Koschei's Troubles


After the player has completed the Ritual of the Mahjarrat and Blood Runs Deep quests, a short mini-quest can be played that concerns the identity of another Mahjarrat; Kharshai.

Balmung, a reward item from the Blood Runs Deep quest, is the only required item for this mini-quest. If the player has lost the axe it can be retrieved from Queen Sigrid in Miscellania castle.

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Discovering Kharshai

1) Make your way to Rellekka by whatever means you prefer. A rellekka tablet or enchanted lyre both give direct teleports to the area. Alternatively the player can walk from the fairy ring AJR to the east or from Seers' village to the south. Make your way to the helmet shop north of the longhall in Rellekka.

Kharshai Startpoint

2) Talk to Thorvald the Warrior, who will be in or around the helmet shop. He mentions Koschei the deathless has been acting strangely recently, so offer to help him. Proceed down the ladder in the north-east corner of this room and talk to Koschei.

Kharshai Koschei

3) Koschei will tell you he's been having some trouble cutting down a blossoming tree to the south of Rellekka, and thinks balmung might be more effective. After the conversation, make sure you have balmung with you and leave to find the blossoming tree. It can be found south-west of Rellekka near the bridge to the Seers' village. The view below is seen facing south.

Kharshai Blossomtree

4) Cut down the tree and take the strange chest you find inside it. It doesn't seem to unlock on its own so take it back to Koschei, who opens it with ease. Inside the chest is a toy ship; Koschei suggests you try placing it in water from the nearby well.

5) Head back upstairs and to the south-east of the longhall to find a well. Use the ship on the well and out of it will appear a white jewel. Go back to Koschei.

Kharshai Well

6) Finally, Koschei will ask you to see what you can do with the jewel. Click it and choose one of the options to obtain a red, blue or green jewel. The resulting coloured jewel can be changed at any point after the mini-quest. Now give the jewel back to Koschei and watch the cutscene, your choice during the cutscene does not affect the outcome. Miniquest complete!

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Kharshai rewards the player with the following:

  • 30,000 experience lamp for use in any skill over level 75.
  • An upgraded balmung based on the colour of jewel used in the mini-quest.

After the mini-quest, talk to Kharshai to change the colour of the jewel and unlock additional dialogue. This will also change the colour of balmung. The colour of balmung can be toggled by right clicking on it and selecting "Toggle-colour". If the upgraded balmung is lost or destroyed, a free one can be reclaimed from Kharshai. If you loose or destroy it more than once you will be required to pay 300k gp to get another one.

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Original Guide by: Octarine

Thanks to: Asura Fiera, Drazhor, Dudecrush8

Last updated by: Warriormonkx

Last updated on: 24-Mar-2013

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