail SlimeBlamish snail slime 80 Used to make oily fishing rods.
26 Energy Potion Energy potion (3) Clean Harralander Harralander Chocolate Dust Chocolate dust 67.5 Restores 20% run energy.
31 Marrentill Tar Marrentill tar (15)* Clean Marrentill Marrentill Swamp Tar 15 swamp tar 42.5 Use as bait or ammo for orange salamanders (see Hunter skill).
31 Super Fishing Explosive Super fishing explosive Clean Guam Guam Rubium Rubium 55 Use on an 'ominous fishing spot' to both lure Mogres and damage them. Requires the Kennith's Concerns quest.
34 Agility Potion Agility potion (3) Clean Toadflax Toadflax Toad\'s Legs Toad's legs 80 Boosts Agility by 3 levels.
36 Combat Potion Combat potion (3) Clean Harralander Harralander Goat Horn Dust Goat horn dust 84 Boosts Attack and Strength by 1 + 8% of the skill's level.
38 Prayer Potion Prayer potion (3) Clean Ranarr Ranarr Snape Grass Snape grass 87.5 Restores 25%+70 prayer points.
39 Tarromin Tar Tarromin tar (15)* Clean Tarromin Tarromin Swamp Tar 15 swamp tar 55 Use as bait or ammo for red salamanders (see Hunter skill).
40 Summoning Potion Summoning potion (3) Clean Spirit Weed Spirit weed Cockatrice Egg Cockatrice egg 92 Restores 25%+7 summoning points. Also restores familiar special move energy by 25%.
42 Crafting Potion Crafting potion (3) Clean Wergali Wergali Frog Spawn Frog spawn 95 Boosts Crafting by 3 levels.
44 Harralander Tar Harralander tar (15)* Clean Harralander Harralander Swamp Tar 15 swamp tar 72.5 Use as bait or ammo for black salamanders (see Hunter skill).
45 Super Attack Potion Super attack (3) Clean Irit Irit Eye Of Newt Eye of newt 100 Boosts Attack by 2 + 12% of the skill's level.
46 Vial Of Stench Vial of stench Clean Irit Irit Chopped Onion Chopped onion 0 Players may bring a vial of stench to Chief Thief Robin in the Thieves' Guild to have it enchanted into a vial of stench (a). When in a player's inventory, they may immediately sell stolen goods back to the stall from which they were taken, bypassing the normal ten minute waiting period. Requires completing the Buyers and Cellars quest.
48 Super Antipoison Super antipoison (3) Clean Irit Irit Unicorn Horn Dust Unicorn horn dust 106.3 Grants immunity from poison damage for 346 seconds.
50 Fishing Potion Fishing potion (3) Clean Avantoe Avantoe Snape Grass Snape grass 112.5 Boosts Fishing by 3 levels.
52 Super Energy Super energy (3) Clean Avantoe Avantoe Mort Myre Fungus Mort myre fungus 117.5 Restores 40% run energy.
53 Hunter Potion Hunter potion (3) Clean Avantoe Avantoe Kebbit Teeth Dust Kebbit teeth dust 120 Boosts Hunter by 3 levels.
55 Super Strength Super strength (3) Clean Kwuarm Kwuarm Limpwurt Root Limpwurt root 125 Boosts Strength by 2 + 12% of the skill's level.
57 Magic Essence Magic essence (3) Star Flower Star flower Gorak Claw Powder Gorak claw powder 130 Boosts Magic by 1 + 8% of the skill's level.
58 Fletching Potion Fletching potion (3) Clean Wergali Wergali Wimpy Feather Wimpy feather 132 Boosts Fletching by 3 levels.
60 Weapon Poison Weapon poison (3) Clean Kwuarm Kwuarm Dragon Scale Dust Dragon scale dust 137.5 Applies a poison effect to the player's weapon. The effect adds additional damage and lasts for 96 seconds.
63 Super Restore Super restore (3) Clean Snapdragon Snapdragon Red Spiders\' Eggs Red spiders' eggs 142.5 One dose restores any drained skill by 8 + 25% of the skill's level.
65 Sanfew Serum Sanfew serum (3) Super Restore Super restore (3) Unicorn Horn Dust Unicorn horn dust
Clean Snake Weed Snake weed
Nail Beast NailsNail beast nails
160 Combines the features of super stat restore, antipoison and relicym's balm all in one potion, and can be used as a weapon while fighting Nail beasts.
66 Super Defence Super defence (3) Clean Cadantine Cadantine White Berries White berries 150 Boosts Defence by 2 + 12% of the skill's level.
68 Antiposion+
Antipoison+ (3)
Clean Toadflax Toadflax Yew Roots Yew roots 155 Made with Coconut milk - Grants immunity to poison damage for 518 seconds.
69 Antifire 3 Antifire (3) Clean Lantadyme Lantadyme Dragon Scale Dust
Dragon scale dust
157.5 Grants 50% protection from dragonfire, or full protection when used with an anti-dragon shield. Lasts 6 minutes.
72 Super Ranging Potion Super ranging potion (3) Clean Dwarf Weed Dwarf weed Wine of Zamorak
Wine of Zamorak
162.5 Boosts Ranged by 2 + 12% of the skill's level.
73 Weapon Poison+ Weapon poison+ (3) Cactus Spine Cactus spine Red Spiders\' Eggs
Red spiders' eggs
165 Made with Coconut milk - Applies a poison effect to the player's weapon. The effect adds additional damage and lasts for 480 seconds.
76 Super Magic Potion Super magic potion (3) Clean Lantadyme Lantadyme Potato Cactus
Potato cactus
172.5 Boosts Magic by 2 + 12% of the skill's level.
78 Zamorak Brew Zamorak brew (3) Clean Torstol Torstol Jangerberries Jangerberries 175 Boosts attack and strength by 1 + 8%, and restores 20 + 8% prayer points. However, the potion also drains 1 + 8% defence levels and 12% lifepoints.
79 Antiposion++ Antipoison++ (3) Clean Irit Irit Magic Roots Magic roots 177.5 Made with Coconut milk - Grants immunity to poison damage for 691 seconds.
81 Saradomin Brew
Saradomin brew (3)
Clean Toadflax Toadflax Crushed Nest
Crushed bird's nest
180 Boosts Defence by 1 + 4%, and restores 500 lifepoints. However, the potion also drains 1 + 4% attack, strength, magic and ranged levels.
82 Weapon Poison++
Weapon poison++ (3)
Cave Nightshade Nightshade Poison Ivy Berries Poison ivy berries 190 Made with Coconut milk - Applies a poison effect to the player's weapon. The effect adds additional damage and lasts for 960 seconds.
84 Adrenaline
Adrenaline potion (3)
Herblore Super Energy 3 Super energy (3) Papaya Fruit Papaya fruit 200 Restores 25% of a player's adrenaline bar per dose. You can only drink one dose every 120 seconds. Untradable, and cannot be made using the assist system.
85 Herblore Super Antifire 3 Super antifire (3) Herblore Antifire 3 Antifire (3) Phoenix Feather Phoenix feather 210 Gives 100% immunity to dragonfire. Lasts for 6 minutes. Untradable, and cannot be made using the assist system.
88 Herblore Extreme Attack 3
Extreme attack (3)
Super Attack (4) Super attack (3) Clean Avantoe Avantoe 220 Boosts Attack by 3 + 15% of the skill's level. Untradable, and cannot be made using the assist system.
89 Herblore Extreme Strength 3 Extreme strength (3) Herblore Super Strength 3 Super strength (3) Clean Dwarf Weed Dwarf weed 230 Boosts Strength by 3 + 15% of the skill's level. Untradable, and cannot be made using the assist system.
90 Herblore Extreme Defence 3 Extreme defence (3) Herblore Super Defence 3 Super defence (3) Clean Lantadyme Lantadyme 240 Boosts Defence by 3 + 15% of the skill's level. Untradable, and cannot be made using the assist system.
91 Herblore Extreme Magic 3 Extreme magic (3) Herblore Magic Potion 3 Super magic potion (3) Ground Mud RunesGround mud runes 250 Boosts Magic by 3 + 15% of the skill's level. Untradable, and cannot be made using the assist system.
92 Herblore Extreme Ranging 3 Extreme ranging (3) Herblore Ranging Potion 3 Super ranging potion (3) Grenwall Spikes 5 grenwall spikes 260 Boosts Ranging by 3 + 15% of the skill's level. Untradable, and cannot be made using the assist system.
93 Super guthix rest Super Guthix rest (3) Guthix rest Guthix rest (3) Wine of Guthix Wine of Guthix 180 Grants immunity to poison damage for 20 seconds, heals 500 lifepoints, boosts lifepoints and restores 15% run energy.
93 Super Saradomin brew Super Saradomin brew (3) Saradomin brew Saradomin brew (3) Wine of saradomin Wine of Saradomin 180 Boosts Defence by 1 + 6% and restores 800 lifepoints. However, the player's Attack, Strength, Ranged and Magic levels are reduced by 1 + 4%.
93 Super Zamorak brew Super Zamorak brew (3) Zamorak brew Zamorak brew (3) Wine of Zamorak Wine of Zamorak 180 Boosts Attack, Strength, Ranged and Magic by 2 + 12%. However, the player takes 20 + 8% lifepoints of damage and Defence is reduced by 1 + 8%.
94 Herblore Super Prayer 3 Super prayer (3) Herblore Prayer Potion 3 Prayer potion (3) Bonemeal Wyvern bonemeal 270 Restores 70 + 35% prayer points when drunk. Untradable, and cannot be made using the assist system.
94 Herblore Prayer Renewal 3 Prayer renewal (3) Clean Fellstalk Fellstalk Morchella MushroomMorchella mushroom 190 Restores 4*(prayer level) + 120 prayer points slowly over a period of 5 minutes.
96 Herblore Overload 3
Overload (3)
Herblore Extreme Attack 3Extreme attack (3)
Herblore Extreme Strength 3Extreme strength (3)
Herblore Extreme Defence 3Extreme defence (3)
Herblore Extreme Magic 3Extreme magic (3)
Herblore Extreme Ranging 3Extreme ranging (3)
Clean Torstol
1000 Boosts Attack, Strength, Ranged, Magic and Defence by 3 + 15% of the level in each skill. The effects of this potion last for 5 minutes (without degrading), after which time all stats will reset to their original values. Untradable, and cannot be made using the assist system.

* No vials are required when making tar. In addition, when making the tars, there is a 'make x' option, so you can make many of them with a few clicks.

Note: The percentage increases in your combat stats by the related potion are only temporary, and the percentage figures are only approximations.

To find the exact boosts given to you by drinking a potion, visit our Potion Calculator. Input your stats and it will give you the exact stat boosts you will receive after drinking a potion.

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Barbarian Potions

If you have been trained in the ways of fishing by barbarians, you can add fish eggs to your two-dose potions for a small LP boost. This is a good way to get a little more experience from those low level potions that just sit in your bank. All barbarian potions restore 200 lifepoints per dose.

RoeRoe CaviarCaviar

Note: If you only have a four dose potion, you can use an empty vial on the potion to divide it into 2 two dose potions. Barbarian potions cannot be recombined to make larger (3 or 4 dose) potions.

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Obtaining Herbs

Some herbalists prefer to purchase their herbs from other people, while others prefer to battle monsters that drop them. Search the Tip.It Bestiary for a full list of monsters that drop herbs. Simply type in "herb" and click the Search button. The list below mentions a few of the best options.

  • Men (level 2) and Women (level 2)
    Easiest NPCs to kill, they drop herbs fairly often.
  • Al-Kharid Warriors (level 9)
    Best for lower level players starting out on herblore. Al Kharid warriors drop a lot of herbs, are easy to kill, are close to bank - and kebabs can be bought to restore lost life points.
  • Thugs (level 10)
    Low combat level and drop lots of herbs along with lots of runes and level 1 clues. Can be found in Edgeville Dungeon or just North East of Edgeville in the wilderness.
  • Skeletons (levels 18-45)
    Each type of skeleton drops approximately the same amount of herbs. Varrock sewer or Edgeville dungeon are both good and fairly close to a bank. Other locations can be found by searching our bestiary.
  • Chaos Druids (level 13)
    Found in the Members dungeon, Agility Dungeon in Yanille, Blood Rune Tower in Ardougne as well as Edgeville dungeon. Easy and fun to battle, they drop vials as well.
  • Chaos Druid Warriors (level 37)
    Located in the Agility Dungeon in Yanille, these drop a lot of herbs as well as useful secondary ingredients.
  • Cave Crawlers (level 23) [Level 10 Slayer]
    These monsters are wonderful: quick and easy to kill, and they drop a mix of vials of water, herbs and secondary ingredients.
  • Banshees (level 23) [Level 15 Slayer]
    Another good, low-leveled slayer monster
  • Aberrant Spectres (level 96) [Level 60 Slayer]
    A monster preferred by higher-leveled slayers (due to its battle requirements) for its herb drops.

Click here for information on Slayer Creatures.

Herblore Aids

There are a few items which help in either collecting herbs or secondary ingredients. These are listed in the table below.

Herblore Level 50 60 70 80 85 85 90
Picture Irit Gloves Avantoe Gloves Kwuarm Gloves Cadantine Gloves Lantadyme gloves Dwarf weed gloves Torstol gloves
Herb Irit Avantoe Kwuarm Cadantine Lantadyme Dwarf weed Clean torstol
Level Pic Familiar Abilities Scroll
10 Spirit Spider Pouch Spirit spider Fights (level 25) Controlled
Forages red spider eggs
Egg spawn: Spawns a random number of red spider eggs on the ground
41 Macaw Pouch Macaw Does not fight
Forages herbs
Improves herb drops
Gives remote view
Herbcall: Chance of creating herbs
43 Spirit Cockatrice Pouch Spirit cockatrice (and variants) Fights (level 64) Magic
Forages cockatrice eggs
Right-click "Drain" lowers foe's combat stat
Deals damage, as well as reducing a combat skill by 3 (varies by cockatrice type)
63 Spirit Cobra Pouch Spirit cobra Fights (level 105) Attack Ophidian Incubation: Turns egg (raven, penguin, vulture, blue, red, green, chicken) into variant cockatrice eggs.


If you have completed Eadgar's Ruse quest, you have an alternate method for obtaining herbs. Return to the Troll Stronghold basement storeroom, hide from the guards in the small niche areas between boxes, and properly time a mad dash across the room to grab a goutweed from the crate. After each grab, you are automatically kicked out of the room. Take all collected goutweed to Sanfew (upstairs in the Herblore shop in Taverley) who will exchange them for an equal number of grimy herbs. Goutweed tubers from the Tai Bwo Wannai Clean-up minigame can also be traded to Sanfew, or planted to grow goutweed using the Farming skill.

Torstol was formerly only obtained by unlocking the Sinister chest in Yanille's Agility Dungeon. To do this you need the Sinister Key which is a semi-rare drop from Salarin the Twisted. He is right at the end of the Agility Dungeon and can only be killed by Strike spells which hit unusually hard against him. You will need 67 agility to access the area he is located in, or you can buy the key from another player. The chest is in a part of the dungeon that requires 49 agility to access. In the chest, you will find the following 9 grimy herbs: 2 Harralanders, 3 Ranarrs, 1 Irit, 1 Avantoe, 1 Kwuarm, and 1 Torstol.

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Players can become poisoned when fighting monsters, other players or theiving dangerous chests. The various antipoison potions can give immunity from poison damage, with higher level potions providing longer immunity. You are also cured of poison after a while as it wears off, or instantly when you die and respawn in Lumbridge.

The prayer book from the Great Brain Robbery quest can be used to cure poison. Wear a holy symbol and click "recite-prayer" on the book to be instantly cured at a cost of one prayer point. This does not give any immunity to future poisoning.

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Doses per vial

Many players prefer to combine all of their potions into (4) doses to free up vials. Most players prefer to purchase 4-dose potions for their adventures, and there may be other times when you will want different size potions. There are several ways to change dose size:

  • Top up a potion from others. For example: if you have two (3) dose vials, you can "use" one vial on another to make one (4) dose vial and one (2) dose vial! Be careful not to "drink" a dose of either potion while decanting potions; make sure to right-click and select "use".
  • Have an NPC convert a load of your (1), (2), or (3) dose potions into (4) doses. At the Grand Exchange, carry your potions (noted potions are accepted, except for Serum 207) and talk to or right-click Bob Barter (by the north-west kiosk of the Grand Exchange). Choose the "decant" option, and he will quickly convert all your potions into (4) doses. You'll get back as many 4-doses as possible from what you've brought, perhaps a partially-filled vial if it didn't come out even, and the remaining empty vials. Remember, he is only combining potions of the same kind into vials, not mixing potions for you.
  • Zahur in Nardah can decant all the potions in your inventory into 2 or 3 dose potions for 50gp per inventory. If you bring the necessary empty vials along, she will do so free of charge. Note: this also works if you bring noted vials and potions.
  • You can split four dose vials into two doses by using an empty vial on a four dose vial. To avoid taking a drink, it is safer to use the empty vials on full ones.
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Herblore Aids

There are a few Dungeoneering rewards that provide helpful Herblore benefits.

Pic Name How to Obtain Use
Scroll Of Cleansing Scroll of cleansing Can be obtained as a reward from Dungeoneering. It costs 20,000 tokens and you need to be at least level 49 in Dungeoneering and Herblore to use. Gives a permanent herblore benefit. When making potions, there is a 12.5% chance that you mix a potion faster than normal. In addition when finishing a potion (adding secondary ingredient to unfinished potion), you have a 10% chance of saving the secondary ingredient*. More details on the items database page.
Herbicide Herbicide Can be obtained as a reward from Dungeoneering. It costs 34,000 tokens and you need to be at least level 21 in Dungeoneering and Herblore to use. Can be used to automatically clean herbs dropped by monsters, giving you twice the amount of Herblore XP you would have normally received for cleaning that herb. It destroys the herb in the process. You can choose which herbs are cleaned in this way.
Pic Name of item Level Increase Information
Greenman\'s Ale Greenman's Ale +1 Bought from the Yanille pub (Dragon Inn), Rasolo the Wandering Merchant, or Jossik the Lighthouse Keeper (if you've completed the Horror from the Deep quest). Also can be brewed from harralander using the cooking skill.
Greenman\'s Ale (m) Mature Greenman's Ale +2 Random result from brewing with harralander using the cooking skill.
Spicy Stew Spicy Stew -6 to +6 (Random) Made by using Brown spice on a Stew. For more information on making Stews, please visit the Cooking Guide. This item is not tradable.

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  • Saradomin brew and Zamorak brew have powerful combat abilities. Players usually drink a super restore right away to remove the negative effects and keep the beneficial ones.
  • Sanfew serum can be made with a super restore potion with (1), (2), (3), or (4) doses. The experience listed in the table above is from a (3) dose super restore potion, but the experience you receive for a complete potion is based on the number of doses. If you start with a super restore (4) potion, you will receive 192 experience instead of 160, squeezing a little more out of those hard-to-get nail beast nails. Conversely, it is not recommended to start with a (1) or (2) dose (as these give 96 and 128 xp each) because you will receive less experience for your nail beast nails.
  • The Tower of Life quest makes some secondary ingredients easier to get. The Tower basement has life altars showing the items you must use to create life. Create the monster, then kill it to get the desired ingredient. Players who have an Ardougne Tasks cloak can equip it to increase the chances of receiving noted drops as opposed to raw items. The better the cloak, the more likely drops are to be noted.

Name Level Drop Altar Items to Create
Spidine 90 2-10 red spiders eggs South, South-east (near ladder) Raw sardine and one red spiders eggs
Unicow 82 2-4 unicorn horns North-west Cow hide and a unicorn horn
Newtroost 80 1-17 eyes of newt North-east Eye of newt and one feather

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Request Assistance

If you find yourself a few levels short of making a potion, or want to safely offer your skills to another player, the request assistance option will allow you to do so. Simply right click the player who has the skills that you need and request their assistance. If they accept, a pair of hands will appear in your bottom right corner, and you can make whatever potions they can. You keep the items, but they get the experience.

There are a few limitations related to quest potions. You cannot use the Assist System to make Blamish oil, Guthix balance, Sanfew serum, Magic essence or Relicym's balm (these are all quest-related potions).

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Skill mastery and Beyond

Cape of Achievement

Once you have mastered the skill and reached level 99 you may want to buy a Herblore cape from Kaqemeex at the Guthix altar north of Taverley. If you already have another 99 skill, or obtain another one while wearing the cape (unless you have it keepsaked), it will become a Herblore cape (t).

Please refer to the Achievement Capes guide for more details.

Herblore Cape

After obtaining 99 Herblore it becomes possible to obtain a Herbal shard randomly, which can be combined with other shards from the other artisan skills (Construction, Cooking, Crafting, Firemaking, Fletching, Smithing, Runecrafting) to create an artisan's cape and artisan's helm. The cape has the same stats as a trimmed skill cape and the helm is purely cosmetic.

True Herblore Mastery

Achieving 99 is the ultimate goal for many players, however the skill does not stop there. For players wanting to show off their dedication to a skill it is possible to obtain "True Mastery" by obtaining "120 Herblore" which is 104,273,167 XP. The Herblore master cape can then be purchased from Kaqemeex at the Guthix altar north of Taverley.

Herblore master cape

It is worth noting that beyond level 99 there is no additional content for Herblore as the level increases are invisible so training the skill gets no faster. To work out your theoretical Herblore level check out our XP table.

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