Herblore Habitat Guide

This minigame has been rated as Low-Risk. See the minigames for a definition of high and low risk.


Herblore Habitat is an area made to train Hunter, Farming and Herblore conveniently, relying on each to reap the benefits within. The habitat can be found in deep in the eastern Kharazi Jungle. To get to Herblore Habitat for the first time, purchase a Juju teleport spiritbag for 2000 coins from Bettamax in western Taverley. It is a one-time use item which will bring you outside of Papa Mambo's tent. Alternatively, walk to the very north-east side of the Kharazi jungle (south-east of Shilo Village) past the waterfall stepping stones and past the Jungle foresters to reach a climbable vine north-east of Papa Mambo's tent. If you have Karamja gloves 3 or 4 from the Karamja Tasks, you can teleport to Shilo village getting you closer to the jungle. You may also purchase Juju teleport spiritbag's from Papa Mambo's Shop. *Once you get the Witchdoctor mask, you will receive unlimited teleports to Herblore Habitat. There is also a cauldron outside of Papa Mambo's tent which you can use to fill your watering can and empty Juju vials.

Speak with Papa Mambo running through each option and he'll give you one of each coloured vine blossom seed to start you off. Visit Astlayrix in the farming area to get more information on catching jadinkos. Astlayrix will also remember the combinations for the regular jadinkos once you've unlocked them. He will not remember the god jadinko combinations as they will vary each week. Catching all ten regular jadinkos in a week will yield rewards. Catching all three god jadinkos in addition to the ten regular jadinkos will yield additional rewards.

Herblore Habitat Map

There are a total of five farming patches and three hunter areas, located north, south and east (on the island) of the main farming area.

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Requirements and Equipment

A minimum of 54 Farming, 70 Hunter or 54 Herblore are needed to train here. However, to make full use of the habitat, you will need at least 81 Hunter, 54 Herblore, 77 Farming, 80 Construction and 55 Agility. You can make use of stat boosters to perform the activities that require these levels, should you fall a few levels short, though this will cut into your effective time in the habitat.

To take part of all the areas within Herblore Habitat you should bring coins to buy from Papa Mambo's Shop. If you already have farming equipment stored with a Tool leprechaun it will be available to you at the farming area. If you don't you may want to bring your own compost or supercompost. Additionally, bring at least one Apple, Banana and Orange tree seed (or preferably a sapling) to get a head-start.

Farming the Special Seeds

Vine seeds, obtainable from Papa Mambo or from hunting jadinkos, can only be planted in the nearby farming area and have a variety of unique uses. There are 5 Farming patches: 1 Vine flower, 1 Fruit tree, 1 Vine bush, and 2 Vine herbs. Vine flowers take approximately 15 minutes to fully grow.

Vine Flowers

Seed Image Flower Level Required Planting XP Harvesting XP Harvest Image
Red Seeds Red vine 54 52 255 Red Blossom
Blue Blossom Seed Blue vine 54 52 255 Blue Vine Blossom
Green Blossom Seed Green vine 54 52 255 Green Vine Blossom

Vine Herbs

Seed Image Herb Level Required Planting XP Harvesting XP Herb Image
Erzille Seed Erzille 58 87 87 Grimy Erzille
Argway Seed Argway 65 110 125 Clean Argway
Ugune Seed Ugune 70 135 152 Clean Ugune
Shengo Seed Shengo 76 140.5 160 Clean Shengo
Samaden Seed Samaden 80 170 190 Clean Samaden

Vine Bushes

Seed Image Bush Level Required Planting XP Check-health XP Harvesting XP Harvest Image
Lergberry Seed Lergberry 61 145.5 236.3 31.5 Lergberries
Kalferberry Seed Kalferberry 77 220.2 375.3 52.5 Kalferberries

Fruit Trees

Note that, while all fruit trees can be grown in the farming spot, only Apple, Banana, and Orange trees can attract Jadinkos to the nearby area.

Fruit tree Level required Planting XP Check-health XP Harvesting XP
Apple Tree 27 22 1,199.5 8.5
Banana Tree 33 28 1,750.5 10.5
Orange Tree 39 35 2,470 13.5
Curry Tree 42 40 2,907 15
Pineapple Tree 51 57 4,605.7 21.5
Papaya Tree 57 72 6,146.4 27
Palm Tree 68 110.5 10,150.1 41.5

A Zombie gardener who, like other gardeners at normal farming patches, will look after your plants for you for a small cost, listed below:

Plant to Watch Cost
Apple tree 9 Raw sweetcorn
Banana tree 4 Baskets of apples
Orange tree 3 Baskets of strawberries
Lergberry bush 3 Red vine blossoms
Kalferberry bush 3 Lergberries
Erzille herb 3 Green vine blossoms
Argway herb 4 Red vine blossoms
Ugune herb 3 Blue vine blossoms
Shengo herb 5 Lergberries
Samaden herb 5 Kalferberries

As with other farming areas a Tool leprechaun is standing by for your farming tools and holds 30 of each of the following vine potions in 3 doses (6 of the 10 you can make): Juju hunter potions, Juju farming potions, Scentless potions, Saradomin's blessing, Zamorak's favour, and Guthix's gift. You may also store 30 of each of the following vines obtained from hunting the appropriate jadinkos: Corrupt vine, Marble vine, Shadow vine, Saradomin vine, Zamorak vine, and Guthix vine. Right-click to choose Talk-to, Exchange-tools, Exchange-potions or Teleport (to Winkin's farm for the Vinesweeper minigame).

Potion Storage

Be wary when combining potions, because the leprechaun only holds 3-dose potions.

The Tool leprechaun can't turn vine herbs into bank notes but he will note your fruit.

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Constructing Habitats

Constructing different habitats is a key component of catching Jadinkos, as most Jadinkos are attracted by only a certain habitat. Although no Construction experience is granted, there are different level requirements for building each habitat. No need to worry, though, if you do not have the required level - Papa Mambo can be paid to construct a habitat for you although this can be expensive. You can request assistance from other players for this area although they will not receive any experience.

Habitat Level Required Cost from Papa Mambo
Empty None None
Boneyard 56 56,000
Abandoned house 57 57,000
Thermal vent 59 59,000
Tall grass 62 62,000
Pond 65 65,000
Standing stones 70 70,000
Dark pit 80 80,000
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Hunting the Jadinkos

There are 13 different Jadinkos that can be caught by either trapping with a Marasamaw plant or tracking with a noose. They can be caught north of the farming area, near Papa Mambo, south of the farming area, and the god jadinkos on the island to the east (with 55 Agility). Each Jadinko, other than Common, is attracted by a different combination of construction habitat and plants that you farm, and will only be attracted when their preferred combination is present. If any of the plants used to attract a jadinko gets diseased, it will not count as being present and you will have to cure it before it can attract jadinkos again. However, plants do not have to be full grown before they will attract the intended jadinko. Additionally, some jadinkos will require a Juju hunter potion to be used on the Vine Blossom patch in order to be attracted. Only one of each needs to be captured to claim your reward(s) from Papa Mambo.

Image Jadinko Hunter Level XP Gained Tree Bush Flower Hunter Potion Constructed Habitat Caught Through Hunter Reward Seeds Dropped
Common Jadinko Common 70 350 - - Any - - Marasamaw Plant Withered vine All
Shadow Jadinko Shadow 71 475 - - Red - Abandoned House Noose Wand Shadow vine All
Igneous Jadinko Igneous 74 465 Orange Tree Lergberry Blue - Thermal Marasamaw Plant Marble vine Vine Bush
Cannibal Jadinko Cannibal 75 475 - Kalferberry Green Yes Tall grass Marasamaw Plant Plant teeth Vine Bush
Auqatic Jadinko Aquatic 76 475 Apple Tree Kalferberry Red Yes Pond Marasamaw Plant Aquatic vine Vine Flower
Amphibious Jadinko Amphibious 77 485 - Lergberry Blue - Pond Marasamaw Plant Oily vine Fruit Tree
Diseased Jadinko Diseased 78 580.5 Banana Tree - - - Boneyard Noose Wand Corrupt vine All
Carrion Jadinko Carrion 78 505 - Kalferberry Green - Boneyard Marasamaw Plant Pungent vine Vine Herb
Camouflaged Jadinko Camouflaged 79 600 - Lergberry - Yes Standing stones Noose Wand Striped vine All
Draconic Jadinko Draconic 80 525 - Lergberry Red Yes Dark Pit Marasamaw Plant Draconic vine Vine Herb

*Withered vines can be used to bait Marasamaw plant traps, but it is not necessary.

*Pungent vines can be used to make super compost.

*Striped vines can be given to Papa Mambo to ward off any regular jadinko you choose for 15 minutes.

God Jadinkos are caught slightly differently from normal jadinkos. They are the only jadinkos caught by trapping on the east island, and they require a random combination of plants, independently assigned to each player, which changes each week. As a player discovers what a God Jadinko prefers, they will get a message that 2 or 3, (out of 4) parts are correct for catching the God Jadinko. It is possible that one of the requirements is to have nothing in one of the patches or empty habitat (feature) patch. Some players have experienced a slight delay after changing a patch/habitat before receiving a message. Once you have 3 correct areas the god jadinko will appear briefly in the main farming area. Once you get all 4 parts correct you'll get a message stating which god jadinko you have attracted.

God Jadinko Hunter Level XP Gained Hunter Reward Seeds Dropped
Saradomin Jadinko 81 600 Saradomin vine All
Guthix Jadinko 81 600 Guthix vine All
Zamorak Jadinko 81 600 Zamorak vine All

When tracking jadinkos, there are two burrows you can choose as your starting point. The recommended burrow to inspect is the north-east one which only has one path, making it easier to remember.

Step # Tracking instruction
1 Inspect Burrow on the north-east side
2 Inspect Jungle plant
3 Inspect Hole on the south-west side
4 Inspect Jungle plant
5 Right-click and choose "Attack Bush", sometimes the jadinko will run away before you can catch it.

Hh Tracking 1 Hh Tracking 2

Juju hunter potion lasts approximately 10 minutes on the patch. This means once you apply it on any vine, you can remove the vine and the Juju hunter potion is still in effect on any new vine you plant. After 9 minutes, you'll receive a message that the potion is about to wear off. 1 minute later, you'll receive a message that the potion wears off, and any jadinkos lured by the potion will disappear until you re-apply more juju hunter potion on the vine blossom patch. If you log out (or exit to lobby), your potion will wear off regardless of time left.

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Initial Setup and Walkthrough

The first time you enter the Herblore Habitat, you will want to get to work catching the full roster of jadinkos. This will net you not only Herblore, Farming or Hunter XP, but also some witchdoctor clothing which provides camouflage and teleportation directly to the habitat. You may catch the jadinkos in any order you want, as long as you can one of each during the reset window.

Equipment to bring

Nearly all of the items you will need for Herblore Habitat are obtainable there or on your toolbelt. You will, however, need to bring apple tree, banana tree, and orange tree seeds with you to the habitat. Bring about 10 each. To speed up the process you can plant and water one of each seed in a plant pot before heading over to the Habitat. Otherwise, plant pots and watering cans can be purchased from Papa Mambo at the Habitat. The cauldron of water at his side can be used to refill your watering can if needed.

Purchasing equipment

Upon reaching the Herblore Habitat for the first time, buy 6 marasamaw plants and 10 of each colour of blossom seed from Papa Mambo. Additionally, buy a spade if the Tool leprechaun isn't already storing one for you.

First captures

Plant the following: Red blossom seed, Banana tree sapling.
This attracts common jadinkos to the area, which you can start catching. Trap these until you have at least one of each of the following: erzille seed, lergberry seed and kalferberry seed. Plant the erzille seed as soon as you obtain it, preferably with supercompost. Once you have these seeds, proceed to build an Abandoned House habitat, and track a shadow jadinko. Next, build a Boneyard habitat and track diseased jadinkos for their corrupt vines. Collect about 10 to 15 vines, though if you are planning to train in Herblore Habitat until 99 Hunter, collect about 150 vines.

Note: Alternatively, after attracting common jadinkos into the area, you can opt to train in the Jadinko Lair and spend favour points earned in exchange for vine seeds. This bypasses the need to trap common jadinkos for your initial vine herb and bush seeds.

Brewing hunter potions

Plant the following: Blue blossom seed, Lergberry seed, Orange tree sapling.

Note: To clear a patch that already has something planted in it, use a spade on the patch.

Build a Pond habitat. This will attract amphibious jadinkos, so trap one of these. Next, build a Thermal Vent habitat to attract igneous jadinkos. You may want to spend the time while your erzille herb is growing trapping these and the common jadinkos to build up your stock of vine seeds.

Once the erzille has fully grown, harvest it and go back to Papa Mambo. Buy juju vials of water and mix in the erzille and corrupt vines to make juju hunter potions. The effect of these potions lasts for 10 minutes, so try to make the most out of each dose. You may wish to store these with the tool leprechaun, holding on to one to continue with the rest of the jadinkos.

Final jadinkos

Plant the following: Red blossom seed, Apple tree sapling.
Build a Standing Stones habitat and use your Juju hunter potion on the red blossom (reapply this potion whenever it wears out to continue attracting jadinkos that require it). Track a camouflaged jadinko. Build a Dark Pit habitat and trap a draconic jadinko.

Plant a Kalferberry bush.
Build a Pond habitat and trap an aquatic jadinko.

Plant a Green blossom seed.
Build a Boneyard habitat, which will attract carrion jadinkos. Trap one in the southern area. Build a Tall Grass habitat and attract cannibal jadinkos. Trap one of these. Congratulations! You've caught all ten of the standard jadinkos. Talk to Papa Mambo to receive a piece of witchdoctor clothing and some bonus XP.

God jadinkos

God jadinkos are more tricky to unlock, with the specific combinations for each being player dependent and changing each week. To begin attracting god jadinkos, apply a dose of juju hunter potion to your flower patch. Cycle through each habitat with any vine blossom planted until you have at least 2 requirements. It is recommended that you leave the fruit tree and vine bush for last when changing the patches, conserving your stock of vine seeds. Keep in mind: it is possible that one of the requirements is to have nothing in one of the patches or an empty habitat (feature) patch.

Each god jadinko will have a different vine blossom colour and habitat. If you got a hint for the Zamorak jadinko while using a red blossom and a hint for the Guthix jadinko while using a blue blossom, you know that the Saradomin jadinko will need a blue blossom this week. If you unlock one god jadinko with a certain combination, try changing the vine blossom to a different colour. You may find you unlock a hint that you have unlocked three characteristics for another god jadinko. If this is the case, just change the habitat until you have unlocked another god jadinko.

Note: God jadinkos will very often, but not always, share the same tree each week. If you have success with one tree, try using the same tree for the other two god jadinkos.

Upon catching all 3 god jadinkos and the standard jadinkos, talk to Papa Mambo again to receive a witchdoctor mask and further XP rewards. This mask comes with an extremely handy teleport that takes you directly to Papa Mambo, which is very useful for accessing the habitat for future training.

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Juju Potions

Herbs and secondary ingredients obtained through farming and catching Jadinkos can be used to make Juju potions, which have special effects on certain skills and activities. Each potion is 3 doses when mixed but can be decanted into 4 doses when used with other potions of the same type, similar to normal potions. Reminder: The Tool leprechaun will only hold 30 of 6 types of Juju ptions but only the 3 dose ones. All potion doses, unless otherwise noted, last for 5 minutes until wearing off. If you log out, the effects of any juju potion will instantly run out.

Image Potion Herblore Level Required Herb Required Secondary Ingredient XP Gained Potion Effect
Juju Hunter Potion (3) Juju hunter potion 54 Erzille Corrupt vine 123 This potion is not drunk. Use it on a vine flower patch to attract certain Jadinkos for 10 minutes.
Scentless Potion (3) Scentless potion 59 Argway Shadow vine 135 Gives the effect that all traps are smoked, allowing Jadinkos to be more easily caught.
Juju Farming Potion (3) Juju farming potion 64 Ugune Marble vine 146 One in three chance of obtaining two herbs from one pick in a farming patch. Results in an average 33% increase in herb yield. Lasts approximately 5 minutes.
Juju Cooking Potion (3) Juju cooking potion 67 Shengo Plant teeth 152 This potion is not drunk. Used on a baked potato to make a strange potato, which can be combined with tuna and corn to create juju gumbo. You need a knife when combining. Juju gumbo heals 1800 LP and the bowl remains in the player's inventory.
Juju Fishing Potion (3) Juju fishing potion 70 Shengo Aquatic vine 158 1 in 3 chance of catching a raw baron shark while fishing. A baron shark heals 2000 LP.
Juju Woodcutting Potion (3) Juju woodcutting potion 71 Samaden Oily vine 160 1 in 10 chance of finding a Wood spirit when woodcutting. Wood spirits sends logs to your bank for the next 30 seconds, and sometimes find and send higher level logs.
Juju Mining Potion (3) Juju mining potion 74 Samaden Draconic vine 168 1 in 10 chance of finding a Stone spirit when mining. Stone spirits send ores to your bank for the next 30 seconds, and sometimes find and send higher level ores.
Saradomin\'s Blessing (3) Saradomin's blessing 75 Samaden Saradomin vine 170 10% boost to Farming XP in Herblore Habitat
Guthix\'s Gift (3) Guthix's gift 75 Samaden Guthix vine 170 10% boost to Herblore XP whilst making Juju potions. This boost will work when making Juju potions outside of Herblore Habitat.
Zamorak\'s Favour (3) Zamorak's favour 75 Samaden Zamorak vine 170 10% boost to Hunter XP in Herblore Habitat

Because vine herbs can be tedious to obtain, you should make the best of your vine herb patches. Consider paying the zombie farmer to look after your main vine herb patch, and using an amulet of nature to check the status of the east vine herb patch. If you have unlocked the Remote Farming spell, consider using this to keep track of your vine herb patches. When harvesting the patches, drink a dose of juju farming potion to increase your herb yield.

Useful Potions

When planning which juju potions to make, consider the usefulness of the end product and the difficulty involved in obtaining the secondary ingredient. For instance, Scentless potions improve your rate of catching jadinkos, though the time saved from using these potions must be weighed against the time spent tracking shadow jadinkos, which is a much slower and more tedious hunting method.

Some of the more useful reward potions are noted below:

  • Juju farming potion - increases herb yield by an average of 33%. This is arguably the best reward from Herblore Habitat, as it greatly increases the value of herb runs and resulting profit.
  • Zamorak's favour - increases Hunter XP earned in the Herblore Habitat by 10%. When you first attract Zamorak jadinkos, consider catching 200 to 300 of them for their vines to make these potions. In the long run, they save you a large amount of time if you plan on training your Hunter level to 99 or beyond within the Herblore Habitat.
  • Juju mining potion - lets you find stone spirits when mining. Though this potion's use is somewhat limited (particularly to the Living Rock Caverns), it can be produced completely from the drops of draconic jadinkos, the best training method available in the Habitat, and so can be made somewhat losslessly.
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Additional Rewards

Players can obtain Witchdoctor attire by attracting all non-god jadinkos in a week and talking with Papa Mambo, who will also give experience in your choice of Hunter, Herblore or Farming. It is possible to receive more than one of the robes and legs which you can sell to Papa Mambo for 5400 coins.

The Witchdoctor mask can be obtained by catching all three god jadinkos in addition to the regular jadinkos during the week. The week resets the same time as the Circus and Penguin Hide and Seek. This mask comes with a teleport option that takes you directly into the Herblore Habitat.

Witchdoctor gear acts as camouflage when hunting jadinkos in the habitat area. After catching all three god jadinkos, Witchdoctor gear will boost Hunter, Herblore and Farming experience gained in the habitat. The boost is only temporary and lasts 30 minutes from the moment you wear the gear.

The full Witchdoctor set (mask, robes and legs) can be housed in the Armour case of your Player-Owned-House.

You can get another Witchdoctor mask by housing one complete set in your Player-Owned-House and hunting the regular and god jadinkos again.

Image Item Name Hunter Level Required Hunter Boost
Witchdoctor Mask Witchdoctor mask 70 2%
Witchdoctor Robes Witchdoctor robes 70 2%
Witchdoctor Legs Witchdoctor legs 70 1%
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Hunter Training

Herblore Habitat offers the best high-levelled Hunter training methods in the game, with the best method clocking over 250k XP per hour. To make the most of Hunter training in the Herblore Habitat, the following are recommended:

  • Camouflage: The witchdoctor robes and mask act as camouflage in the Habitat, improving your chance of successfully trapping or tracking jadinkos.
  • A Hunter Familiar: The spirit larupia and wolpertinger provide an invisible boost of +5 to your Hunter stat, while the arctic bear grants you a +7 bonus, though for a shorter period of time. Summoning any of these familiars during your Hunter training will help you catch jadinkos more effectively.
  • Potions: Zamorak's favour potions give a very beneficial 10% XP boost when hunting in the Habitat. Additionally, you could consider bringing hunter potions, which grant a +3 boost to Hunter. If you have already made scentless potions, you can consume them to improve your trapping efficiency. If you choose to use these potions, you'll consume a total of 12 doses of Zamorak's favour and scentless potion each per hour.
  • Trap Laying: Optimally, you want to have 80 Hunter to be able to lay 5 traps at a time, which increases your XP rate significantly. Carry at least one additional trap so that you can quickly re-deploy your traps after picking one up, by clicking the lay option approximately one second after clicking to pick up a trap. Finally, deploy your traps in a cross-shaped layout, as this allows you to move between and pick up traps more quickly.


Hh Comm
Common Jadinkos

Requirements: 70 Hunter

Expenses per hour: None

Combination: Any flower

This is the most basic training method in the habitat, requiring you to plant any flower to attract these jadinkos. The XP rate of this method is a modest 80k-100k per hour.
Hh Carrion
Carrion Jadinkos

Requirements: 78 Hunter

Expenses per hour: None

Combination: Green vine blossom, Kalferberry bush, Boneyard habitat

A step up from the common jadinkos, these give an XP rate of about 80k-90k per hour. Like common jadinkos, you will not need to invest in anything to keep these attracted.
Hh Igcarrion
Igneous-Carrion Combination

Requirements: 78 Hunter, recommended 59+ Construction

Expenses per hour: 3 Green vine blossom seeds, 3 Blue vine blossom seeds, 3 Lergberry bush seeds, 3 Kalferberry bush seeds

Combination: Blue vine blossom / Green vine blossom, Lergberry bush / Kalferberry bush, Thermal vent / Boneyard habitat, Orange tree

Jadinkos continue roaming an area for 20 more minutes after having their requirements removed, allowing this strategy to work. Set up the combination for Igneous jadinkos (Blue vine blossm, Lergberry bush, Orange tree and Thermal vent habitat), then switch them to the combination Carrion jadinkos (Green vine blossom, Kalferberry bush and Boneyard habitat). This will allow Igneous and Carrion jadinko to cohabit the southern section for 20 minutes. You must redo this once this time is over.

This method produces the best XP rate Hunter has to offer until around level 90, bringing in 150k-180k XP per hour. The downside is that it uses up bush seeds quickly.
Hh Draccom
Draconic-Common Combination

Requirements: 80 Hunter, recommended 90+ Hunter

Expenses per hour: 6 doses of Juju hunter potion

Combination: Red vine blossom with potion, Lergberry bush, Dark pit Habitat

This method is much easier to maintain than the Igneous-Carrion setup, though it initally produces a slightly lower XP rate. At around level 90, it becomes a very fast method, reaching about 200k XP per hour, and exceeding 240k by level 95. About 15 seconds before your hunter potion expires, remember to run back to the flower patch and apply a fresh dose.
Hh God
God Jadinkos

Requirements: 81 Hunter, recommended 80+ Construction

Expenses per hour: 6 doses of Juju hunter potion

Combination: Variable

These creatures usually aren't worth the trouble to capture, requiring an initial setup time to find their combinations, and the tedious access route to the islet they are attracted to. Still, consider trapping Zamorak jadinkos to build up your stock of Zamorak's favour potions. This method is significantly slower than the previous methods.

Tips and Tricks

  • When harvesting your first batch of ugune, pick a single herb and make it into a juju farming potion. Drink a dose and harvest the rest of your patches with an increased yield!
  • If you are trapping jadinkos in the north section, instead of climbing over the vine to return to your traps, you can get to your traps faster by using your witchdoctor mask's teleport feature.
  • After catching all the god jadinkos in a week, equip your witchdoctor set and drink one of the favour potions to get a useful 15.5% XP boost. This lasts for 30 minutes, so make the best of it.
  • When applied to your flower patch, the effects of the juju hunter potion will last for 10 minutes, even if you remove your flower and replace it with another.
  • Open the shortcut at the south end of the habitat to gain access to the Jadinko Lair. This provides you with alternative methods of gathering vine seeds if you'd rather not obtain them through Hunter.
  • The first time you lure diseased or Zamorak jadinkos, you may want to obtain as many corrupt or Zamorak vines as possible. While they are relatively slower in terms of Hunter XP, they provide secondary ingredients for useful potions.
  • When you're not busy hunting, make use of the fruit tree patch to plant higher levelled fruit trees for Farming XP.


Original Guide by: Lalala7324, Shelby_Polo, Vhellcat

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