Lost City

By Rien Adelric, Eeeeediot, & Ryl

You gain access to the Lost City of Zanaris after completing the Lost City quest. The entrance is via a shed in the Lumbridge Swamp or through any Fairy ring. You need to be wielding a Dramen staff (from the "Lost City" quest) once you enter the shed or activate a Fairy ring to be teleported into the Lost City. A Lunar staff or Fairy wand can be substituted for a Dramen staff, and players can enter Zanaris without any of these items following completion of the Fairy Tale Part III - Battle at Orks Rift quest. There are many, many activities to occupy yourself with in this City of the Fairies, so enjoy your time here!

The Lost City of Zanaris

Zanaris is the hub of the Fairy Ring teleport network. All fairy rings bring the user here, where a code must be used to teleport elsewhere. This network is accessible after starting the Fairy Tale part II - Cure a Queen quest.

Chaeldar, one of the 5 Slayer Masters, can be found in central Zanaris (near the Fairy Queen). Otherworldly Beings in the south-west corner are popular to train on because they are so close to the bank where you can restock on food. Zygomites are Slayer monsters, found near the Cosmic Altar and the furnace. The Tanglefoot monsters become accessible during the Fairy Tale Part 1 quest.

The Evil Chicken Altar near the Entrance and Exit is unlocked during the Recipe for Disaster quest. Placing a raw chicken on it takes you to the Evil Chicken's Lair (map) to fight black dragons, or a baby black dragon, or to mine Iron, Coal, Silver, Gold, or Mithril.

Towards the south-east, you will have to pay the Gatekeepers a cut diamond so you can enter the Fairy Market (if you have not completed the Fairy Tale Part III quest). There, you can purchase Dragon longswords and Dragon Daggers from Jakut and Ruby rings from Irksol. There is even a fairy, Lunderwin, who will buy cabbages from you for 100gp each.

An exciting Hunter Minigame, Impetuous Impulses, can be accessed through the crop circle in the centre of the wheat field. An imp nearby will reveal the current wheat field location of a moving crop circle above ground, where friends who've not completed the Lost City quest can still join the minigame. Entering either crop circle will take players to Puro-Puro, a maze alive with tiny, flying implings to hunt for experience and loot!

Other activities include runecrafting at the Cosmic Altar, woodcutting Yew trees, cooking at the range close to the bank, smelting ores in the nearby furnace, and even crafting glass. You can use buckets to pick up sand from the sand pit. If you have soda ash and make vials at the furnace, you can then fill these in the nearby fountains! You can grind wheat at the cow-powered windmill, and churn butter, cream or cheese from dairy products.

Have fun in this wonderful City of the Fairies!

Agility Shortcuts:

  • Level 46, medium narrow walkway
  • Level 66, advanced narrow walkway

Cow: Level 2
Baby Tangle Foot: Level 45
Otherworldy Being: Level 64
Zygomite: Level 74 / Level 86
Tanglefoot: Level 111

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