Invention Guide


Invention is the first of Jagex's planned elite skills. Elite skills require level 80 in certain other skills before one can start them. In particular, one requires 80 Crafting, Divination, and Smithing to begin Invention training. In addition, the experience curve is flatter and not exponential as with regular skills. This means a more uniform progression in the skill levels and unlocks, as compared with regular skills where, for example, level 92 is halfway to 99.

To train Invention, assuming the requirements are met, head to Doc's workshop just northwest of Falador lodestone (east of the borehole leading to Vorago). Speak to Doc to begin the Invention tutorial, which will teach you the basics. You will learn to construct an Augmentor, augment your very first fragrant weapon, and be given the tools you will need to progress in the skill, including the Charge pack.

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Invention Experience Curve

Unlike the skills before it, Invention was designated as an Elite skill. This means that:

  • Invention follows a different skill experience curve, as outlined below.
  • Most lamps and stars from Treasure Hunter and other sources grant half experience in Invention as they do for other skills.

The skill can be trained up to level 120, like Dungeoneering, and virtual levels continue up to 150. A table of experience for each level is below.

Level XP Diff Level XP Diff Level XP Diff
1 0 0 51 2,283,490 182.6K 101 39,270,442 1.7M
2 830 830 52 2,476,369 192.9K 102 40,978,509 1.7M
3 1,861 1K 53 2,679,917 203.6K 103 42,733,789 1.8M
4 2,902 1K 54 2,894,505 114.6K 104 44,537,107 1.8M
5 3,980 1.1K 55 3,120,508 226K 105 46,389,292 1.9M
6 5,126 1.1K 56 3,358,307 237.8K 106 48,291,180 1.9M
7 6,380 1.3K 57 3,608,290 250K 107 50,243,611 2M
8 7,787 1.4K 58 3,870,846 262.6K 108 52,247,435 2M
9 9,400 1.6K 59 4,146,374 275.5K 109 54,303,504 2.1M
10 11,275 1.9K 60 4,435,275 289.9K 110 56,412,678 2.1M
11 13,605 2.3K 61 4,758,122 322.8K 111 58,575,824 2.2M
12 16,372 2.8K 62 5,096,111 338K 112 60,793,812 2.2M
13 19,656 3.3K 63 5,449,685 353.6K 113 63,067,421 2.3M
14 23,546 3.9K 64 5,819,299 369.6K 114 65,397,835 2.3M
15 28,134 4.6K 65 6,205,407 386.1K 115 67,785,643 2.4M
16 33,520 5.4K 66 6,608,473 403.1K 116 70,231,841 2.4M
17 39,809 6.3K 67 7,028,964 420.5K 117 72,737,330 2.5M
18 47,109 7.3K 68 7,467,354 439.4K 118 75,303,019 2.6M
19 55,535 8.4K 69 7,924,122 456.8K 119 77,929,820 2.6M
20 65,209 9.7K 70 8,399,751 475.6K 120 80,618,654 2.7M
21 77,190 12K 71 8,925,664 525.9K 121 83,370,445 2.8M
22 90,811 13.6K 72 9,472,665 547K 122 86,186,124 2.8M
23 106,221 15.4K 73 10,041,285 568.6K 123 89,066,630 2.9M
24 123,573 17.4K 74 10,632,061 590.8K 124 92,012,904 2.9M
25 143,025 19.6K 75 11,245,538 613.5K 125 95,025,896 3M
26 164,742 21.7K 76 11,882,262 636.7K 126 98,106,559 3.1M
27 188,893 24.2K 77 12,542,789 660.5k 127 101,255,855 3.1M
28 215,651 26.8K 78 13,227,679 684.9K 128 104,474,750 3.2M
29 245,196 29.6K 79 13,937,496 709.8K 129 107,764,216 3.3M
30 277,713 32.5K 80 14,672,812 734.3K 130 111,125,230 3.4M
31 316,311 39.6K 81 15,478,994 806.1K 131 114,558,777 3.4M
32 358,547 42.2K 82 16,313,404 834.4K 132 118,065,845 3.5M
33 404,634 46.13K 83 17,176,661 863.3K 133 121,647,430 3.6M
34 454,796 50.2K 84 18,069,395 892.7K 134 125,304,532 3.7M
35 509,259 54.5K 85 18,992,239 922.8K 135 129,038,159 3.7M
36 568,254 60K 86 19,945,833 953.6K 136 132,849,323 3.8M
37 632,019 63.8K 87 20,930,821 985K 137 136,739,041 3.9M
38 700,797 68.7K 88 21,947,856 1M 138 140,708,338 4M
39 774,834 74K 89 22,997,593 1M 139 144,758,242 4M
40 854,383 79.5K 90 24,080,695 1.1M 140 148,889,790 4.1M
41 946,227 91.8K 91 25,259,906 1.2M 141 153,104,020 4.2M
42 1,044,569 98.3K 92 26,475,754 1.2M 142 157,401,983 4.3M
43 1,149,696 105.1K 93 27,728,955 1.3M 143 161,784,728 4.4M
44 1,261,903 112.8K 94 29,020,233 1.3M 144 166,253,312 4.5M
45 1,381,488 119.6K 95 30,350,318 1.3M 145 170,808,801 4.6M
46 1,508,756 127.3K 96 31,719,944 1.4M 146 175,452,262 4.6M
47 1,644,015 135.3K 97 33,129,852 1.4M 147 180,184,770 4.7M
48 1,787,581 143.6K 98 34,580,790 1.5M 148 185,007,406 4.8M
49 1,939,773 152.2K 99 36,073,511 1.5M 149 189,921,255 4.9M
50 2,100,917 161.1K 100 37,608,773 1.5M 150 194,927,409 5M
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Disassembly & Inspiration

One main currency involved in the Invention skill is inspiration. Inspiration can be awarded from levelling up the Invention skill, at random times whilst levelling other skills, or occasionally by disassembling an augmented weapon back into parts, destroying it in the process. Inspiration is used to discover and unlock new content within the skill - for example, the ability to to hold more charge in your charge pack, as seen in the tutorial.

The amount of inspiration you receive is not unlimited, so be sure to prioritize upgrades that are important for you, and build them with 'perfect' optimisation. For example, unlocking the ability level equipment up to higher levels, increasing the size of the charge pack, and decreasing your charge drain rate are generally regarded as wise investments. To begin a project, click the left-hand side of the workshop bench, where it will say "Manufacture Inventor's Bench." You can then start a project from the list of available ones on the left-hand side of the interface that opens up.


For the first stage, you need to put components in the modules and click to confirm when ready. These appear to be completely random and have no bearing on the actual result. One can expect things to fail several times. Simply continue adding components that are not crossed off until you are successful.

The next part involves a bit more strategy. You are given the five modules that proved successful and asked to arrange them in five positions. Depending on which positions you choose, the inspiration cost can be lessened. The hint text at the bottom will give categories which are, in decreasing cost order: poor, satisfactory, good, excellent, and perfect. Ideally, one should always aim for perfect to conserve inspiration.

There are 120 different combinations and only one perfect one among them, so brute force is generally an ineffectual method here. Instead, to find the perfect combination efficiently, it is best to "swap" pairs and solve the puzzle one piece at a time, much in the same way as a Treasure Trail sliding clue. To solve it, do the following, noting the diagram below:

  1. Start by noting (mentally or on paper) the result of your initial try. Swap 1 with 2, note the result, and swap them back. Repeat this for 1 and 3, 1 and 4, and 1 and 5.
  2. If one of those 5 numbers is the lowest, you have likely found the right match for piece #1 and can leave it alone. If there was a tie, you may have to come back to it later.
  3. Now, note the current inspiration cost, and swap 2 with 3, swap back, and then 2 and 4 and 2 and 5 in the same way.
  4. If one of those 4 numbers is lowest, you have likely found the right match for piece #2 and can move on to 3. If not, you may have to come back later.
  5. Perform the same process for #3, swapping it with 4 and then with 5 to see what is lowest.
  6. If one of those three numbers (the original, swap with 4, or the swap with 5) is lowest and unique, you have found the right piece for 3. If not, you may have to repeat it later.
  7. Check the result and swap 4 with 5. If one of those gives you a 'perfect' cost, congratulations, you are done! If not, you will need to repeat the process again but you will eventually succeed.

This is illustrated in the picture below as well - components to be swapped are highlighted in green, and highlighted in red to indicate swapping back.The general idea is to swap out for each component, find the best match, and then move on.


When you are finished/satisfied with the inspiration cost, click the "Invent" button, confirm, and you will unlock the invention along with receiving a small amount of Invention experience. Note if you interrupt the process or click away from the bench, you will have to start all over.


Beyond discovering new devices, there is also the matter of materials with which to build them. To obtain materials, one must break down items into certain components, and then build with them. There are many different types of components. Some are common, others are uncommon, and still others are rare or special and require breaking down expensive items or gear to obtain. It is worth noting that if you are just starting out, there is no need to break down rare items to train. Relatively commonplace items can be used to acquire most of the parts you will need to train. In fact, some rarer parts require higher levels to use (but not obtain).

Virtually every item that is able to be alchemized can be disassembled. Drag it to the icon below to start disassembling. Noted items can also be disassembled in batches of 60, although this will not be instant and will take around 72 seconds to complete. Be warned that you will not receive a warning even for some moderately expensive items. If you realize that you have accidentally dragged an item that you do not wish to disassemble to the pouch, spamclick somewhere in the screen area. This should interrupt the action and may well save your item if you are quick enough. Note that experience gained from disassembly is nominal and the main bulk of experience comes from siphoning or disassembling augmented items, as well as researching blueprints.

InventionInventoryDisassemblyIcon InventionDisassemblyProgressMenu

There is a catch, though - lower level items can have quite a high junk chance. For example, an item like shrimps will nearly always disassemble into junk, whilst a higher level fish like shark has a quite reasonable chance to produce worthwhile components. The lower the junk chance, the more non-junk components one will receive. To check what components an item can potentially disassemble into, use the Analyse ability under the skilling section of your spellbook, marked in green. Red is disassemble; do not confuse them!


Then, click the item on your inventory that you wish to check. For example, you might want to check shrimps and shark:

InventionJunkChanceShrimps InventionJunkChanceShark

Junk is not particularly useful in Invention, and one can anticipate to accumulate much of it from disassembling. This creates a bit of an optimisation issue - one has a choice between waiting longer to disassemble more cheap items, or waiting perhaps a shorter period of time to obtain the same amount of components from a higher level resource. Generally there is plenty of room for compromise in between as well. It is also important to note that some items disassemble into multiple components. Both the shrimp and shark above give only one component, but a ruby ring gives 5. These costs should be considered before making an investment in making or buying items to with the intention of obtaining specific parts.

You can see the current parts you have by clicking the invention pouch button, which is the leftmost button located at the bottom of your inventory tab, with the money and bond pouches. Parts are grouped into categories and sorted alphabetically automatically. The name of a component can be seen by hovering over its image in the pouch.

Pic Part Source(s)
InventionBaseParts Base Bolts, weapons with hilts, shields
InventionBladeParts Blade Stabbing, slashing, and thrown weapons
InventionClearParts Clear Gems, glass
InventionConnectorParts Connector Claws, whips, crossbows, hatchets, jewellery
InventionCoverParts Cover Armour, shields, clothing
InventionCraftedParts Crafted Summoning scrolls/pouches, spears, arrows, 2H c'bows, potions, bars, planks, leather
InventionCrystalParts Cyrstal Harmonic dust, non-attuned crystal items
InventionDeflectingParts Deflecting Hybrid/melee/magic armour, shields, defenders, halberds
InventionDelicateParts Delicate Orbs and books, jewellery, potions, glass, gems
InventionFlexibleParts Flexible Whips, bows, Summoning potions
InventionHeadParts Head Hatchets, battleaxes, blunt weapons, pickaxes, wands, ammunition
InventionMagicParts Magic Runes, signs and portents, magic weapons, magic armour
InventionMetallicParts Metallic Swords, knives
InventionOrganicParts Organic Seeds, bones, ashes, food, herbs, potions
InventionPaddedParts Padded Ranged armor, clothing, staves
InventionPlatedParts Plated Mauls, thrown axes, melee armour
InventionSimpleParts Simple Ores, logs, hides, bars, planks, leather, basic weapons, and clothing
InventionSmoothParts Smooth Glass, gems, jewellery, orbs and books, warhammers, maces, battleaxes
InventionSpikedParts Spiked Daggers, claws, one-handed crossbows, thrown weapons, bolts
InventionSpiritualParts Spiritual Summoning charms, scrolls, and pouches
InventionStaveParts Stave Arrows, staves, spears, halberds, bows
InventionTensileParts Tensile Bows, crossbows, ranged armour
Pic Part Source(s)
InventionDextrousParts Dextrous Swords, longswords, maces, bows, crossbows
InventionDirectParts Direct Spears, battleaxes, pickaxes
InventionEnhancingParts Enhancing Orbs and books, potions, glass, jewllery, food, herbs
InventionEtherealParts Ethereal Signs and portents, orbs and books, ashes
InventionEvasiveParts Evasive Ranged armour, hybrid armour
InventionHealthyParts Healthy Food, herbs, potions
InventionHeavyParts Heavy Mauls, warhammers, maces, pickaxes
InventionImbuedParts Imbued Wands, staves
InventionLightParts Light Gems, daggers
InventionLivingParts Living Food, herbs, seeds, logs, hides
InventionPiousParts Pious Bones, ashes
InventionPowerfulParts Powerful Staves, magic/hybrid armour, Summoning pouches and scrolls, runes
InventionPreciousParts Precious Jewllery, gems
InventionPreciseParts Precise Stabbing weapons, bows, arrows, wands
InventionProtectiveComponents Protective Armour and shields
InventionRefinedParts Refined components Can be refined out of junk, once the ability is researched.
InventionSharpParts Sharp Slashing weapons, thrown weapons
InventionStrongParts Strong Melee armour, shields, hatchets, two-handed swords, warhammers, mauls, shieldbows
InventionStunningParts Stunning Crossbows, bolts, halberds
InventionSubtleParts Subtle Defenders, scimitars, whips
InventionSwiftParts Swift Claws, knives, thrown weapons
InventionVariableComponents Variable Miscellaneous items
Pic Name Level
InventionAncientComp Ancient 83 Third-age equipment
InventionArmadylComp Armadyl 74 Armadyl armour, warpriest
InventionAscendedComp Ascended 99 Ascension crossbows
InventionAvernicComp Avernic 89 Zaros armor and other Twin Furies drops
InventionBandosComp Bandos 74 Bandos armour, warpriest
InventionBrassicanComp Brassican 54 Cabbage
InventionClockworkComp Clockwork 55 Clockwork construction items
InventionCorporealComp Corporeal 40 Spirit shields & sigils
InventionCulinaryComp Culinary 45 Culiomancer's gloves, other cooking related items
InventionCywirComp Cywir 89 Seren armour & other drops from Helwyr
InventionDragonfireComp Dragonfire 49 Dragonfire shields, royal c'bow, upgraded Glacor boots
InventionExplosiveComp Explosive 49 Hand cannons
InventionFacetedComp Faceted 55 Gems, crystal items
InventionFortunateComp Fortunate 54 Assorted god Treasure Trail items
InventionFungalComp Fungal 54 Ganodermic armour, polypore staff
InventionHarnessedComp Harnessed 45 Elemental armour
InventionIlujankanComp Ilujankan 89 Zaros armour, other drops from Vindicta & Gorvek
InventionKnightlyComp Knightly 34 Black/White Knight items
InventionNoxiousComp Noxious 99 Noxious weaponry
InventionOceanicComp Oceanic 87 Seasinger weapons, armour
InventionPestiferousComp Pestiferous 40 Void Knight equipment
InventionResillientComp Resilient 87 Tetsu weapons, armour
InventionRumblingComp Rumbling 99 Level 90 armour, weapons
InventionSaradominComp Saradomin 74 Saradomin amulets, warpriest
InventionSerenComp Seren 83 Crystal weaponry
InventionShadowComp Shadow 89 Sliske armour, other drops from Sliske
InventionShiftingComp Shifting 69 Chaotic weaponry, shields
InventionSilentComp Silent 87 Death lotus armour, darts
InventionUndeadComp Undead 54 Barrows gear; malevolent armour
InventionZamorakComp Zamorak 74 Subjugation armour, warpriest
InventionZarosComp Zaros 83 Nex armour, weapons
Pic Name Source(s)
InventionJunkComp Junk There is a chance of obtaining junk from most items.
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Augmenting and Levelling Combat Equipment

Once you have disassembled some items, it is time to put the components to work. Recall that in the tutorial, you augmented a flowers and attached a gizmo that barred you from using prayers due to a perk on them. To train Invention at any reasonable pace, you will need to augment weapons and level them up by using them in combat, followed by either taking them apart or siphoning off their experience. Disassembling them will destroy the weapon permanently and there is no way to get it back. Therefore, it is not recommended to augment an expensive weapon unless you plan to siphon repeatedly. It is also worth noting that the tool to do this, the Equipment siphon, is unlocked at level 27, so it may be more worthwhile to disassemble a couple cheap weapons to get there, for example a black salamander. Alternatively, one can purchase a siphon from another player or through the Grand Exchange.


Only a few higher level weapons, as well as body and leg armor, can be augmented. As a general rule, most equipment above level 70 can potentially be augmented. There is currently no safe way to un-augment gear, so be aware that this is irreversible before augmenting anything. In the interest of controlling cost, weapons such as Black salamanders, Balmung, Korasi's sword, and Enhanced excalibur can be used. The ability to augment body armor is unlocked at level 16, and leg armor at 45.

When augmenting equipment, they will begin to use charges from your charge pack. The amount of charge consumed depends heavily on the tier of the equipment. For example, an augmented noxious staff will drain far more charge than an augmented staff of light, and Sirenic armour more than Pernix which will drain more than Armadyl. There is somewhat of a silver lining though, in that augmented items no longer incur the traditional degradation cost. There is no need to repair augmented gear in the usual Bob/PoH way, just the cost of divine charges to replenish your energy. Players considering augmenting high level equipment should check the current cost of making or buying charges and choose what is suitable for them.

In addition, dying with augmented equipment will incur a penalty equal to two hours' worth of charge if the item is not protected. This means that in the event of death and a successful run back to one's gravestone, the player may wish to prioritize the augmented weapon as a protected item by clicking it in the reclaim interface. Note that this strategy is only really viable when not carrying many degradable items.

It is possible to unaugment an item by using an Augmentation dissolver on it. If the original weapon was degradable, i.e. Ascension crossbow, you will have your item returned in its broken state and have to repair it again before being able to use it.

Siphoning and Disassembling

The bulk of Invention experience is earned from siphoning or disassembling your equipment. Disassembling it permanently destroys it, but may return any gizmos installed on it, depending on the level. Another option is siphoning your equipment using either an Equipment siphon or Crystal tool siphon. Siphoning gives less experience, but allows you to keep your item, resetting its item experience to zero. The amount of Invention experience from siphoning is equivalent to the amount received from disassembling the same item two item levels lower.

The amount of experience also depends on the tier of the augmented item. Higher level items consume divine charge at a faster rate, and yield more experience when siphoned or disassembled than their lower level counterparts. Regular tools are automatically counted as tier 60, and crystal tools are tier 70. However, by using a Crystal tool siphon on them, the experience gained can be boosted to that of a tier 90 item. Tables for experience given from siphoning or disassembling various tiers of items are below. Note that there is no experience granted for siphoning an item below item level 3. It is recommended to train an item to level 10 if disassembling or to level 12 if siphoning.

Level Disassemble XP Siphon XP
2 6,300 -
3 18,900 -
4 37,800 6,300
5 75,600 18,900
6 100,800 37,800
7 138,600 75,600
8 189,000 100,800
9 264,600 138,600
10 378,000 189,000
11 264,600
12 378,000
Level Disassemble XP Siphon XP
2 7,650 -
3 22,950 -
4 45,900 7,650
5 91,800 22,950
6 122,400 45,900
7 168,300 91,800
8 229,500 122,400
9 321,300 168,300
10 459,000 229,500
11 321,300
12 459,000
Level Disassemble XP Siphon XP
2 8,325 -
3 24,975 -
4 49,950 8,325
5 99,900 24,975
6 133,200 49,950
7 183,150 99,900
8 249,750 133,200
9 349,650 183,150
10 499,500 249,750
11 349,650
12 499,500
Level Disassemble XP Siphon XP
2 9,000 -
3 27,000 -
4 54,000 9,000
5 108,000 27,000
6 144,000 54,000
7 198,000 108,000
8 270,000 144,000
9 378,000 198,000
10 540,000 270,000
11 378,000
12 540,000
Level Disassemble XP Siphon XP
2 9,675 -
3 29,025 -
4 58,050 9,675
5 116,100 29,025
6 154,800 58,050
7 212,850 116,100
8 290,250 154,800
9 406,350 212,850
10 580,500 290,250
11 406,350
12 580,500
Level Disassemble XP Siphon XP
2 10,350 -
3 31,050 -
4 62,100 10,350
5 124,200 31,050
6 165,600 62,100
7 227,700 124,200
8 310,500 165,600
9 434,700 227,700
10 621,000 310,500
11 434,700
12 621,000

Disassembling at higher item levels also conveys further benefits, increasing with the level of the item, as explained in the table below.

Level Experience Benefits
1 - -
2 1,160 50% chance to recover installed gizmos.
3 2,607 You will receive 2x materials.
4 5,176 You will not receive any junk material upon disassembly.
5 8,285 The item drains 10% less charge.
6 11,760 You will receive 3x materials.
7 15,835 You will receive an extra uncommon material.
8 21,152 Disassembling will return all installed gizmos.
9 28,761 You will receive 4x materials.
10 40,120 You will gain some inspiration, and disassembly gives the maximum possible XP.
11 57,095 -
12 81,960 Siphoning gives the maximum possible XP.
13 117,397 Siphoning at this level has a 50% chance to not consume the siphon.
14 166,496 The item drains 12.5% less charge.
15 232,755 The item can be used with an equipment separator.
16 320,080 Siphoning will not consume the siphon.
17 432,785 Using the equipment separator has a 25% chance to not consume it.
18 575,592 The item drains 15% less charge.
19 753,631 Using the equipment separator has a 50% chance to not consume it.
20 972,440 Helpful perks trigger 10% more often.

The maximum item XP that an item can have is 1,000,000.

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Skilling equipment and Invention

Invention can also be trained through various skilling activities. Similar to weaponry or armour, an Augmentor can be used on various skilling tools like fishing rod, hatches, and pickaxes to upgrade them into augmented versions. While wielding these and skilling as usual, they will accumulate item experience just like weapons or armour, and can then be siphoned or disassembled. A list of such items follows below.

Pic Name Notes
Fishing rod-o-matic Fishing rod-o-matic Used to train fishing and gain Invention experience.
Augmented crystal fishing rod Augmented crystal fishing rod Conveys the benefits of the crystal fishing rod and can be used to gain Invention experience.
Augmented dragon hatchet Augmented dragon hatchet
Augmented crystal hatchet Augmented crystal hatchet Higher level version of augmented dragon hatchet, slightly more experience.
Augmented dragon pickaxe Augmented dragon pickaxe
Augmented crystal pickaxe Augmented crystal pickaxe Higher level version of augmented dragon pickaxe, slightly more experience.
Pyro-matic Pyro-matic Used to gain Invention experience while training Firemaking.
Augmented crystal tinderbox Augmented crystal tinderbox Used to gain Invention experience while training Firemaking, with the benefits of a Crystal tinderbox.
Hammer-tron Hammer-tron Used to gain Invention experience while training Smithing.
Augmented crystal hammer Augmented crystal hammer Used to gain Invention experience while training Smithing, with the benefits of a Crystal hammer.
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Of course, augmenting a weapon isn't all you can do. By crafting a Weapon gizmo shell and tacking on parts, one can create a gizmo and attach it to a weapon for various perks. Several perks reduce energy cost of using augmented equipment, but other than that they have no bearing on the drain rate. Most perks are small enough that they do not make too much difference for powertraining Invention on weaker mobs. However, some of them can be quite useful for bossing situations, i.e. 7% extra damage to dragons (inclusive of the Queen Black Dragon) or demons (inclusive of K'ril Tsutsaroth) or the Genocidal perk for Slayer, which boosts damage as one progresses further into a task. Some combinations can be potent as well, for example Clear Headed 2-3 & Reflexes, to allow Anticipation to be used much more frequently at the cost of shorter duration and no damage reduction. Some perks have ranks, meaning that a higher rank in said perk will compound the effect, listed as "per rank" - they stack up additively. A full list of perks can be found below.

Perk Max rank Description
Absorbative 3 Grants a 20% chance per rank to reduce the damage of an incoming attack by 5% per rank.
Aftershock 3 After dealing 50,000 damage, you create an explosion centered on your current target, dealing up to 40% per rank weapon damage to nearby enemies. The counter resets if you switch weapons.
Antitheism - Denies access to protect prayers and deflect curses
Biting 3 +2% chance per rank for critical hits.
Blunted 5 Reduces the weapon's damage by 1% per rank.
Brief Respite 3 Reduces cooldown for the abilities Guthix's Blessing and Rejuvenate by 5% per rank, and total healing by 1% of max lifepoints per rank.
Brassican - Always sometimes cabbages.
Breakdown 5 Has a 20% chance per rank of automatically disassembling items produced.
Bulwark 3 Debilitate deals no damage but gains up to 6% longer duration per rank (based on level of shield used).
Butterfingers 5 Has a 3% chance per rank of dropping the resource you have just gathered.
Caroming 3 Causes the abilities Chain and Ricochet to hit up to 1 additional target per rank.
Cautious - You cannot auto-retaliate when this perk is equipped.
Charitable 3 Has a 1% chance per rank of putting an extra item by other players after successfully gathering a resource.
Cheapskate 3 Has a 1% chance of transmuting a gathered resource to a lower tier.
Clear headed 3 Lengthens the stun immunity of Anticipation by one second per rank, but completely removes the damage reduction. This is best accompanied by Reflexes, which makes it an 8 second immunity when paired with Clear headed 3.
Confused 3 Has a 1% chance per rank of teleporting you randomly after successfully gathering a resource.
Committed - You are always skulled while equipping an item with this gizmo.
Crackling 3 Peroidically zaps your target for 50% per rank of your weapon's damage (10% per rank in PvP).
Crystal Shield 3 Has a 10% chance to activate on taking damage, and lasts 10 seconds. During this period, 5% of damage taken is totaled, becoming temporary lifepoints. This extra health lasts either 30 seconds or until it is depleted through further damage.
Demon Bait 1 Deal 30% less damage to demons.
Demon Slayer - Deal an additional 7% damage to demons.
Devoted 3 Grants a 3% chance on being hit that protection prayers will work at 100% for 3 seconds.
Dragon Bait - Deal 30% less damage to dragons.
Dragon Slayer - Deal an additional 7% damage to dragons.
Efficient 3 Charge drain for an item with this gizmo is reduced by 6% per rank.
Energising 3 The abilities Slice, Piercing Shot, and Wrack deal 20% less damage, but grant an additional 0.6% adrenaline per rank.
Enhanced Devoted 3 Grants 4.5% chance per rank that being hit will cause protection prayers to work at 100% (75% in PvP) for 3 seconds. This does not stack with the Devoted perk, and it will take up two slots in a gizmo.
Enhance Efficient 3 Charge drain for an item with this gizmo is reduced by 9% per rank. This does not stack with efficient and will take up both slots in a gizmo.
Enlightened 3 Grants +3% item experience per rank for the item the gizmo is on.
Equilibrium 3 Increases minimum hit by 3% per rank and decreases maximum hit by 1% rank. Does not stack with Equilibrium aura; aura takes precedence.
Fatiguing 3 Gain 2% less adrenaline per rank from all attacks.
Flanking 3 Backhand, Impact, and Binding Shot no longer stun and deal 40% more damage per rank to targets that are not facing you. Forceful Backhand, Deep Impact, and Tight Bindings no longer stun and do 15% more damage to targets that are not facing you.
Furnace 3 Has a 5% chance per rank of consuming a gathered resource for an extra 100% experience.
Genocidal 1 Boosts your damage while on a Slayer task progressively more as you are further into the task, up to 7% maximum.
Glow worm - Provides a light source, equivalent to a Bullseye lantern.
Hallucinogenic - Causes you to see strange things...
Hoarding 1 Protect Item protects two items instead of one (does not apply in PvP areas).
Honed 5 Has a 2% chance per rank higher chance of gathering items.
Impatient 3 Has a 9% chance per rank to grant an additional 3% adrenaline to basic abilities, for a total of 11% rather than the normal 8%.
Imp Souled 5 Has a 3% chance per rank on successful gathering to send gathered resources to the bank at the cost of 30 prayer points.
Inaccurate 5 Reduces the weapon's accuracy by 1% per rank.
Invigorating 3 Boost adrenaline gained from auto-attacks by 10% per rank.
Junk Food 3 Food gives 3% less health per rank.
Looting - Most enemies have a 25% chance to drop an additional high-level resource. This has a 5-minute cooldown.
Lucky 5 Grants a 0.5% chance per rank that the damage dealt from an incoming attack will be reduced to 1. This does not stack with the equivalent Warpriest effect.
Lunging 3 Increases the base ability damage of the abilities Combust, Dismember, and Fragmentation by 20% per rank, but enemies that move will only take 1.5x damage.
Mediocrity 3 Reduces maximum hit by 3% per rank.
Mobile - Reduces cooldown of Surge, Escape, Bladed Dive, and Barge by 50%, but these abilities will no longer grant adrenaline.
Mysterious 5 Has a mysterious effect...
Polishing 3 Has a 3% chance per rank of transmuting a resource to a higher tier.
Planted Feet - The duration of Sunshine and Death's Swiftness are increased by 25%, but they no longer deal their periodic damage-over-time effect to your target.
Precise 5 Increases your maximum damage by 1.5% per rank of your maximum damage.
Preparation 3 Preparation's duration and cooldown are increased by 15% per rank.
Profane - Prevents you from consuming prayer potions.
Prosper - Allows you to find clue scrolls whilst skilling.
Pyromaniac 5 Has a 0.1% chance per rank of burning all logs of the same type from your inventory.
Rapid 3 Has a 5% chance per rank to carry out work at a faster pace.
Refined 3 Has a 5% chance per rank of preventing a resource from depleting when gathering.
Reflexes - Halves the cooldown and duration of anticipation. This is best accompanied by Clear headed.
Scavenging 3 Grants a 1% chance per rank to obtain an uncommon Invention component as a drop from combat (with a 1% chance therein that it will be a rare component instead).
Shield Bashing 3 Debilitate's damage is increased by 15% per rank.
Spendthrift 5 Grants a 1% chance per rank to deal 1% extra damage per rank, at the cost of 1 gold coin per extra damage dealt. Only takes from coins in your inventory, not money pouch.
Talking - Gives your gear more personality (cosmetic perk only).
Taunting - Provoke enemies in a 5x5 square around its target, causing those that are already in combat to attack you.
Tinker 3 Has a 5% chance per rank to carry out higher quality work, awarding 25% extra experience.
Trophy-taker's 5 Grants a 3% chance per rank that a slain creature will add zero kills to its Slayer assignment and a 2% chance that it will add two kills.
Turtling 3 The ability Barricade has its duration and cooldown both increased by 10% per rank.
Ultimatums 3 Reduces the adrenaline cost of Overpower, Frenzy, and Unload by 5% per rank. Does not stack with other ultimate adrenaline saving effects.
Undead Bait - Deal 30% less damage to undead monsters.
Undead Slayer - Deal 7% more damage to undead monsters.
Venomblood - Negates regular poison damage while equipped.
Wise 3 While equipped, you earn +1% additional experience (per rank) up to a cap of 50,000 experience per day.
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Devices & Improvements

Along the way levelling your Invention, you will unlock the ability to research various devices used in the skill, along with other passive improvements. See the table below for a list.

Name Level Inspiration
Notes Ingredients
Charge Pack 1 10 The lifeblood of your Invention tool kit, this item supplies charges. 100 x Simple parts
100 x Cover parts
Augmentor 2 10 Used to augment weapons (and later, gear). This is a consumable. 45 x Base parts
45 x Tensile parts
8 x Enhancing components
7 x Powerful components
Weapon gizmo shell 3 10 10 x Blade parts
5 x Crafted parts
2 x Strong components
Divine charge 4 40 Used to grant charge to power augmented equipment. Each divine charge grants 3,000 charge. 20 x Simple parts
Divine energy (various amounts)
Gizmo dissolver 8 40 Used to destroy a gizmo on a piece of augmented equipment. 1 x Vial
35 x Clear parts
35 x Organic parts
Augmentation dissolver 16 110 Allows removal of augmentation from a piece of equipment, leaving it in a broken state where applicable. 1 x Vial
35 x Delicate parts
35 x Cover parts
Augment (body) armour / Armour gizmo shell 16 110 Allows armour in the body slot to be augmented. 10 x Deflecting parts
5 x Crafted parts
2 x Protective components
Equipment dissolver 16 110 Allows destruction of a piece of equipment, retrieving any installed gizmos. 35 x Clear parts
35 x Organic parts
Gemstone golem outfit pieces 20 0 Can create a random gemstone golem outfit piece. Requires 80 mining to collect fragments. 3,600 fragments
Shark outfit pieces 20 0 Can create a random shark outfit piece. Requires 80 fishing to collect fragments. 3,600 fragments
Rune ethereal outfit pieces 20 0 Can create a random rune ethereal outfit piece. Requires 80 runecrafting to collect fragments. 3,600 fragments
Tool gizmo 22 150 Gizmos that can be used to add various effects to tools. 10 x Head parts
5 x Crafted parts
Fishing rod-o-matic 22 150 Can be constructed as a tool for fishing and gaining Invention experience. Researching this also allows one to augment a Crystal fishing rod. 1 x Fishing rod
80 x Flexible parts
60 x Base parts
6 x Dextrous components
4 x Swift components
Hammer-tron 22 150 A hammer for smithing and gaining Invention experience. Researching this also allows one to augment a Crystal hammer. 1 x Hammer
80 x Flexible parts
60 x Base parts
6 x Powerful components
4 x Subtle components
Pyro-matic 22 150 A tinderbox for firemaking and gaining Invention experience. Researching this also allows one to augment a Crystal tinderbox. 1 x Tinderbox
80 x Flexible parts
60 x Base parts
6 x Ethereal components
4 x Imbued components
Junk refiner 24 150 Turns junk into refined components. 1 x Rune bar
200 x Junk
50 x Crafted parts
Urn enhancer 24 150 Increases experience when teleporting urns. 500 x Soul rune
100 x Tensile parts
100 x Clear parts
10 x Subtle components
10 x Precise components
Soul-in-a-box 24 150 Distracts pickpocketing targets and lowers your chance to be caught. 500 x Soul rune
150 x Tensile parts
50 x Smooth parts
10 x Subtle components
10 x Pious components
Equipment siphon 27 200 Resets an augmented item's experience to zero, giving you Invention experience. 50 x Simple parts
5 x Dextrous components
5 x Precious components
Augmented leg armour 45 900 Allows one to augment leg armour. 10 x Deflecting parts
5 x Crafted parts
2 x Protective components
Sprinkler MK1 50 1,200 Placed in a flower patch and keeps adjacent vegetable patches watered. Also requires dwarven technology. 1 x Bucket of water
200 x Head parts
200 x Metallic parts
15 x Living components
Mining accumulator 50 1,200 Fills up with failed mining attempts in a manner opposite to urns, and can be teleported off when full. Also requires dwarven technology. 1 x Decorated mining urn (r)
40 x Base parts
20 x Spiritual parts
Heavy components
Woodcutting accumulator 50 1,200 Fills up with failed woodcutting attempts in a manner opposite to urns, and can be teleported off when full. Also requires dwarven technology. 1 x Decorated woodcutting urn (r)
40 x Base parts
20 x Spiritual parts
Sharp components
Mechanised chinchompa 50 1,200 Used as a level 75 area of affect Ranged weapon. 50 x Red chinchompa
65 x Plated parts
65 x Connector parts
5 x Living components
Crystal tool siphon 54 1,550 Siphons crystal tools yielding experience as if it were a tier 90 item. 50 x Clear parts
10 x Crystal parts
5 x Imbued components
B.A.N.K. Stander 60 1,325 Generates charge while standing in a bank area, then breaks down into Invention materials when fully charged. Also requires goblin technology. 1 x Adamant bar
10 x Refined components
Fishing accumulator 60 1,750 Fills up with failed fishing attempts in a manner opposite to urns, and can be teleported off when full. Also requires dwarven technology. 1 x Decorated fishing urn (r)
40 x Base parts
20 x Spiritual parts
Powerful components
Book switcher 60 1,325 Allows change of spellbook or prayers at a bank. Also requires dwarven technology. 1 x Adamant bar
15 x Magic parts
15 x Spiritual parts
Monkey mind-control helmet 60 1,325 Used in the acquisition as a monkey as a butler in your Player-owned House. Also requires goblin technology. 1 x Monkey talisman
420 x Head parts
25 x Crystal parts
50 x Living components
Calorie bomb 60 1,325 Thrown as an area-of-effect healing tool. Also requires dwarven technology. 1 x Empty pot
75 x Cover parts
25 x Organic parts
Dungeoneering Party Simulator 70 1,725 Increases amount of experience gained for a floor in a party of 4 or fewer. Also requires goblin technology. 250 x Dungeoneering token
25 x Connector parts
25 x Padded parts
Evasive components
Auto-sanctifier 70 1,725 Increases the prayer experience of buried bones and scattered ashes. Also requires dwarven technology. 10 x Clean marrentill
80 x Spiritual parts
40 x Cover parts
Pious components
Electrified trap 70 1,725 Consumable version of a box trap with better catch rates. Also requires goblin technology. 1 x Box trap
30 x Connector parts
15 x Stave parts
Stunning components
Dungeoneering lock melter 70 1,725 Passes the requirement for any non-key door inside a dungeon. Also requires dwarven technology. 1 x Lockpick
50 x Smooth parts
30 x Tensile parts
2 x Ethereal components
Oldak coil 70 1,725 Magic variant of the multicannon that can hit small groups of targets at medium range. Also requires goblin technology. 1 x Rune bar
150 x Metallic parts
15 x Heavy components
15 x Imbued components
Kinetic cyclone 70 1,725 Melee variant of the multicannon that can hit small groups of targets at medium range. Also requires dwarven technology. 1 x Rune bar
150 x Plated parts
15 x Heavy components
15 x Sharp components
Pogo stick 91 6,000 Cosmetic item. 2 x Royal torsion spring
500 x Tensile parts
500 x Stave parts
100 x Swift components
Alchemical onyx 107 0 Used in making an alchemical onyx ring, which can then be enchanted into a Luck of the Dwarves ring. 1 x Onyx
50 x Fortunate components
50 x Refined components
10 x Precious components
Name Level Inspiration
Maximum charge improvement 1 22 150 Increases the maximum charge you can have in your charge pack/
Junk Chance Reduction 1 34 750 Reduces the chance of receiving junk from disassembling items.
Charge Drain Reduction 1 34 750 Reduces the rate charge is drained for Invention items.
Maximum Charge Improvement 2 40 900 Increases the maximum amount of charge you can have in your charge pack.
Junk Chance Reduction 2 49 900 Reduces the chance of receiving junk from disassembling items.
Charge Drain Reduction 2 49 900 Reduces the rate charge is drained for Invention items.
Junk Chance Reduction 3 64 1,750 Reduces the chance of receiving junk from disassembling items.
Charge Drain Reduction 3 64 1,750 Reduces the rate charge is drained for Invention items.
Maximum Charge Improvement 3 64 1,750 Increases the maximum amount of charge you can have in your charge pack.
Junk Chance Reduction 4 69 1,750 Reduces the chance of receiving junk from disassembling items.
Charge Drain Reduction 4 69 1,750 Reduces the rate charge is drained for Invention items.
Junk Chance Reduction 5 78 2,300 Reduces the chance of receiving junk from disassembling items.
Charge Drain Reduction 5 78 2,300 Reduces the rate charge is drained for Invention items.
Junk Chance Reduction 6 83 4,500 Reduces the chance of receiving junk from disassembling items.
Charge Drain Reduction 6 83 4,500 Reduces the rate charge is drained for Invention items.
Maximum Charge Improvement 4 87 4,500 Increases the maximum amount of charge you can have in your charge pack.
Junk Chance Reduction 7 91 6,000 Reduces the chance of receiving junk from disassembling items.
Charge Drain Reduction 7 91 6,000 Reduces the rate charge is drained for Invention items.
Junk Chance Reduction 8 95 6,000 Reduces the chance of receiving junk from disassembling items.
Maximum Charge Improvement 4 95 6,000 Increases the maximum amount of charge you can have in your charge pack.
Charge Drain Reduction 8 95 6,000 Reduces the rate charge is drained for Invention items.
Junk Chance Reduction 9 105 11,000 Reduces the chance of receiving junk from disassembling items.
Charge Drain Reduction 9 105 11,000 Reduces the rate charge is drained for Invention items.
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Along the way in your Invention skilling, you will unlock access to technology trees called specialisations. At level 40 you will have the choice between researching Cave Goblin Electricity (talk to Oldak in Dorgesh-Kaan labratory) or Dwarven Steam (talk to Drorkar in Keldagrim's Palace forge). Several components and inventions in the skill require one tree or the other. The tree not chosen can still be accessed later on, but you will have to pay a penalty of 100 currency to switch focus on it and gather currency for the non-focused tree more slowly, so choose wisely.

In order to unlock technologies, you will need currency with either the goblins or dwarves, as indicated in the table below. They come in tiers and you must purchase at least one piece of technology in one tier before unlocking anything in the next. You receive currency by completing tasks from the noticeboard by Oldak and Drorkar, respectively, for 10 points each. If you are currently focused on one tree, you will gain an additional 5 points for each task.

Tier Level Name Currency Cost
1 40 Pestiferous components 10
2 50 Mechanised chinchompa 25
Woodcutting accumulator 25
3 60 B.A.N.K. Stander 35
Monkey mind-control helmet 35
4 70 Dungeoneering party simulator 55
Electrified trap 55
Oldak coil 55
Tier Level Name Currency Cost
1 40 Corporeal components 10
2 50 Sprinkler MK1 25
Mining accumulator 25
3 60 Book switcher 35
Calorie bomb 35
4 70 Auto-sanctifier 55
Kinetic cyclone 55
Dungeoneering lock melter 55

Skill mastery and Beyond

Cape of Achievement

Once you have mastered the skill and reached level 99 you may want to buy an Invention cape from Doc in the Invention Worskhop north of Falador. If you already have another 99 skill, or obtain another one while wearing the cape (unless you have it keepsaked), it will become an Invention cape (t).

Please refer to the Achievement Capes guide for more details.

Invention cape (t)

True Invention Mastery

Achieving 99 is the ultimate goal for many players, however the skill does not stop there. For players wanting to show off their dedication to the skill it is possible to obtain "True Mastery" by obtaining 120 Invention which is 80,618,654 experience. The Invention master cape can then be purchased, also from Doc.

Invention master cape
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