Lava Maze

By Rien Adelric

Special thanks to Cameron and Eeeeediot

Located from level 38-46 Wilderness, this labyrinth is not in a multi-combat zone. With a variety of monsters to train on, and several places of interest, you can always find something to keep you busy here!

The two "Passable Webs" along the route to the centre of the maze are obstacles, and you'll need either a weapon or a regular knife to cut your way through. The other paths ultimately lead to dead-ends and are blocked off by boulders.

The Black Knights have gathered in mass near the entrance, so it is quite a good training spot. The King Scorpions and Hill Giants are sparsely located in their areas and only serve as a nuisance on your way through. The Muddy Chest, protected by Lesser Demons in the very centre of the maze, can be opened with the Muddy Key - an item obtainable from Chaos Dwarves. The Muddy Chest contains an Uncut Ruby, a Mithril bar, a Mithril dagger, an Anchovy Pizza, 2 Death runes, 2 Law runes, 10 Chaos runes and 50gp.

Other notable points include the runite mine to the north of the Lava Maze and lava eel fishing spot near the King Scorpions. Additionally, there is a cage on the western portion of the maze, which leads to an isolated dungeon underground. You can pull a lever there (surrounded by level 64 Poison Spiders) to teleport to the King Black Dragon's Lair which is a non-wilderness area. The ladder down from the cage of Lesser Demons in the centre of the Lava Maze also leads underground, but to a dungeon with many other foes. Maps of these last two areas can be found here, in the Lava Maze Underground.

Wilderness Lava Maze Hill Giants (Level 28) Hill Giants (Level 28) Hill Giants (Level 28) Hill Giants (Level 28) King Scorpions (Level 32) King Scorpions (Level 32) King Scorpions (Level 32) Black Knights (Level 33) Black Knights (Level 33) Black Knights (Level 33) Black Knights (Level 33) Black Knights (Level 33) Deadly Red Spiders (Level 34) Deadly Red Spiders (Level 34) Lesser Demons (Level 82) Lesser Demons (Level 82) Lesser Demons (Level 82) Lesser Demons (Level 82) King Black Dragon Lair Lava Maze Underground Bait Fishing - Lava Eels Runite Ore Mine

Lava Maze Monsters
Hill Giants: Level 28
King Scorpions: Level 32
Black Knights: Level 33
Deadly Red Spiders: Level 34
Lesser Demons: Level 82

Thanks To: Jaffy1

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