Hobgoblins' Mine

By Eeeeediot

Located in level 35 Wilderness, this mine offers a huge selection of ores inter mixed with Hobgoblins ready to attack anyone. The wide variety of ores makes this a popular mine for the higher level miner, though attack by Player Killers (PK'ers) is also a possibility. This mine can be found straight north of the Bandit Camp, and south of the lava maze entrance. Sadly, the formerly handy furnace in the Eastern ruins has been moved to the far east side of the Wilderness volcano (previously Bounty Hunter) area. The canoe dropoff from the River Lum still provides a quick route into 30's wilderness - walk straight west to reach this mine.

Rocks: 16 Iron, 31 coal, 19 Mithril, 8 Adamant.

Nearest Bank: Wilderness Volcano Entrance
Nearest Furnace: Wilderness Eastern Ruins
Nearest Anvil: Western Ruins (Midwest Wilderness)

Hobgoblin\'s Mine
Key Iron Key Coal Key Mithril Key Adamant

Hobgoblin: Level 28

Thanks To: Vhellcat

RuneScape 2007
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