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Welcome to the most exclusive of all guilds. Access is granted only to RuneScape's true legends who have completed what was once the longest and hardest quest in the game: the Legends' Quest. This guild is members only and is located just north-east of Ardougne by the coast. The outer gates are made from pure mithril and the guards will salute Legends as they enter. (Players attempting the Legends' quest are permitted to go as far as Radimus Erkle's office on the grounds, but cannot enter the main building.)

The doors to the guild hall are impressive, and as you enter the lobby your eyes are attracted to the large centrepiece of the room:

This totem pole is truly awe inspiring.
It depicts powerful Karamja jungle animals.
It is very well carved and brings a sense of power and
spiritual fulfillment to anyone who looks at it.
Legends\' Guild Intro

The gilded totem centrepiece is used to recharge combat bracelet and skills necklace teleports. When you have used up 4 teleports, use the jewellery with the totem to gain another 4 teleports. Noted jewellery can not be charged on the totem.

Upstairs, Fionella runs the guild's general store. You can sell items to her as well.

Legends' Guild General Store
Pic Name Default Stock Price to Buy
Swordfish Cooked Swordfish 10 400
Apple Pie Apple Pie 10 140
Attack Potion (3) Attack potion (3 dose) 10 560
Steel Arrow Steel arrows 10 46

The west ladder up to the top floor will take you to Siegfried Erkle's shop of useful items.

Legends' Guild Shop of Useful Items
Pic Name Default Stock Price to Buy Notes
Mithril Seeds Mithril Seeds 500 300 These will grow into flowers when planted. You can pick them up or leave them in the ground.
Dusty Key Dusty Key 10 1 Used to access the depths of the humongous Taverly Members' dungeon.
Maze Key Maze key 10 1 Used to access Melzar's Maze just north-west of Rimmington.
Shield Right Half Shield right half 10 750,000 Hammer this at an anvil with the left half of the Dragon shield (requires lvl 60 smithing) to make one of the rarest items in the game. The left half is a very rare drop from some monsters.
Cape Of Legends Cape of legends 10 450 Only wearable by players who have completed the legends' quest, this distinguishes the men from the boys.

The east ladder from the middle floor up to the top floor will take you to a bank where you can deposit and withdraw your items. This is especially useful if you are training in the guild dungeon or chopping rare trees near the guild.

Finally, there is a dungeon accessible via the staircase down from the ground level. The pit scorpions and shadow warriors are popular for training, the latter being well known for their drops of the left half of the dragon shield. Have fun!

Legends\' Guild Dungeon Shadow Warriors (Level 48) Shadow Warriors (Level 48) Shadow Warriors (Level 48) Shadow Warriors (Level 48) Giant Bats (Level 27) Pit Scorpion (Level 28) Pit Scorpion (Level 28) Pit Scorpion (Level 28) Pit Scorpion (Level 28)
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