Lumbridge Catacombs

By Rien Adelric and Georgelemmons

The Lumbridge Catacombs are a series of caves located beneath the Church and Graveyard in Lumbridge. They are unlocked during the Blood Pact Quest and serve as the Lair of the Necromancer Dragith Nurn and his horde of cursed, undead minions. To access the dungeon after the quest, simply enter the Catacombs (from the entrance located in the Lumbridge Graveyard), and descend three levels by means of the staircases present.

Lumbridge Catacombs Dragith Nurn (Level 20) Diamond Demon Statuette Ruby Demon Statuette Corpse Mages (Level 15) Corpse Mages (Level 15) Emerald Demon Statuette Skoblins (Level 14) Sapphire Demon Statuette Corpse Archers (Level 13) Warped Bats (Level 12) Warped Bats (Level 12) Skeletons (Level 11) Topaz Demon Statuette Warped Rats (Level 9) Crawling Corpse Torsos (Level 7) Warped Flies (Level 5) Jade Demon Statuette Corpse Spiders (Level 3) Warped Cockroaches (Level 1)

This dungeon contains an assortment of undead creatures, and is beneficial to lower-level players as a training ground. In addition to this, the monsters here can drop pieces of the Mask of Dragith Nurn - an item which nonmembers (in particular) would find to be very useful. The mask is composed of 5 distinct pieces, and each type of monster in the dungeon will only drop one specific piece.

Mask of Dragith Nurn
Mask Part 1 Mask Part 2 Mask Part 3 Mask Part 4 Mask Part 5
Warped Cockroaches, Corpse Spiders, Warped Flies Crawling Corpse Torsos, Skeletons Warped Rats, Warped Bats, Corpse Archers Skoblins, Corpse Mages Dragith Nurn

Treasure hunters may also have an interest in the Catacombs; scattered throughout the dungeon, 6 valuable statuettes await the quick-fingered adventurers who would seek them. These statuettes (disitinguished by either the Jade, Topaz, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, or Diamond gemstone embedded in the artefact) can be sold to Xenia at the entrance to the Catacombs for increasing amounts of GP. However, the undead creatures surrounding these treasures will attempt to guard against players' pillaging, and thus will attack anyone who removes a statuette from the plinth it's set on.

Dungeon Monsters:
Dragith Nurn: Level 20
Corpse Mage: Level 15
Skoblin: Level 14
Corpse Archer: Level 13
Warped Bat: Level 12
Skeleton: Level 11
Warped Rat: Level 9
Crawling Corpse Torso: Level 7
Warped Fly: Level 5
Corpse Spider: Level 3
Warped Cockroach: Level 1

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