Light Temple

By Mindesto

The Light Temple is located directly under West Ardougne. It can be accessed from north-east West Ardougne or through the Underground Pass. The temple plays a vital role in the quest Mournings Ends Part 2.Other points of interest include the Death Altar, which becomes accessible after the quest is completed, and on the outskirts of the temple, a solitary Runite ore and the deadly slayer monsters, Dark beasts, which surround the general vicinity of the runite ore. The temple itself is a lightmaze which must be completed to gain access to the death altar. The Shadows will harass players throughout the temple. If you have completed Within the Light quest, you can change the location of your teleport crystal to the Temple of Light. This can be especially useful for Dark Beast slayer tasks.

Place the mouse over your desired floor to reveal it.

Key Runite

Dungeon Monsters
Mourners: Level 122
Shadow: Level 136
Dark Beast: Level 150

Additional thanks: Mc90123, Ddraiggoch06

RuneScape 2007
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