Jadinko Lair

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The Jadinko Lair is located across the river to the east of Shilo Village. There are several different methods of getting to the other side of the river, including the agility shortcut to the east of Shilo Village (level 74 Agility) and the Gnome Glider to the north-east of the lair.

The lair features several varieties of Mutated jadinkos for those on Slayer tasks, or those hunting for the elusive Whip vine drop from the guards and males. For those who are more interested in non-combat skills, there are several other things to do within the Jadinko Lair. These activities focus around cutting down the vines of the Jade vine that hang down from the ceiling (level 83 Woodcutting), which is detailed in our Woodcutting guide. The Curly roots may be used for Firemaking on the dry spots of the lair. The other roots may be used in Fletching.

Slaying Mutated jadinkos, Woodcutting, and Firemaking in the lair will earn you favour points which can be exchanged at the offering table in the south-east corner of the Jadinko Lair for special fruits and/or seeds useful for Herblore habitat. All of the special fruits obtained from the offering table or dropped by the Mutated jadinkos will not provide benefits outside the lair, however you may change them to Common fruits by talking to Papa Mambo at the Herblore habitat.

In the south-west portion of the lair there is a rear entrance to the Jadinko Lair that you may cut open (level 40 Woodcutting) which leads to the south end of the Herblore habitat, next to a bank deposit box.

Jadinko Lair Mutated jadinko baby (Level 134) Mutated jadinko baby (Level 134) Mutated jadinko baby (Level 134) Mutated jadinko guard (Level 138) Mutated jadinko guard (Level 138) Mutated jadinko guard (Level 138) Mutated jadinko male (Level 144) Mutated jadinko male (Level 144) Mutated jadinko male (Level 144)

Dungeon Monsters:
Mutated jadinko baby: Level 134
Mutated jadinko guard: Level 138
Mutated jadinko male: Level 144

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