Lava Maze Underground

By Eeeeediot

A small dungeon located beneath the actual main Lava Maze which has an interesting cocktail of enemies. To enter here, you will have to get navigate through the Lava Maze and go down the ladder at it's heart. Greater Demons await you by the entrance, while Poison Scorpions are scattered around the middle waiting to inject their venom into your blood. Black Dragons live (usually) undisturbed at this dungeon's far end, ready to roast any intruder at a moment's notice. The single rune rock here often attracts miners on suicide missions.

The little island on the far east is where you can venture forth into the cavern of the King Black Dragon (KBD). To get there, you will have to take the ladder down from the cage of Lesser Demons located on the west tip of the Lava Maze.

Lava Maze Und Greater Demon (Level 92) Greater Demon (Level 92) Poison Spiders (Level 64) Poison Spiders (Level 64) Poison Spiders (Level 64) Black Dragon (Level 227)

Slaying KBDs

The KBD is often killed for mere fun or for his rare Dragon Medium Helmet drop. To access the KBD lair, you will first need to go down the ladder just west of the Lava maze in the wilderness. You will then be on the isolated piece of land shown in the map above, and surrounded by poison spiders, so bring the right potions. Pull the lever there to be teleported to the King Black Dragon's (KBD) lair which is not in the wilderness but is multi-combat.

Kbd Lair King Black Dragon (Level 276)

See the King Black Dragon Guide for advice and information on killing the King Black Dragon.

Lava Maze Underground Monsters
Poison spiders: Level 64
Greater demons: Level 92
Black dragons: Level 227
King black dragon Level 276

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