Conquering The Kalphite Queen

Skill Defence Logo This area has been rated as EXTREMELY HIGH-RISK. You should never attempt to fight the Kalphite Queen with items you are not willing to risk losing, and while in her chamber you should expect your death as a possibility at all times.
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The Kalphite Queen (level 200) has two forms, each using different protection prayers. In both forms she will attack with all three attack types of combat and can hit very high with all of them. She is a formidable opponent, so to fight her you will need to be well prepared. If you succeed in defeating both forms of the Kalphite Queen, the rewards for killing her can be well worth the fight. Also, there's a race chance to get her head! The Kalphite Queen head can be mounted as a trophy in your player-owned house using the Construction skill.

While fighting the Kalphite Queen, you will be in a multicombat area in which you will be attacked by her royal highness as well as level 104 Kalphite Guardians that have the ability to poison you.

It is possible to fight the Kalphite Queen on your own, but this requires very high levels and much greater risk (if you die no one will be there to bless or repair your gravestone). You are probably better off fighting the Kalphite Queen with a group of two (or more) high level players.



  • At least level 110+ combat with high defence
  • Full Veracs barrows armour (preferred) or high magic/range
  • Super sets or overloads, prayer potions/flasks, the best food you can use (see equipment below)
  • A summoning familiar such as a Beast of Burden or a high level combat familiar.

  • Preferably two level 100+ combat
  • Both characters with Full Veracs or high magic/range
  • Super sets or overloads, prayer potions/flasks, the best food you can use (see equipment below)
  • A summoning familiar such as a Beast of Burden or a high level combat familiar.
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Preparing for Battle

In order to fight the Kalphite Queen, you will need to decide whether you are going to take a group or go it alone. If you fight the Queen by yourself you get to keep all the rewards, but also have a much greater risk of losing your items. Alternately, if you fight in a group you have a high chance of defeating the Queen and much lower risk of permanently losing your items. If you are serious about Kalphite Queen killing, Veracs is a wise investment.


To fight the Kalphite Queen on your own, Veracs is not only strongly recommended, but almost absolutely necessary. It is very hard to consistently hit the Queen without it. To solo the queen refer to the Higher Risk Melee Equipment or Slayer Task Equipment below. When going solo, it is likely that you will need to make more than one trip in order to kill the Kalphite Queen, since she will only be attacking you. Using a summoning familiar helps extraordinary here, as the possibility of using either a beast of burden to carry extra sharks for you or a combat familiar to deal extra damage makes it much easier to deal with the Queen.


This guide will focus mainly on using two people to kill the Queen Kalphite, but the same strategy applies to more than two people. Of course, everyone having Veracs/Slayer Task is recommended, but not required. Below are pictures of the recommended equipment configurations. They are the same whether in group or solo, and will be explained in the Strategies and Tactics section.

Whether going in a group or going solo, you or your team must have the following items just to GET to the Kalphite Queen:

  • 1 Shantay pass per person (or fairy staff for fairy rings)
  • 2 ropes per person. If you have been to the Kalphite lair before you only need 1 rope. If you have been to the Kalphite Queen before you do not need to bring any ropes.


Lower Risk Equipment
This setup is not nearly as good as using Veracs, but will emphasize maximizing your range and melee defence. Without Veracs armour, you will need to bring range supplies for effectively killing the second form of the Kalphite Queen.

Higher Risk Equipment
Veracs is truly the armour of choice for killing the Kalphite Queen. Using it will allow you to attack both first and second form, while providing a nice prayer bonus that lets you focus more on attacking and less on potting!
Slayer Task Equipment
The Kalphite Queen's prayers are not like a normal player's. Instead of lowering damage or completely blocking styles, they simply radically increase her defence towards those types of attacks. Therefore, with enough high bonuses, she can be fought using only one style, and not making use of Verac's armour. With the advent of the Godsword, in conjunction with a slayer task of Kalphites (necessitating the use of a black mask or slayer helm), it is now possible to achieve bonuses that can be as or even more effective against the Queen than Verac's. This style also requires relatively high risk.

Note: These pictures are intended for trips of 2 or more. Remember that you must take TWO ropes if you have not been to the Kalphite lair before and ONE rope if you have not fought the Kalphite Queen before. The same applies to every person whether going solo or going in a group.

Further Note: Ring of Life is not recommended, since the Kalphite Queen hits very high and you are more likely to get killed from higher LP than to be low enough for the teleport away. You can use it, but don't rely on it

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Getting to Kalphite Queen

To get to the Kalphite Queen you and your team need to meet at the Shantay Pass bank, south of Al Kharid. If everyone in your group has unlocked the fairy rings from the Fairy Tale Part II quest, then using the Zanaris bank and fairy ring teleport BIQ will save you time and will eliminate the shanty pass. From either bank you can gather all your supplies and devise your plan of attack. When you are all ready, go through the Shantay Pass or teleport through the rings and head west. You will reach a well. Add a rope to the well if you have never been to the lair before go down into the Kalphite Dungeon.

Kalphite Dungeon

Right before entering the second level and fighting the Queen you should drink a super set, turn on your prayer, and make any last minute preparations. The ideal location for this is shown as the "Potion Stop" on the map. Run past the Kalphite Guardians and add rope to the shaft if you haven't already in order to enter the Queen's Chamber. To reiterate, you MUST turn on your prayers before entering the room to ensure your protection. The Kalphite Queen can roam the room and may be near the rope where you enter!

Note: Some players wishing to take more food can choose to drink their super sets in the bank right when the team is going to head to the Kalphite Queen, and replace the pots with 3 more sharks. While this can grant you more space, you will have less of a stats bonus when facing the Kalphite Queen.

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The Monsters

In case you were wondering what monsters you will be facing on your way to the Kalphite Queen as well as in the second dungeon, here is a list. Most of the monsters will be capable of poisoning you, but most likely will not until you are about to face the Kalphite Queen (see Strategies and Tactics for why we recommend taking a normal anti-poison instead of super anti-poison). For a list of drops see the Rewards section below.

Kalphite Monsters
Kalphite Worker (Level 28)
The Kalphite Workers are little threat. They can not poison you, but the Queen will summon them in large quantities during the fight.
Kalphite Soldier (Level 85)
The Kalphite Soldier can be found in the first tunnel. It is aggressive and can poison you.
Kalphite Guardian (Level 141)
The Kalphite Guardian can be found in deep in the first tunnel as well as in the Queen's Chamber. It is aggressive, can poison you, and hits fairly hard. You should RUN past these.
Kalphite Queen (Level 333)
This is what you are here for. She can hit over 300 with all three types of attacks (melee, magic, and ranged) and will put up a hard fight in both of her forms.
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Strategies and Tactics

Right before entering the final cave turn on your prayers. It's recommended that you use protect from magic, since that is what will hit you the hardest. If you have a high prayer level (or if you have multiple prayer pots) you are best off using protect from magic, protect item, and your best boost prayer(s)(preferably piety-see below). If your prayer is not that high, then just use protect from magic and possibly protect item.
If you have access to curses then you are best off using deflect magic, protect item, and your best boost prayer(s) (preferably turmoil). If your prayer is not that high then just use deflect magic and possibly protect item. Remember: Your prayer is almost as vital as your LP, if you run out of prayer you risk getting hit by all three forms of attack.

Pray2 Pray

The best way to fight the Queen is for you and your partner(s) to spread out as evenly as possible so that the Queen must turn to attack you. If there are two of you, follow the picture below so that the Queen must turn 180 degrees between every melee or ranged attack. This will make the queen spend more time moving and less time attacking, making it easier to fight her without focusing on eating as much.

Fighting Positions

Once you get in this position, if a Kalphite Guardian is chasing you, tell your teammate to switch spots with you. This will cause the Kalphite Guardian to be out of reach, and should minimize the damage you take. Also, if you were poisoned by a Kalphite Guardian, use your anti-poison quickly! Odds are very small that you will need more than one dose per trip, which is why it is not recommended to use super anti-poisons.

First Form

To attempt a quick defeat of the Kalphite Queen's first form, have at least one player in the group use a Dragon Dagger (p++), and those wanting to attempt large hits can use a Dragon Mace. Have everybody use all their specials on the first form. Eat as necessary. Once you have defeated the first form, the second form will fly out of the shell. If needed, your group can teleport out and quickly resupply and run back in. If your group can continue, switch over to full Veracs (if you used the high level form) or switch over to your range/mage gear.

Note:For those who have completed the Contact! quest, you can attempt using the Keris for high hits against the Kalphite Queen. This special is much more random than ordinary weapons, so while it may hit greatly, the results are very unpredictable.

Second Form

Melee with your full Veracs/Godsword Slayer Task combo or use your ranged/mage from a distance to kill the second form of the Queen. She will continue to hit hard with all three types of combat (30+ in each type). It is still recommended to use protect from magic prayer since that is what hits the hardest.

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What fun would it be fighting the Kalphite Queen without a good reward? None at all! Here's a table of what you and your team could earn while defeating her:

Kalphite Queen's Highly Valued Drops
Pic Name
Dragon Chainbody Dragon Chainbody
Dragon 2h Sword Dragon 2h Sword
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Using LootShare

Jagex has created LootShare chat especially for players fighting as a team in a multi-combat area. Not only will this system report your team's drops for everybody within the chat (with at least the minimum set rank), but will also increase each individual's chances of getting drops, opposed to drops being limited to only one or a few individuals who consistently do the most damage.

To have a chance at the drops from the LootShare system, you must be within 16 squares of the killed monster, also make sure that your rank is set high enough to have a chance for team drops if you are in a team using LootShare.

If the Clan Chat owner has the Coinshare option enabled, all those entitled to recieve lootshare drops will have it activated. If the Kalphite Queen drops a Dragon Chainbody, Dragon Spear, Dragon 2Hed Sword, Dragon Medium helmet, or a Shield left half(dragon), the drop will be converted to coins and all lootshare members will recieve an equal split.

Please refer to our New Members P2P guide for a listing of all worlds the Lootshare system is enabled upon. Note that worlds can change frequently and Jagex's world select page should be your point of reference for Lootshare worlds.

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Extra Tips

There are a few things to emphasize here, but most extra tips were already covered in Strategies and Tactics.

  • Keep your LP as high as possible without wasting food. Never let it drop below 500. If you feel confident, wait until you need to eat 2 sharks at a time.
  • Pay attention to your prayer while not eating, to make sure that you do not run out of prayer points!
  • Avoid the Kalphite Guardians while fighting the Queen. This can take some practice, but a group can almost always get out of being attacked by them. This is when a "spot swap" can come in handy. That is when the two players in a duo team switch spots at the same time. This way the Guardians can not reach their targets.
  • If you run out of prayer and have no potions left, teleport immediately.
  • Teleport to home, then back to Al Kharid after each trip. You can bank and return about as quickly as the Queen respawns, so it is rarely worth the time waiting for a respawn.
  • If you think you're barely going to make it, teleport before it's the last moment. You can't always count on your teammates to save your gravestone.
  • Collect Potato Cactus around the edges of the room before you teleport if you are not close to dying. This can be quite profitable over several trips.
  • Using a summoning familiar can greatly decrease the difficulty of killing the Kalphite Queen. Using either a Beast of Burden or a combat familiar both gives the Queen an additional target and can either carry a lot more food or deal extra damage, allowing you to kill the Queen quicker.
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Original Guide by: oddfaery2 and abomb67

Thanks to: Aurhora, BkJordan, Emmace, Howlin001, Karn, Komodo_Jo, Lady_Shahdie, leonheart9000, mdeoxys, oddfaery2, Pure MageUK, Shasta_Sms, TheLeonardo, Vlark1n

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