Kharazi Dungeon

by Mindesto & Flys Die

The Kharazi Dungeon AKA Legends Quest Dungeon is located in the Kharazi Jungle on the southern portion of Karamja Island. It, along with the jungle are the main focus points of the Legends Quest.When traversing this dungeon make sure to bring a lockpick, pickaxe, rope, and an unpowered orb with the runes necessary to cast one of the three charge orb spells.

Place the mouse over your desired level to reveal it.

Death Wing (Level 77) Death Wing (Level 77) Death Wing (Level 77) Death Wing (Level 77) Lesser demons (Level 100) Lesser demons (Level 100) Irvig Senay (Level 70) Ranalph Devere (Level 63) San Tojalon (Level 70)

Dungeon Monsters

Sublevel 1:
Deathwing: Level 77

Sublevel 2:
Ranalph Devere: Level 63
Irvig Senay: Level 70
San Tojalon: Level 70
Lesser Demon: Level 100

Quest Monster
Nezikchened: Level 120 (appears under certain conditions)

Thanks To: Cowman_133

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