Asgarnian Ice Dungeon

By GreatSilverWyrm & Mindesto

Located at the southern tip of Asgarnia (below Port Sarim), this dungeon is often busy with warriors slaying Ice Warriors and Giants in search of great xp rewards.

Blurite rocks can be mined for blurite ore (requires mining skill level 10) for Thurgo the dwarf to use for The Knights Sword quest. Blurite ore cannot be traded, but players with level 8 smithing can make crossbow limbs and unfinished bolts from it, and at level 24 fletching can make these pieces into ranging equipment.

If your slayer level is 72 or greater you can kill the Skeletal Wyverns in the south-east portion of the dungeon.

Players with Dungeoneering level 85 can access the Frost Dragon resource dungeon, shown further below.

Ice_Caves Muggers (Level 15) Pirates (Level 32) Ice Giant (Level 51) Ice Warrior (Level 54) Skeletal Wyvern (Level 140) Skeletal Wyvern (Level 109) Skeletal Wyvern (Level 109) Hobgoblin (Level 28, 32) Hobgoblin (Level 28, 32) Hobgoblin (Level 28, 32) Key Blurite

Dungeon Monsters
Mugger: Level 15
Pirates: Level 32
Hobgoblins: Level 28, Level 32
Ice Giant: Level 51
Ice Warrior: Level 54
Skeletal Wyvern: Level 109


Frost Dragon Resource Dungeon

Frost Dragon Entrance

The entrance to the Frost Dragon resource dungeon is from the north central corridor of the main dungeon. The resource dungeon can only be accessed by players who have reached Dungeoneering level 85. Frost Dragon bones offer a huge prayer xp bonus, so they are highly sought after.

Frost Dragon Resource Dungeon

Dungeon Monster
Frost Dragon: Level 112

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