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After completion of the Do No Evil quest, players can use Ava's alerter and its inherent detection ability to discover a bonus elite clue scroll hidden somewhere around the world. Currently only four possible locations are known. The location is random for every player. Similar to the way you detect crates during the quest, the alerter will "Bwuk!" once when nearby, twice when closer, three times when very close, and four times when standing directly above your reward. When you have found the spot, use a spade to dig and you will discover a crate. Open the crate to receive your clue. You cannot do so if you already have a clue scroll or puzzle box with you or in your bank. This hidden clue scroll can only be discovered once.




Most direct route: Use the fairy ring network (code DKS), then run west to the canoe dock and ride up to the iceberg. Run north-west to reach the shown location. Note the different compass position in the picture.

Coordinates: 26 Degrees, 16 Minutes North, 06 Degrees, 20 Minutes East

Bonuselite Iceberg Isafdar

Most direct route: Use a teleport crystal to travel to Lletya, and leave the town through the north-west tree underpass. Head west over the tripwire and then further west through the dense forest. Then run north and jump over the leaves to reach the area shown below.

Coordinates: 01 Degrees, 31 Minutes North, 05 Degrees, 05 Minutes West

Bonuselite Elf Lunar Isle

Most direct route: Use a lunar teleport spell to reach the island, or take the boat from Rellekka. Run down to the south side of the island and then run west until you reach the south-west coast, shown below.

Coordinates: 21 Degrees, 50 Minutes North, 11 Degrees, 07 Minutes West

Bonuselite Lunar Meiyerditch

Most direct route: Use Drakan's medallion to teleport to Meiyerditch and climb up the ladder to the surface. Head out of the building and then head north to the area shown. You will have to walk west around some buildings but ultimately you should head north hugging the east wall of the city.

Coordinates: 03 Degrees, 41 Minutes North, 37 Degrees, 31 Minutes East

Bonuselite Meiyer  


Original Guide by: Warriormonkx

Thanks to: Aotd, Dire_Wolf, Jolletzu, Melvinkooi, TheLad1

Last updated by: Warriormonkx

Last updated on: 07-Dec-2011

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