How to use the NPC Database


The NPC database is a comprehensive list of every non-player character in the game of RuneScape. In this database you will find all you need to know about an NPC, from what type of NPC it is down to where it can be found and under which circumstances.

How to Search

When you click on the link to the NPC database you will see a search box at the top with a list of NPCs below it. You can type in one or more "keywords" to be searched for in the box on the left and then you can narrow your search to the race of the NPC you are looking up. Then click the search button and every NPC that has the word or words that you searched for (within the race that you selected) will appear on the screen. Keep in mind that the search will return all NPCs that have that word anywhere in on the page. It doesn't just search for the NPC's name.

Sections of the database

When you click on an NPC name you will see a wealth of information. This information is divided into different categories.

This is the name of the NPC, as you would find it in RuneScape.

This section contains the text discovered when 'examining' an NPC in-game.

This is a designator based on the appearance of the NPC. Most NPCs are human, but you will also find a variety of monster races as NPC.

Indicates whether or not the NPC is members only.

Used as monster
Some NPCs can be encountered in different forms. The form that has life points, and can be engaged in combat can be found in our monster database. The information of the non-combat counterpart can be found in the NPC database. This link allows you to quickly jump back and forth between the NPC page and the monster page.

Used in shop
If the NPC is a shopkeeper, the shop name will be listed here.

Used in quest
If the NPC appears in one or more quests, they will be listed here.

Tells you where you can go to find the NPC.

This section contains all kinds of useful information, other than already listed above.

This section has the names of all of the people who have helped in the information gathering process for the NPC. These people have sent us corrections or updates and have been given their well-deserved credit.


With such a massive number of NPCs in the game, we are bound to miss some information. That's where you come in. You can submit any information you find that is missing or is incorrect or incomplete for a specific NPC by clicking on the Submit Correction link in the upper right-hand corner of every NPC's details page. We will validate the information you send in and if we find it to be accurate and you are the first to submit it, your name* will be added to the "Credits" section for that NPC.

*If the username you want credited can be seen as offensive in any way it will not be listed.


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Last Updated: 22-Sep-2012

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