Mage Training Arena Guide

This minigame has been rated as Low Risk. See the minigames page for a definition of high and low risk. It should not be confused with the high level Mage Arena in the wilderness.



The Mage Training Arena is a members-only collection of minigames where players can earn Pizazz points. These points can be spent on unique rewards, which include mage clothing, magic wands, a new spell, and runes. The basement of the Mage Training Arena is where the Rune Mechanics quest can be started.

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This minigame is located just north of the Al Kharid Duelling Arena (the dueling arena must be entered); it is indicated on the minimap by a red star icon near two tree icons. Speak to the Entrance Guardian to get a progress hat. The progress hat keeps track of how many Pizazz points a player has accumulated from each game. Click the 'Talk-to' option in inventory or 'Activate' option when worn to get an update on points. If the progress hat is ever lost, a replacement can obtained from the Entrance Guardian.

Checking Points

Players can begin playing any of the four minigames by stepping into its associated portal within the main building. Each game has specific magic level and rune requirements to play, listed later on. Speak with a game guardian once inside a game to get an explanation of the rules.

MTA Game Portals

Leaving a minigame, logging out, or dying while in the Mage Training Arena will return players to the entrance and remove any items collected during the minigame. Dying will also subtract some Pizzaz points.

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Telekinetic Theatre

Requires: 33 Magic, Law Runes, Air Runes (or air rune supplying staff)
Recommended: None

In this minigame, the goal is to move a Guardian statue from its starting point (boxed in orange in the picture below) to the strangely coloured tile in the maze (boxed in blue).

Telekinetic Theatre Maze

Use telekinetic grab (43 XP per cast) to pull the statue around. Right-click on the statue and click Observe to make it easier to see where the statue needs to be moved to solve the puzzle and easier to telekinetic grab the statue from across the maze. One telekinetic grab moves the statue from its resting place toward the side that the player is next to until its movement is stopped by a wall of the maze.

Statue destination after a pull

In the example above, casting telekinetic grab from where you are will drag it from the orange boxed square to the blue square. It is not necessary to be directly opposite the statue to move it along a maze path, only on the side where the statue is being pulled towards. If stuck in a maze, right-click on the statue and select 'Reset' to return the statue to its original position. Two telekinetic pizazz points are awarded for each completed maze. Upon completion of five mazes, players receive a bonus of 10 law runes, 8 extra telekinetic pizazz, and 1000 magic XP. See our Maze Solutions for the quickest way of finishing the puzzles.

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Alchemists' Playground

Requires: 21 Magic, Nature Runes, Fire Runes (or fire rune supplying staff)
Recommended: 55 Magic for High Alchemy

This minigame requires players to collect the most coins possible by casting high or low alchemy (level 55 magic, 65 XP or level 21 magic, 31 XP) on items they can obtain from cupboards. GP may not be brought into this room. Cupboards in the Alchemists\' Playground A list in the top-right corner indicates each item's alchemy value; both alchemy spells give the same amount. There will occasionally be a green arrow beside an item, which indicates that alching the item will not cost runes until the arrow moves. Use this knowledge to gain some free experience.

Alchemy table

To obtain items to alch, simply click on a cupboard. The items will occasionally change places, but the order in which they are found is always the same. In a clockwise direction they are:

  • Leather Boots
  • Adamant Kiteshield
  • Adamant Helm
  • Emerald
  • Rune Longsword
  • Three Empty Cupboards

This order means you can reliably know where items are located if they find one item. For example, finding Leather Boots in one cupboard will mean that the next cupboard clockwise will contain an Adamant Kiteshield.

The value received for alching each item also changes, so pay attention to the list in the corner of the screen and alch only the most valuable items. To earn Alchemist Playground Pizzass points, deposit coins in the coin collector, which is in the northern part of the room. In addition to the spell XP gained for casting the alchemy spells, players receive 2 magic XP for every coin deposited and 1 Alchemist pizazz point for every 100 coins deposited. Note that coins for pizazz points are not calculated cumulatively, but each time coins are deposited. For example, if 50 coins are deposited and then 50 more are collected and deposited, no pizzaz points will be awarded. Thus it is best to only deposit amounts which are close to a multiple of 100. A maximum of 12000 gp can be deposited into the collector at a time. Depositing more will result in no rewards at all. Upon leaving, players will have 10 gp sent to their bank for every pizzaz point earned during that session (maximum of 1000 gp).

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Enchanting Chamber

Requires: 7 Magic, Cosmic Runes, relevant elemental runes for best enchantment spell (or elemental rune providing staff)
Recommended:Higher magic levels allow for better enchantments. Level 87 Magic gives access to the best enchantment spell.

For this minigame, players need to collect shapes from the corners of the room and then cast jewellery enchantment spells to transform them into orbs. In the bottom-right corner of the screen, the game will display a bonus shape. Only this shape will produce orbs when enchanted and the bonus shape will change periodically. Creating an orb will grant one Enchantment Pizazz point and any orbs in a player's inventory can be deposited, by clicking on the Hole in the centre of the room, for additional rewards.

Hole for depositing orbs

The distribution of shapes in the room is as follows:

  • In the north-west corner, there are yellow cubes and a blue icosahedron.
  • In the north-east corner, there are green cylinders and a red pentamid.
  • In the south-west corner, there are red pentamids and a green cylinder.
  • In the south-east corner, there are blue icosahedrons and a yellow cube.
Yellow Cubes Green Cylinders Red Pentamids Blue Icosahedrons

Since each corner contains two shapes, it is not necessary to run between all four corners. Instead, choose to run between either the two northern rooms or the two southern rooms to collect the shapes.

Use the highest enchantment spell that can be cast in order to maximize pizazz points and XP. Note that spells are worth 25% less experience than normal. See the table below for the required runes for each enchantment and the XP given.

Enchant Spell Levels, Runes, and XP
Enchant Level Magic Skill Level Runes Normal XP Minigame XP
1 7 1 water 17.5 13.125
2 27 3 air 37 27.75
3 49 5 fire 59 44.25
4 57 10 earth 67 50.25
5 68 15 earth + 15 water 78 58.5
6 87 20 earth + 20 fire 97 72.75

One way to earn enchantment is to obtain 6 of each shapes. When a shape becomes the bonus, quickly enchant all of them, dump the orbs in the hole, and then restock on the shape. Every 10th enchanted orb grants extra receive pizazz points (1 point for level 1 enchant, 5 points for level 5 enchant, etc.) and for every 20 orbs enchanted players also receive some runes. Players should keep some space in their inventory to pick up dragonstones that appear on the floor every few minutes. Dragonstones give twice the amount of pizzaz points for the enchantment level used (level 1 gives 2 pizazz, level 5 gives 10 pizazz, etc.) and an orb.

Alternatively, simply collect dragonstones, enchant them for quick points, and then switch worlds, as dragonstone spawns are world dependent. This method is often faster and simpler, but you can sometimes run into others using the same tactic.

Note: The maximum number of enchantment pizazz points that can be held at once is 16,000. Players can continue to use the Enchanting Chamber for XP, but will receive no further pizzaz points.

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Creature Graveyard

Requires: 15 Magic, Nature Runes, Water Runes, Earth Runes (or a mud staff)
Recommended: 60 Magic for Bones to Peaches (needs to be unlocked from this game), Expensive Spices (necklace), Regeneration Bracelet

In this minigame, players receive Graveyard pizazz points based on how many bananas or peaches they deposit in any of the eight food chutes on the walls. Fruit Deposit Chutes Collect bones from the piles scattered across the room which can then be converted into fruit. Each type of bone gives a different number of fruit when converted; the amounts are indicated in chart in the bottom right side of the screen (these values do not change). Each bone pile will give four of each bone, in ascending order of value (four 1s, four 2s, four 3s and four 4s, then back to 1 again).

Bone Values

Cast Bones to Bananas (25 xp) or Bones to Peaches (35.5 xp) to convert all bones in your inventory. Note that Bones to Peaches can only be cast after it has been unlocked with pizzaz points from the Rewards Guardian. Players receive 1 Graveyard pizazz point for every 16 fruit deposited in the food chute, as well as a rune (a Nature, Death, Blood, Earth or Water).

One of the challenges is that players will sustain fairly rapid unblockable hits that damage for 200 LP. To prevent death, players can eat fruit they create using their fruit conversion spells. Bananas heal 200 LP and peaches heal 400 LP, but these amounts are increased by 50 LP if the player is wearing or has the the Expensive Spices amulet in their inventory. Other methods of healing such as wearing a regeneration bracelet, or using the Rapid Heal prayer will also prove helpful as they do not use inventory space. Familiars are not allowed into the Mage Training Arena. Dying will deduct 10 Graveyard points.

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Points summary

Action Reward
Telekinetic Theatre
Complete a single maze 2 points
Complete five mazes in a row 8 bonus points
Alchemists' Playground
Deposit 100 coins into the coin collector 1 point
Enchanting Chamber
Enchant bonus shape 1 point
Level 1 enchant 10 orbs 1 bonus point
Level 2 enchant 10 orbs 2 bonus points
Level 3 enchant 10 orbs 3 bonus points
Level 4 enchant 10 orbs 4 bonus points
Level 5 enchant 10 orbs 5 bonus points
Level 6 enchant 10 orbs 6 bonus points
Level 1 enchant dragonstone 2 points
Level 2 enchant dragonstone 4 points
Level 3 enchant dragonstone 6 points
Level 4 enchant dragonstone 8 points
Level 5 enchant dragonstone 10 points
Level 6 enchant dragonstone 12 points
Creature Graveyard
Deposit 16 pieces of fruit into the food chute 1 point
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Players can redeem their pizzaz points with the Rewards Guardian, who is upstairs in the Arena. Each item requires all four point costs to purchase. This shop does not buy any items. The following is a table of available rewards.

Note: The costs are listed as Telekinetic (Tel), Alchemist (Alch), Enchantment (Ench), and Graveyard (GY) pizazz points. For example, the beginner wand costs 30,30,300,30, which means 30 Telekinetic, 30 Alchemist, 300 Enchantment, and 30 Graveyard pizazz points.

Mage Training Arena Store Weapons/Armour
Pic Name Cost
Magic Attack Magic Defence
4446 Beginner wand 30,30,300,30 +5 +5
4447 Apprentice wand* 60,60,600,60 +10 +10
4448 Teacher wand* 150,200,1500,150 +15 +15
4449 Master wand* 240,240,2400,240 +20 +20
4451 Infinity Hat 350,400,3000,350 +6 +6
4450 Infinity Top 400,450,4000,400 +22 +22
4454 Infinity Bottom 450,500,5000,450 +17 +17
4453 Infinity Gloves 175,225,1500,175 +5 +5
4452 Infinity Boots 120,120,1200,120 +5 +5
4432 Mages' book 500,550,6000,500 +15 +15
3234 Battlestaff 1,2,20,2 +10 +10

* To purchase the Apprentice Wand, players must have the Beginner Wand in inventory as well as the points for the upgrade. Likewise for any of the subsequent wands, the previous tier wand must be possessed in addition to the required points for the new wand.

The master wand gives a 10% boost to the max hit of all combat spells.

The Infinity hat, top, and bottoms, can be changed to different colours after completion of the Rune Mechanics quest. Using these three items on either the Air, Earth, Fire, or Water altar, with a Rune guardian, will modify their colours.

Infinity items

Mage Training Arena Store Spells/Runes
Pic Name Cost Notes
Mage Bones To Peaches Bones to Peaches 200,300,2000,200 Level 60 magic to cast. Peaches heal 400 life points.
1735 Mist Runes 1,1,15,1 Air and Water rune combined
617 Dust Runes 1,1,15,1 Air and Earth rune combined
4623 Mud Runes 1,1,15,1 Earth and Water rune combined
208 Smoke Runes 1,1,15,1 Air and Fire rune combined
3463 Steam Runes 1,1,15,1 Fire and Water rune combined
884 Lava Runes 1,1,15,1 Earth and Fire rune combined
644 Cosmic Runes 0,0,5,0 Used in Enchanting Chamber
2456 Chaos Runes 0,1,5,1 -
1878 Nature Runes 0,1,0,1 Used in Alchemists' Playground and Creature Graveyard
897 Death Runes 2,1,20,1 -
233 Law Runes 2,0,0,0 Used in Telekinetic Theatre
2457 Soul Runes 2,2,25,2 -
1764 Blood Rune 2,2,25,2 -


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