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This minigame has been rated as Standard Risk. See the minigames page for a definition of high and low risk.


The Lava Flow Mine can be accessed from East Keldagrim, and is located within a cave east of the Blast Furnace minigame. The dwarves of Keldagrim use the mine as a geothermal power plant, and its continued operation is vital to the city and the dwarves' very way of life. However, because of the damage sustained to the plant during the King of the Dwarves Quest, a great deal of maintenance is required to keep it fully operational. Adventurers willing to assist in this can earn Mining/Smithing experience, uncut gemstones, and potentially even the lucrative Golden mining outfit as well as an assortment of Gilded pickaxes and the Imcando pickaxe (e).

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Requirements & Getting There


To participate in the Lava Flow Mine minigame, players must have:

In addition to these, the following are recommended, but not necessarily required:

Getting There

Lava Flow Mine Entrance

The Lava Flow Mine can only be accessed from Keldagrim. Therefore, the Mine Cart Transportation System should be used, as the Mine's entrance is just north-east of the station in East Keldagrim. Taking the mine cart under the trapdoor to the north-west of the Grand Exchange is the fastest method of travelling there.

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The Lava Flow Mine

Just within the entrance to the Mine, Foreman Jaak awaits adventurers looking to help. Talk to him, and he'll explain that particular segments of the lava channels which make up the power plant sometimes cool, causing for the lava to harden and form a crust; the crust creates a blockage which inhibits the flow of lava, and must be mined away for the plant to function properly.

Lava Flow Mine

There are 4 main lava channels (labelled A, B, C, and D on the map), and each channel is divided into 8 segments (labelled 1-8). Jaak can be spoken to in order to learn which channel is having lava flow problems, but he is unable to specify in which segment the problem is occurring. However, there are steam gauges attached to each segment, and by reading these, players can discover where to mine on their own. Speaking to Jaak for information is generally a waste of time, since it's faster simply to run around the mine and read the steam gauges.

Note that any segment can be mined, but the greatest experience is earned through mining segments closer to the source of the problem. The steam gauge attached to the segment with the blockage will have a reading of 50%, and so it is recommended to look for this. Segments far away from the blockage or in another channel entirely have readings of 100%, while nearby segments will have readings of 60, 70, 80, or 90%. When searching for the source, take notice of any reading other than 100%; once you've found such a segment, check the others in that same channel (the segments aligned to the north and south of your position), and you will find the blockage.

Steam Gauge ReadingMining XP Earned

When mining lava crust, you will keep mining until you have received experience ten times. You will have to click the crust again to continue mining. Players can continue to mine at the lower % segments until another blockage starts to form at a different location. Notice of this is given via a message in the chatbox (written with red text), so begin searching again once you receive the message.

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Mining Distractions

"Distractions" (random events unique to the Lava Flow Mine) are occasionally triggered while players mine. The varying types of distractions and their respective rewards are detailed below.

Boiler BreakageLava Flow Mine BoilerLava crusts aren't the Mine's only problem! Whenever a boiler happens to overheat, repair it with your Smithing skill (level 70-90 randomly required).

Note that you can only repair boilers once per hour.
Smithing XP dependant on your Level
Finding GemsLava Flow Mine GemsUncut gemstones can be uncovered while mining away the lava crusts, as is the case with regular ores. Having a charged Amulet of Glory and Ring of Wealth equipped increases the likelihood of finding them.1-2 Uncut Gems (Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies, and Diamonds)
TzHaar HeroLava Flow HeroA TzHaar Hero chases after a Lava Monster in the Mine. Distract the monster by taunting it until the Hero manages to catch up, and he'll extend his gratitude for your help.Chances of finding Uncut Gems doubled for the next 10 minutes
Possessed PickaxeLava Flow Mine PickA dwarven ancestor spirit possesses a nearby pickaxe, and will temporarily assist players with Mining if they can defeat him.10% Mining XP bonus for the next 10 minutes
Liquid Gold Nymph Liquid Gold NymphThis magical creature sometimes emerges from the lava in front of players, and offers gifts should they notice and speak with her.A piece of the Golden Mining Outfit OR a choice between 2.5k Mining XP or having a Pickaxe cosmetically gilded (if you've already completed the set)
Lava GeyserLava Geyser Img Occasionally in the lava flow mine, a Lava Geyser will appear (which is announced in the public chat similar to other random events). Firstly, you must fight and freeze the geyser (a reward AFTER completion of Birthright of the Dwarves) using water or ice spells. Once it is frozen, the geyser can be struck 30-31 times (providing 500 experience per strike) until it shatters to receive one part of the Imcando pickaxe. If you have an Imcando pickaxe already then it will be fully recharged. 500 mining experience per strike, imcando pickaxe fragment 1, imcando pickaxe fragment 2, Imcando pickaxe fragment 3, Imcando pickaxe fragment 4, Fully recharging your Imcando pickaxe

Notes: The reward from the 'TzHaar Hero' distraction is shared amongst every player in the Mine, even if they didn't complete the distraction themselves. Players must participate in the 'Boiler Breakage' and 'Lava Geyser' distractions if they want the reward, and the number of players repairing the boiler or freezing/mining the lava geyser only affects how quickly it is completed. The 'Possessed Pickaxe' distraction appears for everyone, but only the player who manages to kill it will receive the reward. Finally, 'Finding Gems' and 'Liquid Gold Nymph' distractions only occur for a single player at a time.

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While Mining experience, a lesser amount of Smithing experience, and uncut gemstones can all be obtained by playing the Lava Flow Mine minigame, the primary attractions are the Golden mining outfit and Gilded pickaxes given by the Liquid Gold Nymph, as well as the Imcando pickaxe (e).

Liquid Gold Nymph

When the Liquid Gold Nymph appears from the lava, the following message will also be shown in your chat box. This message appears even if you have the game messages filtered.

Nymph Message1

The Golden Mining Outfit has no stats, but instead provides a 5% Mining XP bonus when you wear the full set; it is the Mining equivalent of the Lumberjack Outfit, which provides the same bonus for the Woodcutting skill. Unlike the Lumberjack Outfit in the Temple Trekking minigame, however, players do not receive pieces of the Golden Mining Outfit at random from this minigame. The Nymph will always give players the boots, gloves, helmet, trousers, and top - in that order. The outfit is untradeable, and if you have a complete set (boots, gloves, helmet, trousers, and top), it can be stored in the Costume Room of a POH (player-owned house).

11380 11381 11382 11383 11384 11385

Once players have received the entire outfit, they can choose to gild a pickaxe that they're carrying with them (in their inventory or tool belt) every time they encounter the 'Liquid Gold Nymph' distraction thereafter. Only the standard pickaxes (Bronze, Iron, Steel, Mithril, Adamant, Rune, and Dragon) can be gilded, and it is only a cosmetic change; they gain no bonus or added effect. Pickaxes are untradeable while gilded, but the gilding can be removed by speaking to Foreman Jaak.


  • Should a piece of the Golden mining outfit or a Gilded pickaxe be lost, players must continue mining at the Lava Flow Mine until the Nymph replaces the missing item(s).
  • If you own the complete Golden mining outfit and any piece of Varrock armour from the Varrock task rewards, you can wear either platebody to receive both the 5% Mining XP bonus as well as the extra ore bonus. Keep in mind that you must also be wearing the other four pieces of the Golden mining outfit, and that any extra ore you mine is still determined by what level of Varrock tasks you have completed.

The Imcando Pickaxe

After completion of Birthright of the Dwarves, the Lava Flow Mine offers an extra, special reward known as the Imcando pickaxe. This pickaxe (when enchanted) offers a 20% experience bonus on all ore mined with it (excluding divine rock locations), as well as a 1 in 4 chance of incinerating the ore, providing some bonus smithing experience.

To obtain the pickaxe, 4 fragments must be mined from frozen Lava geysers that randomly appear within the mine. To freeze a lava geyser, you must damage it using Water or Ice spells (abilities also count for damage, as long as the main hand spell is set to water/ice). Then once it is completely frozen, you must mine it until it crumbles, giving you one fragment or if you already have an imcando pickaxe then it will become fully recharged.

Lava Flow Mine Solid

Once all the fragments are obtained, you can take them to Thurgo near Mudskipper Point alongside a gilded dragon pickaxe, 1,000,000 gp and a redberry pie to get the Imcando pickaxe (e) with 100 charges.

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