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The Bestiary is a comprehensive list of every monster in the game of RuneScape. In the Bestiary you will find all you need to know about a monster, from its life points down to what it drops and even what its "examine info" is.


Level Ranges

Our Bestiary contains a huge number of monsters. To make navigating the Bestiary easier, you can select the combat level range you'd like to look through by selecting one of the ranges at the top of the top of the page:

0-30, 30-60, 60-90, 90-120, 120+, or All.

Clicking on one of these ranges will bring up all the monsters that have a combat level that falls in that range. The monsters are listed in descending order, from the highest level in the range to the lowest level in the range. By default, the main Bestiary page lists the monsters that have a combat level of 120+, in descending order.


How to Search

When you click on the link to the Bestiary you will see a search box at the top with a list of all the monsters below it. You can type in one or more "keywords" or items to be searched for in the box on the left and then you can narrow your search to the level range or race of the monster you are looking up. The level range is a good way to find monsters that you'd like to kill. Once you have finished filling out the boxes, you can search after only filling out one box if you would like, click the search button and every monster that has the word or words that you searched for (within the level and race that you selected) will appear on the screen. Keep in mind that the search will return all monsters that have that word anywhere in on the page. It doesn't just search the "drops" section or just search for the monster's name.


Sections of the Bestiary

When you click on a monster name you will see a wealth of information. This information is divided into different categories.

This is the name of the monster, as you would find it in RuneScape.

This is a designator based on the appearance of the monster. The categories are: Animal, Demon, Dragon, Dwarf, Undead, Giant, Goblin, Elemental, Human, Arachnid, Plant, Animated, Gnome, Elven, Troll, Beetle, Ogre, Insect, TzHaar and Humaniod. Note: The classification undead DOES NOT mean that the spell crumble undead or the salve amulet work on the monster.

This is the level of the monster as assigned by Jagex.

This is the number of life points that the monster has. Also, this is approximately ten times the slayer experience given for killing the monster if it is your slayer task. Also note that monsters in RuneScape regenerate health, this is the number of LP it has if it does not regenerate any health.

The ratio is the monster's life points divided by ten, then by its level. It will help you to determine how efficient it is to train on. The higher the number the better the monster is for training. For example, the Ice Giant (level 53) has 700 life points. 700/10/53 = 1.32. The Ogre (level 53), on the other hand, has 600 life points. 600/10/53 = 1.13. So by purely level to life points it would be better to train on the Ice Giant, but remember you must take into account the average damage and the defensive capabilities of the monsters (something pure numbers can't tell you).

Attack Type
The attack type is the style the monster attacks a player/summoned familiar with. Examples include Melee, Magic, Range, Meele/Magic, Melee/Range and so on.

This tells you if the monster will attack you when you are near it. Almost all monsters outside of the wilderness become unaggressive after your level is twice as high plus one as theirs. Example: A level 32 King Scorpion would not attack anyone level 65 or greater. Keep in mind that there are exceptions.

This means that the monster will run away from you when it becomes low on life points.

Quest Monster
This means that the monster is killed/seen as part of a quest. It does not mean that you can only kill the monster once you have completed a quest. That information is given in the "Notes" section.

Indicates whether or not the monster is members only.

This tells you if the monster is able to poison you. If it is, the maximum amount that it can poison you for is usually listed in the "Notes" section.

Tells you where you can go to find the monster. We list every place that the monster appears, not just one, so you can find your own favourite place to fight it.

This section will show you all the possible drops of a monster. An item followed by a number in parentheses, as in Strawberry seed (3), indicates how many of this object will be dropped. This section is subdivided into two possible sections:

  • F2P/P2P Drops: all the items listed can be dropped by the monster whether you're playing on a free (F2P) or members (P2P) world.
  • P2P Only Drops: all the items listed here will only be dropped if you're playing on a members (P2P) world.

Possible drops are categorised as follows:

The amount of gp that the monster can drop. This shows the minimum to the maximum. Example: 100-1000 means that the monster, if it drops gold, will drop somewhere between 100 and 1000 coins.

This is a guaranteed drop that the monster will drop every time you kill it. Common 100% drops are bones or the various types of ashes.

This section lists all the possible weapons that the monster can drop.

This section lists all the possible pieces of armour that the monster can drop.

This section lists all the runes that a monster can drop. You will see the type of rune followed by the number that will be dropped.

This section lists all the arrows or bolts that a monster can drop. You will see the type of arrow or bolt followed by the number that will be dropped.

This section has anything that doesn't fall in any other section. This can include many things, but typical things to see are herbs, and gems.

This section lists all the possible farming seeds that the monster can drop. This does not include Mithril or Crystal seeds.

If you get a drop that is not listed in the Bestiary you can send us a correction.

This section lists the charms the monster drops (if any). The number in the brackets after Charms, but before : is the amount of charms it drops if applicable.

This section contains the text discovered when 'examining' a monster in-game.

This section contains information like how to kill the monster, what it is weak against, how much it poisons, what type of attack it uses, how to defend against it, and other useful information.

This section has the names of all of the people who have helped in the information gathering process for the monster. These people have sent us corrections or updates and have been given their well-deserved credit.


Misunderstood Terms

As you look through the guide you may see some names of items that you do not recognise. Below are the most commonly misunderstood Bestiary terms:

Commonly Misunderstood Terms
  • "2h sword" - The 2 handed sword in game.
  • "Full helm" - The full face helmet in RuneScape. It is also known as a large helm in the game.
  • "Herbs" - The term herb refers to all grimy herbs except for toadflax, snapdragon, and torstol.
  • "Herb seed(1)" - Refers to all herb seeds, from guam seed to torstol. It does exclude Goutweed tubers though.
  • "Jungle herbs" - Refers to all unidentified herbs that are part of the Jungle Potion quest: Ardrigal, Rogue's purse, Sito foil, Snake weed, and Volencia moss.
  • "Shield left half(dragon)" - The half of the dragon shield obtained by monsters. It is commonly known as the dragon half shield.
  • "Sword" - The sword is commonly known as a short sword in the game.
  • "Teleport Crystal" - The crystal that teleports you to Lletya. It is also commonly known as the tiny elf crystal.
  • "Uncut gems" - The term uncut gems refers to uncut sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and diamonds.


With such a massive number of monsters in the game, we are bound to miss a drop or two. That's where you come in. You can submit any information you find that is missing or is incorrect or incomplete for a specific monster by clicking on the Submit Correction link in the upper right-hand corner of every monster's details page. We will validate the information you send in and if we find it to be accurate and you are the first to submit it, your name* will be added to the "Credits" section for that monster.

*If the username you want credited can be seen as offensive in any way it will not be listed.



Original Guide by: abomb67

Thanks To: Cowman_133, Howlin1, Inferno_char, Jard_Y_Dooku, Vhellcat

Last Updated by: Vhellcat

Last Updated: 02-May-2011

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