Lunar Isle

By Cowman_133

Lunar Isle, home of the Moon clan, is accessible only during and after the completion of the Lunar Diplomacy Quest and it's where most of the quest's action takes place. The main way to get there after the quest is by boat from Rellekka. Go talk to Lokar Searunner (the most Western dock in Rellekka) and he will take you to the Pirates Cove. Go to the upper deck of the ship and talk to the captain who will take you to Lunar Isle. Use the same boats to leave the island to return to Rellekka. Another way to get to Lunar Isle is by using the "Moonclan teleport" spell (level 69 magic required), which is part of the Lunar Magic Set (you need to have this spell set active to use the spell).

The island consists of a small town and the surrounding areas. The main features of the town are a bank and a clothing shop where you can buy moonclan clothes (different from the quest armour). The surrounding areas are filled with Suqahs - level 73, 74, and 79 monsters. The island also has a mining dungeon (North-East), a rune altar (South-East part) and several flax fields.

The Livid Farm is located to the north of the island, where you can use lunar magic to help Pauline Polaris with the garden and gain experience in agility, construction, crafting, farming, and magic.

The rune altar is used to craft Astral runes (level 40 runecrafting) required). These runes are needed to cast all the Lunar Magic spells. Players can also pray at this altar in order to change their active magic set to Lunar Magic or back to Normal Magic. Please note that the Abyss does not have a rift for this altar, so you cannot use it to get to this island.

The mining dungeon is at a reasonable walking distance from the bank and contains useful rocks, such as gems, silver and gold. You can also mine pure rune essence here!

IMPORTANT NOTE: You need to have on you (wear or have in inventory) the Seal of Passage from the quest, otherwise talking to an NPC on the island will result in you being kicked out of the island back to Rellekka. This includes the bankers, although you can deposit items using the bank booth without having the seal on you, or you may talk to 'Birds-Eye' Jack after completing Dream Mentor. A good way to travel back to Rellekka from the island is thus to talk to a NPC without the seal. If you've lost it, the Seal of Passage can be re-obtained from Brundt the Chieftain in the Rellekka longhall. If you have completed the Fremennik Elite Tasks, you may toggle the need for a Seal of Passage on Lunar Isle by speaking with Brundt.

Lunar Isle Suqah (Level 111) Suqah (Level 111) Suqah (Level 111) Suqah (Level 111) Suqah (Level 111) Minigame: Livid Farm Dungeon: Lunar Isle Mines Quest: Lunar Diplomacy Shops: Baba Yaga's Magic Shop Shops: Moon Clan General Store Shops: Moon Clan Fine Clothes Shops: Moon Clan Fine Clothes Runecrafting Altar: Astral

Suqah: 73, 74, and 79

Thanks to: Flippi273, idunedain, transcript80

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