Impetuous Impulses

This minigame has been rated as Low Risk. See the minigames page for a definition of high and low risk.


Impetuous Impulses is a fun minigame which uses your Hunting skill. You catch implings in search of Hunter experience and long lost treasures including dragon arrows. To begin the activity, you must have at least level 17 Hunting, but different implings require different levels to capture. The highest is a Kingly impling, requiring level 91 Hunting. Completing the Rocking Out quest allows you to catch Pirate Implings, which requires level 76 hunting.

To enter the activity itself, you must go to a wheat field and enter a crop circle in the middle OR if you have completed the Lost City Quest, you can gain access to a permanent crop circle within Zanaris.

There are no quest requirements for hunting implings. If you can't get to Zanaris, you can still enter from an above-ground wheat field which has a temporary Crop Circle. If you need help finding the circle (it moves), ask a friend who has done Lost City to speak to the red Wandering Imp at the Zanaris wheat field. He will show your friend the wheat field that currently has a crop circle. Using an above-ground circle to enter Puro-Puro gives you a 30 minute wheat-pushing strength bonus, so you'll get through the Puro-Puro barriers faster!

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Catching Implings

Upon arrival, talk to Elnock Inquisitor in the centre area. He will tell you how to catch implings. He will also tell you that you can swap certain implings with him for special equipment. He mentions thieving implings. Ask him for more information and he will tell you that the maze Imp Defenders are protective of the implings and will steal full impling jars given the chance. Having a higher Thieving level will help defend a player from these maze thieves, but carrying imp repellent will work best.

To start impling hunting you will need certain equipment. Ask Elnock if he has any spare equipment you can have and he will give you a butterfly net, some impling jars, and an impling scroll. (Note: ordinary butterfly jars will not work on implings.) The impling scroll can help you keep track of how many implings of each type you have in your pack. They are ordered from easiest to hardest, first down the left column and then down the right column.

Ii Impling Count

Walk over to the wheat wall and select the right-click option "push through magical wheat" to go through it. This is slow, though it is improved if you enter Puro-Puro via an above-ground Crop Circle. Make sure your butterfly net is equipped so that when you see an impling you want, you can left-click it and attempt to catch it. Implings fly freely over the wheat, so you may need to push through the wheat again to get close enough. The wheat walls of the maze will shift, disappearing and reappearing, so watch for openings to quickly pass through. You will get 0 to 6 (random) strength experience for walking through the wheat walls. Here is a map showing the wheat walls of Puro-Puro.

Ii Spawns

It is recommended to catch a few easy implings and trade them to Elnock for extra jars right away. You only get a few jars when you start, and they will randomly break while you are looting them. Therefore it's a good idea to get extra jars. Work towards getting your own jar generator, a magic net, and/or some imp repellent - all of which can be bought for specific implings from Elnock's Exchange. You can also buy spare impling jars from the Grand Exchange.

Level and Experience

Below you will find the Hunting level required to catch each type of impling and the experience gained. Note: The experience is increased if you hunt implings out 'in the world' (instead of Puro-Puro).

Hunting Experience
Pic Name Hunting Level Puro-Puro Experience 'In the World' Experience
Baby Impling

Baby impling 17 20 25
Young Impling Young Impling 22 48 65
Gourmet Impling Gourmet Impling 28 82 113
Earth Impling Earth Impling 36 126 177
Essence Impling Essence Impling 42 160 225
Eclectic Impling Eclectic Impling 50 205 289
Spirit Impling Spirit Impling 54 227 321
Nature Impling Nature Impling 58 250 353
Magpie Impling Magpie Impling 65 289 409
Ninja Impling Ninja Impling 74 339 481
Pirate Impling Pirate Impling* 76 350 497
Divine Impling Divine impling 79 375 520
Dragon Impling Dragon Impling 83 390 553
Zombie Impling Zombie Impling 87 412 585
Kingly Impling Kingly Impling 91 434 617

Note: You must have completed the Rocking Out quest in order to catch Pirate Implings.

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Outside World Spawn Locations

Possible Impling Spawn Locations
Area of Possible Spawn Map Area of Possible Spawn Map
Karamja Mine close to the Nature Altar. Ii Spawnnature West of the Falcon Hunting area. Ii Spawnfalconry
North of the Catherby allotment patches. Ii Spawnnorthcath Dwarven Mines entrance on Ice Mountain. Ii Spawndwarfmine
Castle Wars. Ii Spawncastlewars Duel Arena entrance. Ii Spawnduelarena
South of the Heroes guild. Ii Spawnsouthheros Canifis mushroom patch. Ii Spawnmushroom
Around the Earth altar near Varrock. Ii Spawneathaltar South-west of the Ranging Guild. Ii Spawnsouthwestrange
South of Ardougne - east of the Clock Tower. Ii Spawnclock Red Chinchompas in Feldip Hills. Ii Spawnredchins
Red salamander hunting spot near ZMI altar. Ii Spawnredsallies Outside of Fenkenstrain castle. Ii Spawnfenkcastle
Outside the H.A.M dungeon entrance, to the East of Draynor. Ii Spawneastdray West of Lletya across the tripwire. Ii Spawnwestlleyta
South of the Elf camp, in the hunting area. Ii Spawnelfcamp Outside the nature tree in Mort Myre swamp. Ii Spawnmortmyre
Inbetween Lumbridge Cow pen and Chicken farm. Ii Spawncowpen West of Yanille near the Ogres. Ii Spawnwestyanille
Outside of the Legends guild. Ii Spawnlegends Bandit camp. Ii Spawnbandit
Pollnivneach. Ii Spawnpoli South-East of Dominion Tower, by the orange salamanders. Ii Spawneastdom
South of Rellekka near the Wolves. Ii Spawnsouthrel Outside of the Sinclair mansion, North of Seers village. Ii Spawnnorthcam
East of Draynor mansion by the river. Ii Spawneastdraymanor South of Shilo near the Kharazi jungle. Ii Spawnlegends
Gnome Stronghold. Ii Spawngnomestong Around Musa Point volcano entrance. Ii Spawnmusa
The Clan Camp, south of Falador. Ii Spawnclancamp Northern Falador, near the Musician. Ii Spawnnorthfally
Around Al Kahrid bank. Ii Spawnalbank Draynor Market. Ii Spawndraymarket

Note: These are just examples of spawn locations; there are many all across Runescape.

Outside Puro-Puro, hunters can bank their nets and just catch implings with their bare hands. You receive the loot directly, but no impling in a jar. Jagex states higher agility will make barehanded catching easier. You receive the same "outside of Puro-puro" exp as if you'd caught them in a net.

As well as these outside spawns, there is a Dungeoneering Resource dungeon within Runescape that has Impling spawns inside of it. For more details on this dungeon, check the Resource Dungeon guide.

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Elnock's Exchange

As mentioned earlier, you can purchase helpful equipment from Elnock in the middle of Puro-Puro. To do this you must catch specific implings and trade them with him. You can mouse over Elnock's trade screen in the game to see the imp names. They have also been provided in the table below, along with a description of each equipment item. Note: When Elnock takes the implings he will take the jars too, so make sure you have extras or a jar generator if you plan on catching more implings. There's also an option to buy empty impling jars from his shop. Click the 'Go to shop' button and Elnock will have 10 jars you can purchase.

Impling Exchange New
Elnock's Exchange
Name Cost (in Implings) Uses
Imp Repellent 3 Baby,
2 Young,
1 Gourmet
Keeps the Imp Defenders from stealing your full impling jars. You only need one; just carry it in your pack.
Magic Butterfly Net 3 Gourmet,
2 Earth,
1 Essence
Makes it easier to catch butterflies and implings.
Jar Generator 3 Essence,
2 Eclectic,
1 Nature
Allows you to create butterfly and impling jars.
Impling Jar x3 1 impling, takes the lowest in your pack Used for storing captured implings. You will give him one jar and he will give you 3, for a net gain of 2 jars.

If you only use the jar generator to create impling jars (it can also make butterfly jars), it will make 33 impling jars before needing a recharge. A recharge is the same price as a new one, and you can only have one generator at a time.

Mourning's Ends part 1 quest) and use it on the anchovy paste while carrying an empty vial in your pack. Add some flowers to the vial of anchovy oil (farmed flowers or mithril seed flowers are fine.) Now you have imp repellent. Use the repellent on the Rimmington Chemist's lamp oil still. Then use a butterfly jar on the still to make it into an impling jar. All that for one jar!

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Looting Implings

Once you have caught an impling you can loot it to receive the reward. As stated above, it is possible to accidentally break jars while looting them. (Note: The time for implings to respawn varies based on many factors, much like monster respawns, so all times given are approximate.) For more information on the impling drops, check out their Bestiary entries (which are linked in the above tables).

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If you want to focus on the rarer implings in Puro-Puro, you may want to bring something to do, such as alching, while waiting for them to respawn. You may also want alching runes anyway to alch the loot that is not worth keeping.

If your Hunter level is not very high, and you spot one of the rarer implings (magpie, ninja, dragon, zombie or kingly) out in the Runescape world, you can message a higher level player with the information. Carefully follow the impling as it flits around until your friend arrives. Hopefully your friend will share the loot!

You can use the Bind, Snare or Entangle spells on implings to keep them in place so they are easier to catch, as long as you have the impling targeted. Failing to cast the spell will lead to the impling attacking you, but you will not be able to fight the impling.

For magic log drops, bring a tinderbox or a knife and alching runes. You can get firemaking xp, or fletching xp plus a little cash.

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In summary, this actvity is very enjoyable as well as profitable. Even the experience for hunting them is quite significant.

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