Jatizso Mine

By Celebi

The mine is located outside the west gate of Jatizso village. You can find lots of adamant and mithril rocks, but also a lot of ice trolls, so remember to keep looking at your life points! Access to this mine requires beginning The Fremennik Isles quest.

Rocks: 11 Tin, 10 Iron, 6 Coal, 16 Mithril, 11 Adamant.

Nearest Bank: Jatizso
Nearest Furnace: Neitiznot else Rellekka
Nearest Anvil: Jatizo

Jatizso mine
Key Tin Key Iron Key Coal Key Mithril Key Adamant

Dungeon Monsters
Ice Troll Runt: Level 74
Ice Troll Female: Level 82
Ice Troll Male: Level 82

Thanks to: Dead man zzz, The_FNP

RuneScape 2007
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