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This minigame has been rated as High Risk. See the minigames page for a definition of high and low risk.


Kolodion, the master of battle magic, has set up an arena deep in the wilderness. Prove yourself worthy of this blood thirsty wizard by surviving the trials of the Mage Arena and he will teach you new spells, more powerful and destructive than any seen before in the world of RuneScape. The Mage Arena is a members only feature located in the deep level 55 wilderness and, therefore, you can be killed by Player-killer.

The Mage Arena "mini-quest" should not be confused with the Mage Training Arena near Al Kharid, which is a safe minigame.

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Getting There

A magic level of 60 is needed to be able to do the Mage Arena. In addition, 37 prayer is recommended for the Protect Against Magic prayer. Methods of raising your magic level such as the wizard's mind bomb and magic potions will not help you get in. The entrance to start the Mage Arena is in level 55 wilderness. The quickest way to get there is by using the lever south of the Edgeville bank (or in the house at the border between West and East Ardougne), and then heading north-west. You can also walk up through the wilderness, however this is not recommended. However if you do prefer to walk, use our wilderness map to help you find your way.

To get into the area where you start at, you will need a knife or any other slashing weapon to cut through the webs blocking your way.

Mage Arena Entrance

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You should bring chaos, death or blood runes along with the elemental runes needed to go with the spell you will be casting. A few prayer potions to keep your prayer from running out, a staff or battlestaff, monks robes or any wizards' robes depending on what bonus you want, and a magic or glory amulet for their magic attack bonus (glory would be the better of the two as it also has defence bonusses). You will need a decent amount of runes depending on what level you do the Mage Arena at. Around 150 casts should be able to get you through with some runes leftover. The area you get to after pulling the lever is shown below.

Mage Arena
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In the Mage Bank there are 3 NPCs.

Mage Arena Kolodion Kolodion

When you are ready to start the Mage Arena, talk to Kolodion. He is also the last opponent that you need to defeat in order to finish this minigame.
Mage Arena Gundai Gundai

Speak to him to be able to access your bank.
Mage ArenaLundail Lundail

The rune store owner stocks a considerable number of basic runes and most higher level runes. He does not sell souls, bloods, nor combination runes, however.

Shop items and prices can be seen in his shop entry in the Tip.It shops database.
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The battle

When you are ready to fight Kolodion, equipt yourself with the recommended items. Talk to Kolodion and you will be teleported to the Mage Arena to do battle with him. When you kill him, he changes forms into something more powerful. There are a total of 5 forms. If you need to leave the Mage Arena because you are low on runes or health, you can re-enter later at the same stage at which you left.

First Form
The first form Kolodion uses is his human form. He is very easy to kill at this stage and should only take a couple of casts to kill.

Mage ArenaFirstform
Second Form
Kolodion will now change into an Ogre. This is slightly harder than the first form, but as long as you have Protect from Magic on this will be no problem to beat.

Mage ArenaSecondform
Third Form
His third form is an orc. Once again, with prayer on he should be no problem to kill. If you do not have 37 prayer, watch your health.

Mage ArenaThirdform
Fourth Form
His fourth form is a dark beast. Still shouldn't pose much of a challenge if you fire your spells quickly to avoid damage.

Mage ArenaFourthform
Fifth Form
This is the final form of Kolodion that you will need to defeat, a level 112 Demon. It is by far the hardest form, but once again with the protect from magic prayer it will be no problem to defeat him. When you have killed this form, you will be teleported back to the Mage Bank.

Mage ArenaFifthform
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Back in the Mage Bank, Kolodion will tell you that you are a wizard worthy enough to enter the Mage Arena. Before he will let you into the Arena he asks to you choose a God that you will fight for. Step into the nearby pool and talk to the Chamber Guardian that you see. He will tell you to walk through a tunnel to choose your God. In this chamber you will see a statue of all three RuneScape Gods. Pray at the statue of your choice and a saradomin cape, guthix cape or zamorak cape will appear on the floor nearby. Put the cape on and go back to talk to the Chamber Guardian. He will give you a staff of the God that you chose.

Gods Saradomin Statue Gods Guthix Statue Gods Zamorak Statue
Saradomin Guthix Zamorak

Each of the 3 God Staves have their own spell associated with it. These spells are some of the most powerful in all of RuneScape. To be able to use this spell, you will first need to cast it at least 100 times inside the Mage Arena. Just pull the lever to be teleported back outside into the Wilderness and go east to the Arena Entrance. When you go in, you will be attacked by the battle mages there (except the battle Mage of the God who's cape you are wearing). It is possible to learn the spells of the other Gods. Just go back to the Chamber Guardian and he will sell you the other staves for a price of 80,000 gold pieces each. If you want to change the cape you have, simply drop it and pray at the statue of the God who's cape you want. It is worth noting that you can only have one cape at any one time. You cannot get another cape if you have one stored in your bank or on a Cape Rack in a Player Owned House. Check out our Magic Guide for information about the God Spells.

Mage Arena Staffs
Pic Name Default Stock Price to Buy
1218 Saradomin staff 5 80,000
3402 Guthix staff 5 80,000
697 Zamorak staff 5 80,000
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Original Guide by: Demoris

Special thanks to: Jaffy1

Thanks to: bluehooloovo, Cowman_133, Eyehawk78, Georgelemmons, grin_king, lukewilson7, oddfaery2, Pagalba 02, pokemama, Racheya, vader2592, Vulxai, WiseTSM

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