Livid Farm

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The Livid Farm is an area just north of the settlement on the Lunar Isle where Pauline Polaris has been trying to grow certain wild plants that have become too much for her to handle. If you can assist her with her tasks around the garden you will earn experience in Magic along with a variety of other skills as well as some additional rewards described below.

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To assist at Livid Farm you must meet certain skill, quest, and item requirements.

  • Completed Lunar Diplomacy
  • Level 70 Magic
  • Level 60 Agility
  • Level 60 Farming
  • Level 60 Crafting
  • Level 50 Construction
  • Astral, Nature, Law, Earth and Water runes
  • Have Lunar Magick spellbook activated


  • Death, Cosmic, and Mind runes (to complete all Distractions)
  • Mud battlestaff or Mystic mud staff (unlimited Water and Earth runes)
  • Level 93+ Magic (in order to receive Magic XP for casting all spells involved)
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Livid Farm  

How to Help Pauline

There are several tasks throughout the area that Pauline needs doing that can be accomplished by using spells from the Lunar spellbook. Each task requires the use of a certain Lunar spell and gives a specific number of Produce Points for completing, as well as granting the amount of Magic XP you would normally get for casting that spell. In addition to earning Magic XP, each task also grants XP in another skill.

While within the area your magical abilities are boosted so that you may use any spell regardless of your Magic level; however, casting the spells without meeting the level requirement gives 0 Magic XP for that spell, and you only receive 50% of the Produce Points you normally would get. You will, however, still receive the XP in the secondary skill (Agility, etc.)

The table below gives a summary of all tasks.

Task Spell Required Magic Level Required Description Magic XP Other XP Produce Points
Fertilize Patches Fertile Soil 83 Cast the fertile soil spell on any empty patches in the garden (#1 on the map) to cause seedlings to begin to grow. (#2 on the map) 87 91.8 Farming 20
Cure Disease Cure Plant 66 Cast the cure plant spell on any plants that are diseased to begin curing them. Before casting the spell you will be required to identify the type of plant from four possible choices. (#3 on the map) 60 91.8 Farming 20
Bunching Livid String Jewellery 80 Every two out of five cycles ten stalks of Livid will be produced and placed in the holding bin provided that you have helped in some way. (#6 on the map) Collect the Livid stalks from the bin and cast the String Jewellery spell on them to combine them into bundles which can be added to the cart. (#7 on the map) 83 270 Crafting 120
Repairing Fence Posts Plank Make* 86 The fence around the farm often breaks down and needs to be repaired. To begin, pick up some wood from the bin (#5 on the map) and cast the Plank Make spell on it to convert it into usable planks. You can then use these on the railing to repair it. (#4 on the map) 90 54.6 Construction 20
Recharging Pauline Energy Transfer 91 Every three out of five cycles Pauline will have the word "drained" added to the front of her name. When this happens you can cast the energy transfer spell on her and say something encouraging to her to recharge her. (#8 on the map) 100 167.7 Agility 100

*These spells require the completion on the Dream Mentor quest to use.

A note about curing:
When using the cure plant spell to cure the diseased livid you will be required to identify the strain of livid that it is before the spell will activate. Each strain of livid looks different and each patch will always grow the same strain. Below is a map of where the various strains grow.

Livid farm cure 1
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The Rotation System

The farm follows a repeating five-stage cycle, changing stages every minute. Thus, there is a limit to the amount of Produce Points you can earn in a given amount of time.

  • Stages 1, 2, & 4: 3x Cure Plant, 3x Fertilise Soil, 2x Repair Fence, 1x Energise Pauline
  • Stages 3 & 5: 3x Cure Plant, 3x Fertilise Soil, 2x Repair Fence, 2x Bunch Plants

If all tasks are completed within the time limits, you can earn up to 1,580 Produce Points every five-stage cycle, for a maximum rate of 18,960 Points per hour.


Distractions and Diversions

While working at the Livid Farm on occasion one of three special random events will happen to which you can respond to gain some extra Magic XP and rewards. As with all other spells in the Livid Farm, you can cast these without the required level but you will only receive the runes as a reward.

Distraction Spell Required Magic Level Description Magic XP
Sick Ibis Monster Examine 66 On occasion Meteora will stop by with a sick Ibis that is in need of care. If you happen to see the Ibis, cast the Monster Examine spell on it to see what the problem is and tell Meteora.

Other Rewards: 1 Astral rune, 10 Water runes, 16 Earth runes, 1 Cosmic rune and 1 Mind rune.
Suqah Attack Energy Transfer 91 Suqahs are not known for being the most friendly of creatures and will on occasion attack the Livid Farm. When this happens Pauline will fight the Suqah off, however a cast of Energy Transfer will allow her to teleport the Suqah away much more easily.

Other Rewards: 3 Astral runes, 10 Water runes, 16 Earth runes, 2 Law runes and 1 Nature rune.
Murky Pat's Revenge Vengeance Other 93 On occasion Murky Pat will stop by and will promptly be harassed by someone nearby. You can help him get revenge by casting the Vengeance Other spell on him and choosing the correct option from the dialouge box.

Other Rewards: 3 Astral runes, 15 Water runes, 20 Earth runes and 2 Death runes.
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While training at the Livid Farm you gain Produce Points for casting spells which can be exchanged with Pauline for new Lunar spells and Wishes. Before you can begin unlocking wishes however you must first unlock all of the Lunar spells in order. In addition, when purchasing new Lunar spells your Produce Points are not reset until you purchase the final spell, Vengeance Group. When purchasing this spell your points are reset to zero and you can begin buying Wishes with the points you have accumulated.

Spell Magic Level Produce Points Required Effect
Teleport to South Falador Teleport Falador 72 69,840 Teleports you near the south gate of Falador.
Repair Rune Pouch Repair Rune Pouch 75 139,760 Repairs a degraded rune essence pouch. The repaired pouch will last longer than normal before having to be repaired again.
Teleport to North Ardougne Teleport Ardougne 76 227,120 Teleports you north of the north bank in Ardougne.
Remote Farming Lunarspell Remote Farming 78 314,480 Allows you to remotely check on and cure disease from any farming patch.
Spiritualize Food Spiritualise Food 81 401,840 Converts a piece of food in your inventory into food that can be fed to a familiar to restore health, heal combat stats, or replenish the timer.
Make Leather Tan Hides 83 489,200 Tans five hides in your inventory without the use of a tanner
Disruption Shield Disruption Shield 90 576,560 Completely negates the next hit of damage done to you in PvP combat. Can only be cast once every 30 seconds.
Vengeance Group Vengeance Group 95 663,920 Gives the power of vengeance to any player within one square of you that has their accept aid on similar to heal group or cure group.
Teleport to Trollheim Teleport to Trollheim 92 744,400 Teleports you to the farming patch in Trollheim.
Group Teleport to Trollheim Group Teleport to Trollheim 93 806,400 Teleports you and those near you to the farming patch in Trollheim.
Borrowed Power Borrowed Power 99 850,000 Allows you to store and make use of specific spells from the normal magic spellbook.

After all of the Lunar spells have been purchased you can begin to purchase Wishes with your Produce Points to give various effects as described below.

Wish Produce Points Required Effect
Vial my Herbs! 5,500 Converts up to 50 herbs in your inventory into unfinished potions. This effect works on noted herbs.
Turn Lunar Lumber into Runes! 5,500 Converts all lunar lumber in your inventory into runes. You must have a full inventory of lunar lumber.
Gimme Herbs! 18,000 Creates a load of grimy herbs in your inventory.
Let it Rain Seeds! 18,000 Various seeds appear on the ground near you.
More Planks Please! 18,000 Gives a chance of making additional planks with the plank make spell for twenty minutes.
Reduce the Fish I Burn! 18,000 For the next thirty minutes you will have a lower chance of burning when you cook fish.
Give me an Arcane Capacitor 18,000 Gives an uncharged Arcane capacitor necklace.
I'd Like a New Patch! 18,000 Provides an additional allotment farming patch. The patch remains until it is cleared for the first time
Protect a Patch for me! 37,000 Gives a scroll that, when used with the appropriate produce, will protect a tree or fruit tree patch while it has a plant growing in it. You may only use one scroll at a time, but it will protect 10 of the same type of tree
Let it Rain Awesome Seeds 55,000 Seeds drop around Pauline. Gives watermelon, curry tree, pineapple tree, papaya tree, willow tree and ranarr seeds.
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Tips and Tricks

  • It will take a minimum of 44.8 hours of gameplay to earn enough Produce Points to unlock all of the spells.
  • Instead of using your lunar spellbook to cast spells, it's much easier (and faster) to directly click on the empty patch or diseased livid.
  • Likewise, you can directly click on the lunar lumber and livid plants in your backpack without first having to select the make plank or string jewellery spell.
  • When Pauline is drained, she can quickly be energized by selecting the Energise Drained Pauline option from her right-click menu.


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