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Magic is a versatile skill and can be used to make money, kill other people or monsters and much more. The spells you can perform can be divided into two categories: harmful and non-harmful. The harmful spells are used to kill monsters or other players, and the non-harmful ones to make your RuneScape life easier. The harmful spells can be divided into strikes, bolts, blasts and waves, but there are also other harmful spells with their own effects. The non-harmful spells include teleportation spells, alchemy spells and enchanting spells, but also include several spells with their own unique effects.

Magic spells can be accessed through the Ability Book. Spells are ordered by type: Magic abilities first, combat spells, teleportation spells and then skill spells. Spells can be cast from the Ability book or by first binding them to the action bar. You can set a combat spell to auto-cast by right clicking it.

Beginner Lumbridge Advisor If you are just starting out in Magic you may want to pay a visit to Roddeck the Advisor located in the building just east of the Lumbridge General Store to learn about the different kinds of runes and magical spells as well as various other tips. You can train your Magic level safely by casting spells on the dummies in the nearby building. You are unable to cast spells on the dummies after you reach the Magic level of 10. To begin your Magic training, you can receive 30 free mind runes and 30 free air runes from Aubury’s Rune Shop in Varrock.
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The runes

In order to cast a spell, you need runes in your inventory which will be used to cast the spell. Below is a list of all the runes, what they look like and where they spawn:

The Runes
Pic Name Description Respawn location
Fire Rune Fire Rune This is one of the elemental runes. The cave on Karamja and Scorpion pit.
Air Rune Air rune This is one of the elemental runes. Lumbridge swamps and Banana field on Karamja.
Earth Rune Earth rune This is one of the elemental runes. Varrock sewers and forest north of Varrock castle.
Water Rune Water rune This is one of the elemental runes. Scorpion pit.
Body Rune Body rune Required for curse spells. Upstairs in the Al Kharid scimitar shop, Varrock sewers and west of Varrock castle.
Mind Rune Mind rune Non-elemental rune used in a few specialized spells. Inside Lumbridge castle and Varrock sewers.
Cosmic Rune Cosmic rune Required for enchanting spells. Top left corner of the wilderness (level 48), guarded by Ice giants and Ice warriors.
Chaos Rune Chaos rune Required for Curse and Teleport Block. Level 37 wilderness, guarded by Moss giants; level 15 wilderness at the dark warriors' castle.
Astral Rune Astral rune Required for most Lunar spells. -
Nature Rune Nature rune Required for alchemy spells. Rellekka beach and Level 45 wilderness; you need to use telekinetic grab to get them.
Death Rune Death rune Required for Ancient Magicks spells. South of Yanille, in the Feldip Hills.
Law Rune Law rune Required for teleportation spells. -
Blood Rune Blood rune Required for Ancient Magicks spells. Wilderness at the poison spiders south of Greaters.
Soul Rune Soul rune Required for high level curse spells. Can only be bought from the Magic Guild in Yanille, Ali's stall in Al Kharid, Baba Yaga on Lunar Isle, or from fellow players. Also dropped by some high level monsters. This is the only rune that cannot be crafted using the Runecrafting skill.
Armadyl Rune Armadyl rune Required to cast Storm of Armadyl. Can only be crafted from Pure essence and Dust of Armadyl at the Air altar.

There are several ways to obtain runes in RuneScape. You can make them yourself using the runecrafting skill, or buy them from fellow players, or get them from killing certain monsters. (If you want fire runes, for example, search that phrase in the Tip.It bestiary to see the monsters that drop them.)

Also, several shops throughout RuneScape sell runes, although they may be at a higher price than those bought from players. Check out the Shop DB entries below to view the stock of each store.

Note: Be aware that not all shops sell every type of rune. The rarer ones (cosmic and above) may not be sold in some shops. There are only two stores in the Free-to-Play (F2P) world: Aubury's in Varrock, south of the east bank and the second is Betty's in Port Sarim.

Rune Shops
Shop Requirements to use store
Aubury's Rune Shop None
Betty's Magic Emporium None
Lundail's Arena-side Rune Shop Bring a weapon with slash attack to cut through spider webs, and be aware that you will have to travel through the Wilderness to use this store.
Magic Guild Store Level 66 magic is required to enter the guild. You can enter with 63 if you use a magic potion or a wizard's mind bomb.
Ali's Discount Wares Runes -Small- - Large- Requires completion of the Rune Mysteries quest and to have completed the rune section of the Rogue Trader minigame.
Battle Runes You must have completed the Abyss miniquest to use this store
Baba Yaga’s Magic Shop You must have at least started the Lunar Diplomacy quest and you must be wearing the seal of passage to access this shop.
Void Knight Magic Store None
TzHaar-Mej-Roh's Rune Store This shop does not use Gold Pieces (gp) as currency, you must use Tokkul as currency
Magic Training Arena Rewards Shop This shop does not use Gold Pieces (gp) as currency, you must use Pizazz Points instead.
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Combination runes

Combination runes are runes that have the abilities of 2 elemental runes put together. The only place to buy these runes is from the Mage Training Arena rewards shop in exchange for Pizazz Points. The only other ways to get them are to buy from other players, or craft them yourself with the Runecrafting skill. They can also be dropped by some monsters. The runes are hard to make and often expensive, therefore they aren't very good to train with. An elemental staff or battlestaff is better. But for PK'ing, or during quests, or any time pack space is at a premium, they are very useful since they take only one space instead of two.

Combination Runes
Pic Name Elements
Mist Rune Mist rune Air and Water
Dust Rune Dust rune Air and Earth
Mud Rune Mud rune Water and Earth
Smoke Rune Smoke rune Air and Fire
Steam Rune Steam rune Water and Fire
Lava Rune Lava rune Earth and Fire
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The spells

Now we know where to get the runes, we need to know what we can do with them. Here's a list of all the basic spells of RuneScape, with their effects and the amount of runes needed. Member spells are shown on grey rows. As mentioned before, in your spell book tab, you can change the spell display to order by levels (default), teleport spells first, or combat spells first.

Damage inducing spells are shown in bold to locate them easily. The table also includes the base amount of experience you will receive for casting a spell. Experience based on damage inflicted is explained in more detail in the Experience points section.

The table also shows ordinary maximum hit for each offensive spell. Max hit can be boosted several ways, see Increasing max hit. In this table, only the non-increased versions of the maximum hits are shown.

The spells
Pic Level Name Description Runes required Exp Max Hit
Home Teleport 0 Home Teleport Teleports you to any one of various lodestones (see notes*). None 0 -
Wind Rush 1 Air Strike A simple air spell. 1 Air 2.7+ 10
Confuse 3 Confuse Reduces the target's chance to hit by 5% for 1 minute. 1 Body 13 -
Bolt Enchantment 4 Bolt Enchantment See bolts section below. (see below) See below -
Water Strike 5 Water Strike A simple water spell. 1 Water, 1 Air 7.5+ 40
Enchant Level 1 jewellery 7 Enchant Level 1 Jewellery Enchants a sapphire amulet, bracelet, necklace, or ring. 1 Water, 1 Cosmic 17.5 -
Earth Strike 9 Earth Strike A simple earth spell. 1 Earth, 1 Air 9.5+ 60
Mobilising Armies Teleport 10 Mobilising Armies Teleport. Teleports you to Mobilising Armies 1 Law, 1 Water, 1 Air 19 -
Weaken 11 Weaken Reduces the target's damage dealt by 5% for 1 minute. 1 Body 20.5 -
Fire Strike 13 Fire Strike A simple fire spell. 1 Air, 1 Fire 11.5+ 80
Bones to Bananas 15 Bones to Bananas Changes all held bones up to and including big bones into bananas. 2 Earth, 2 Water, 1 Nature 25 -
Air Bolt 17 Wind Bolt A basic air spell. 2 Air 13.5+ 90
Curse 19 Curse Increases the target's damage received by 5% for 1 minute. 1 Chaos 29 -
Bind 20 Bind Prevents creatures from moving for 20 seconds, or players from moving for 10 seconds. 1 Nature 30 -
Low Level Alchemy 21 Low Level Alchemy Converts an item into gold. 3 Fire, 1 Nature 31 -
Water Bolt 23 Water Bolt A basic water spell. 2 Air, 2 Water 16.5+ 100
Varrock Teleport 25 Varrock Teleport Teleports you to Varrock Centre (or the Grand Exchange if switched after the Easy Varrock Tasks). 3 Air, 1 Fire, 1 Law 35 -
Enchant Level 2 Jewellery 27 Enchant Level 2 Jewellery Enchants an emerald amulet, bracelet, necklace, or ring. 3 Air, 1 Cosmic 37 -
Earth Bolt 29 Earth Bolt A basic earth spell. 2 Air, 2 Earth 19.5+ 110
Lumbridge Teleport 31 Lumbridge Teleport Teleports you to Lumbridge. 3 Air, 1 Earth, 1 Law 41 -
Telekinetic grab 33 Telekinetic grab Take an item you can see but can't reach. 1 Air, 1 Law 43 -
Fire Bolt 35 Fire Bolt A basic fire spell. 2 Air, 2 Fire 22.5+ 120
Falador Teleport 37 Falador Teleport Teleports you to Falador. 3 Air, 1 Water, 1 Law 48 -
House teleport 40 House teleport Teleports you to your house portal. 1 Air, 1 Earth, 1 Law 30 -
Air Blast 41 Wind Blast A standard air spell 3 Air 25.5+ 130
Superheat Item 43 Superheat Item Smelt ore without a furnace. To smelt Steel, Mithril, Adamant and Rune bars, have the appropriate number of coal required and use the spell on the ore of the bar you wish to make. Note that superheating iron bars is failproof at any level, unlike regular smelting. 4 Fire, 1 Nature 53 -
Camelot Teleport 45 Camelot Teleport Teleports you to Camelot. Wearing Seers' headband 3 will deposit you directly south of the pub in Seers' Village. 5 Air, 1 Law 55.5 -
Water Blast 47 Water Blast A standard water spell. 3 Air, 3 Water 28.5+ 140
Enchant Level 3 Jewellery 49 Enchant Level 3 Jewellery Enchants a ruby amulet, bracelet, necklace, or ring. 5 Fire, 1 Cosmic 59 -
Magic Lvl50a 50 Iban Blast Missile attack that can do up to 250 damage. Can only be cast when wielding Iban's Staff, obtained from the Underground Pass Quest. 5 fire, 1 Death, Iban staff 42.5+ 250
Snare 50 Snare Prevents creatures from moving for 30 seconds, or players for 15 seconds. 2 Nature 60.5+ 20
Slayer Dart 50 Slayer dart A powerful air spell, which is particularly effective against certain Slayer creatures. Slayer Staff or Staff of Light, 1 Death, 4 Mind 30+ 190**
Ardougne teleport 51 Ardougne teleport Teleports you to Ardougne (must do the Plague City quest first). 2 Water, 2 Law 61 -
Earth Blast 53 Earth Blast A standard earth spell. 3 Air, 3 Earth 31.5+ 150
High Level Alchemy 55 High Level Alchemy Convert an item into more gold. 5 Fire, 1 Nature 65 -
Charge Water Orb 56 Charge Water Orb Needs to be cast on the water Obelisk. 30 water, 3 cosmic, 1 Unpowered orb 66 -
Enchant Level 4 Jewellery 57 Enchant Level 4 Jewellery Enchants a diamond amulet, bracelet, necklace, or ring. 10 Earth, 1 Cosmic 67 -
Watchtower Teleport 58 Watchtower Teleport Teleports you to the watchtower (must do the Watch Tower quest first) or to Yanille (if switched after the Hard Ardougne Tasks ). 2 earth, 2 law 68 -
Fire Blast 59 Fire Blast A standard fire spell. 3 Air, 3 Fire 34.5+ 160
Bones to Peaches 60 Bones to Peaches Changes all held bones up to and including big bones into peaches (must buy it from the Mage Training Arena first). 4 Earth, 4 Water, 2 Nature 35.5 -
Charge Earth Orb 60 Charge Earth Orb Needs to be cast on the Earth Obelisk. 30 Earth, 3 Cosmic, 1 Unpowered orb 70 -
Claws of Guthix 60 Divine Storm A powerful air spell (must learn in Mage Arena). It replaced the old Claws of Guthix, Flames of Zamorak, and Saradomin Strike spells, along with the power-up spell Charge. 5 Air ?? ??
Trollheim Teleport 61 Trollheim Teleport Teleports you to Trollheim (must do Eadgar's Ruse quest first). 2 Fire, 2 Law 68 -
Wind Wave 62 Air Wave A powerful air spell. 4 Air 36+ 170
Charge Fire Orb 63 Charge Fire Orb Needs to be cast on the Fire Obelisk. 30 Fire, 3 Cosmic, 1 Unpowered orb 73 -
Ape Atoll teleport 64 Ape Atoll teleport Teleports you to the Ape Atoll (requires Awowogei portion of Recipe for Disaster quest). 1 Banana, 2 Fires, 2 Waters, 2 Laws 74 -
Water Wave 65 Water Wave A powerful water spell. 4 Water, 4 Air 37.5+ 180
Charge Air Orb 66 Charge Air Orb Needs to be cast on the Air Obelisk. 30 Air, 3 Cosmic, 1 Unpowered orb 76 -
Vulnerability 66 Vulnerability Increases the target's damage received by 10% for 1 minute. 1 Chaos, 1 Soul 76 -
Enchant Level 5 Jewellery 68 Enchant Level 5 Jewellery Enchants a dragonstone amulet, bracelet, necklace, or ring. 15 Earth, 15 Water, 1 Cosmic 78 -
Earth Wave 70 Earth Wave A powerful earth spell. 4 Earth, 4 Air 40+ 190
Enfeeble 73 Enfeeble Reduces the target's damage dealt by 10% for 1 minute. 1 Body, 1 Soul 83 -
Teleother Lumbridge 74 Teleother Lumbridge Teleports target player to Lumbridge. 1 Soul, 1 Law, 1 Earth 84 -
Fire Wave 75 Fire Wave A powerful fire spell. 7 Fire, 5 Air, 1 Blood 42.5+ 200
Storm of Armadyl 77 Storm of Armadyl Unlocked after Ritual of the Mahjarrat. Deals damage and lowers the targets defence by 1 on each successful cast. 1 Armadyl 70+ 160+***
Entangle 79 Entangle Prevents creatures from moving for 40 seconds, or players for 20 seconds. 5 Earth, 5 Water, 4 Nature 91+ 40
Stagger 80 Stagger Reduces the target's chance to hit by 10% for one minute. 1 Mind, 1 Soul 90 -
Air surge 81 Wind surge A very powerful air spell. 5 Air 75+ 220
Teleother Falador 82 Teleother Falador Teleports target player to Falador. 1 Soul, 1 Law, 1 Water 92 -
Magic Lvl85b 85 Teleblock Stops enemy from teleporting for 5 minutes. 1 Chaos, 1 Law, 1 Death 80 -
Water surge 85 Water surge A very powerful water spell. 5 Water, 5 Air 80+ 240
Enchant Level 6 Jewellery 87 Enchant Level 6 Jewellery Enchants an onyx amulet, bracelet, necklace, or ring. 1 Cosmic, 20 Earth, 20 Fire 97 -
Teleother Camelot 90 Teleother Camelot Teleports target player to Camelot. 2 Soul, 1 Law, 100 -
Earth surge 90 Earth surge A very powerful earth spell. 5 Earth, 5 Air 85+ 260
Water surge 95 Fire surge A very powerful fire spell. 5 Fire, 5 Air 90+ 280

* No runes are required for the Home Teleport spell, but the spell animation takes some time so it cannot be used to leave combat. However, it is very useful for players who are lost and need to get back to familiar ground. For players in the tutorial mode for the Burthorpe area, this spell will only teleport them to Burthorpe until the tutorial mode is disabled. Refer to the Lodestone section of the Getting Around guide for more information on lodestones.

** With 99 Magic, the Magic Dart Spell can increase to a maximum of 200 damage.

*** For every magic level the user has above 77, an extra 5 damage is added to the maximum hit of Storm of Armadyl. It also has a minimum damage, provided that the spell scores a successful hit.

Increasing max hit

Certain staves increase the maximum hit of all combat spells by 10%. These staves include: Ahrim's Staff, Ancient Staff, Master wand, Corrupt Zuriel's staff, Zuriel's staff and Void Knight Mace. You can read more about these staves in the Staves and the Special Spell Staves sections of this guide.

Certain rewards from the Dungeoneering Skill increase your magic accuracy bonus. The Gravite staff increases your accuracy by 550 and the Chaotic staff increases your accuracy by 800. The Arcane Necklaces, when worn in the amulet slot, boost your Magic stat as follows:

If your magic level is increased by any means your max hit will increase by 3% per boosted level. See the Skill Boosts section for details on how to boost your magic level.

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Experience points

Each spell will earn you a certain number of experience points towards your magic skill when cast. These are in the table above. However, with damaging spells, there are two contributors to experience. There is a base amount of experience you will always receive when you cast the spell, even if you fail it and see a splash, and this is the value in the table above. But you also receive extra magic experience and Constitution experience depending on how much damage you inflict. For those spells that give experience over the base you will see a "+" beside the experience value.

For these spells, there is also a maximum on how much damage you can inflict - and this number is on the last column of the above table. However, please note that after the completion of Family Crest quest, members can wear chaos gauntlets that increase the damage of bolt spells (those using chaos runes).

  • For every damage point you hit your opponent, you receive .2 magic experience.
  • You also receive .133 life points experience for every damage point you inflict.

If you put your attack style to defensive, you get .1 point experience in magic and .1 point experience in defence for every damage point you inflict.

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High Alchemy Spell

This spell can be cast once you have achieved level 55 magic and plays an important role in the RuneScape economy. Players often use this spell with valuable objects to convert them to gold (aka gp). Common examples would be smithers high alching steel platebodies and fletchers high alching yew or magic longbows. The strategy to use with this idea is if you can make or purchase an item cheaper than its' High Alch value and the cost of a nature rune, then you will make a profit.

High Alchemy in action

The most efficient system would be to buy items you wish to alchemy from the Grand Exchange. However, most items run a loss this way, and the few items that may profit are either short-lived or difficult to buy. Thus, you may opt to make items from scratch yourself. Taking the example of Yew Long Bows - you would pick and spin the flax yourself, then chop a tree and fletch the log yourself, and finally runecraft the nature runes to use to High Alch the bow. Of course this analogy can be used for other items which you can smith, craft and so on. Some players will buy some of the resources in order to save time and yet still make a profit. In our example, the player might buy the nature runes instead of crafting them himself. Our High Alchemy Calculator lists High Alch values to help you out.

Top Tip: You can withdraw large amounts of an item as notes and alch them one by one, so you don't have to be in a bank all the time.

Below are some ideas for activities with built-in "break" times that you can fill by high alching:

  • Mine ores from slow spawning ores, such as Runite in the Heroes' guild.
  • Watch duels in the duelling Arena and throw the occasional tomato.
  • Thieve from slow spawning stalls and chests. It's especially useful to steal from a nature chest.
  • Buy stock that slowly spawns in certain shops such as the Culinaromancer's chest in the basement of Lumbridge Castle.
  • Hang around in crowded merchanting hot spots and look out for good deals.
  • Farm an important crop like Ranarr or other high level herbs that you want to watch carefully.
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Bolt Enchantments (members only)

Using a crossbow you can shoot enchanted crossbow bolts (see the Fletching guide for making them and the Ranging guide for using them.) Firing an enchanted bolt has a chance of having a particular effect on the enemy, listed in the table below.

Each different type of crossbow bolt uses a different enchantment. In order to enchant crossbow bolts, have the bolts in your pack and click on the crossbow icon (it is on the magic book page as a level 4 spell) to access the crossbow bolt enchantment page.

Bolt Enchantment Page

The spells
Bolt Level Name Description Runes required XP gained
Bronze with Opal tips 4 Lucky Lightning Can cause a lightning bolt to hit your opponent inflicting damage. 1 Cosmic, 2 Air 9
Mithril with Sapphire tips 7 Clear Mind Can lower your opponents Prayer points and give them to you. Only works on human controlled players. 1 Cosmic, 1 Water, 1 Mind 17.5
Blurite with Jade tips 14 Earth's Fury Can cause your opponent to be knocked down, stunning them. 1 Cosmic, 2 Earth 19
Iron with Pearl tips 24 Sea Curse Causes water to fall on your opponent, inflicting damage. Water staves prevent this, fire opponents are vulnerable to it. 1 Cosmic, 2 Water 29.5
Mithril with Emerald tips 27 Magical Poison Makes bolts super poisoned, with greater chance of poisoning than using a potion. 1 Cosmic, 3 Air, 1 Nature 33.5
Steel with Red Topaz tips 29 Down to Earth Can lower your opponents magic level. Only works on human controlled players. 1 Cosmic, 2 Fire 37
Adamantite with Ruby tips 49 Blood Forfeit Can cause opponent to lose 20% of their life points. In return, you lose 10% of yours. 1 Cosmic, 5 Fire, 1 Blood 59
Adamantite with Diamond tips 57 Armour Piercing Can ignore a part of your opponent's Ranged Defence. 1 Cosmic, 10 Earth, 2 Law 67
Runite with Dragonstone tips 68 Dragon's Breath Can hit with the power of dragon breath. Power is lost when fighting someone with a anti- dragonbreath shield or a monster that can use fire breath. 1 Cosmic, 15 Earth, 1 Soul 78
Runite with Onyx tips 87 Life Leech Can inflict extra damage to the opponent. A portion of this extra damage heals the shooter of the bolt. 1 Cosmic, 20 Fire, 1 Death 97
Ascension with Hydrix tips (Ascendri) 87 Deathmark Has a chance to grant a status giving 1% extra adrenaline on hit. 1 Cosmic, 20 Fire, 1 Death 97
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Spell Tablets

By making use of Lecterns in the Study of your player-owned house, players can craft special spell tablets. These are identical to the spells they represent, however you do not need to have the required level to cast the spell, be on the regular magics spellbook, or even have unlocked the requirements. In addition, they take only one space in your inventory and are stackable. The player who uses the tablet does not receive any experience; the maker receives all of the experience. To make a tablet, you must have the requirements to cast the spell normally, the runes for the spell, and a piece of soft clay, as well as the required lectern type.

Teleport Tablets
Lectern Type Can Craft
Oak Enchant Sapphire, Varrock Teleport
Oak Demon Enchant Sapphire, Enchant Emerald, Varrock teleport, Bones to Bananas
Oak Eagle Enchant Sapphire, Varrock teleport, Falador Teleport, Lumbridge Teleport
Teak Demon Enchant Sapphire, Enchant Emerald, Enchant Ruby, Varrock teleport, Bones to Bananas
Teak Eagle Enchant Sapphire, Varrock Teleport, Falador Teleport, Lumbridge Teleport, Camelot Teleport, Ardougne Teleport
Mahogany Demon Enchant Sapphire, Enchant Emerald, Enchant Ruby, Enchant Diamond, Enchant Dragonstone, Enchant Onyx, Varrock teleport, Bones to Bananas, Bones to Peaches
Mahogany Eagle Enchant Sapphire, Varrock Teleport, Falador Teleport, Lumbridge Teleport, Camelot Teleport, Ardougne Teleport, Watchtower Teleport, House Teleport

After Love Story, players can use a chisel on Teleport to House tablets and redirect the tablet to either Rimmington, Taverley, Rellekka, Brimhaven, or Yanille. This is an irreversible process. When the tablet is broken, it will teleport you in front of the house portal at the chosen destination.



There are actually two kinds of staves, the staves that everyone can use and the staves that are members only. The staves that everyone can use can be bought in Varrock square from Zaff's staff shop, and are also sometimes obtained as monster drops. Typically, the magic offence and defence stat bonus is the same.

For free to play, first there's the ordinary staff. For only 15 coins, it doesn't add much to your magic skill. Then there's the magical staff, which boosts your magic a bit and that's it. So it's not really of any interest. Then, the staves of air, water, earth and fire. That's what we need! Each of these staves boosts your magic and when you wield one, it'll serve as an unlimited supply of that certain rune. So a fire staff will let you use spells where you need fire runes, without having the fire runes! And the same goes for the other elemental staves.

Picture Name Price Level
Staff Staff 15gp 0
Magic Staff Magic Staff 200gp 1
Staff Of Air Staff of Air 1500gp 1
Staff Of Water Staff of Water 1500gp 1
Staff Of Earth Staff of Earth 1500gp 1
Staff Of Fire Staff of Fire 1500gp 1

Moving on to member items, first there's the Battlestaff. Plain battlestaves can be purchased in Varrock, at the Magic Guild, and on Lunar Island. They are also dropped by monsters sometimes. However, they aren't so great at this stage, although they have improved attack combat stats and a +32 strength bonus. You must have 30 Magic and 30 Attack to wield all battlestaves.

Then there are elemental battlestaves, which cannot be bought in their full glory in shops (though they are sometimes dropped by monsters). Elemental battlestaves are made from battlestaves with a certain crafting skill; read more about that in the Crafting guide. As with the ordinary elemental staves, they give an infinite supply of the matching elemental rune.

Member Staves
Picture Name Price Level
Battlestaff Battlestaff 7,000 Gp 30
Air Battlestaff Air Battlestaff Player made or monster drops 30
Water Battlestaff Water Battlestaff Player made or monster drops 30
Earth Battlestaff Earth Battlestaff Player made or monster drops 30
Fire Battlestaff Fire battlestaff Player made or monster drop 30
Lava Battlestaff Lava Battlestaff Dropped by the Kalphite Queen, Aberrant Specters and Infernal Mages 30
Mud Battlestaff Mud Battlestaff Dropped by Dagannoth Prime 30
Steam Battlestaff Steam Battlestaff Dropped by K'ril Tsutsaroth 30
Mystic Air Staff Mystic Air Staff Air battlestaff and 40,000 gp (see notes below) 40
Mystic Water Staff Mystic Water Staff Water battlestaff and 40,000 gp(see notes below) 40
Mystic Earth Staff Mystic Earth Staff Earth Battlestaff and 40,000 gp(see notes below) 40
Mystic Fire Staff Mystic Fire Staff Fire battlestaff and 40,000 gp (see notes below) 40
Mystic Lava Staff Mystic Lava Staff Lava Staff and 40,000 gp(see notes below) 40
Mystic Mud Staff Mystic Mud Staff Mud Staff and 40,000 gp(see notes below) 40
Mystic Steam Staff Mystic Steam Staff Steam battlestaff and 40,000 gp (see notes below) 40

The lava battlestaff gives you unlimited earth and fire runes. The mud battlestaff gives unlimited earth and water runes, which makes it extremely useful for spells like bind, curse, weaken and confuse. The steam battlestaff supplies unlimited water and fire runes.

Members who have completed the Scorpion Catcher quest can take an a elemental battlestaff to Thormac the Sorceror in his tower south-east of the Ranged Guild. For a 40,000 gp fee, he will enchant it into a Mystic fire/earth/water/air/lava/mud/steam staff. Level 40 Magic and 40 Attack are required to wield a mystic staff, which has better attack combat stats and a +50 strength bonus. A mystic staff still serves the same purpose as the other staves: an unlimited source of fire/earth/water/air (or combination) runes, depending on which staff you have.

Additional unique staffs are available to members as their quest experience and skills increase.

Unique Staves
Pic Name Level Required Price / Origin
Dramen Staff Dramen Staff - Player made, Lost City quest
White Magic Staff White Magic Staff - White Knight Rank not required to wield. "Noble" ranks can buy for 200 gp from armoury unlocked after the Wanted! quest.
Penance Trident Penance Trident - Barbarian Assault minigame, bought for 390 points in each rank
Ancient Staff * Ancient Staff 50 Desert Treasure quest, also requires 50 attack
Toktz-mej-tal -Staff- Toktz-mej-tal 60 Buy for Tok'kul from weapons shop in TzHaar, also requires 60 attack
Lunar Staff Lunar Staff 65 Lunar Diplomacy quest, also requires 40 defence
Ahrim\\'s Staff * Ahrim's Staff 70 Barrows, also requires 70 attack
Penance Master Trident Penance Master Trident 70 Barbarian Assault minigame, also requires 70 attack. An upgrade of the Penance Trident

Staves with an asterisk (*) in front of their name increase the maximum hit of all combat spells by 10% when wielded.

Some special staves that are required in order to cast certain spells are listed in the Special Spell Staves section of this guide.

Magic wands and a mages book, shown in the Magical Armour section of this guide, can be obtained from the Mage Training Arena minigame. Their magic attack and defence stat bonuses range from +5 to +20.

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Special Spell Staves (members only)

There are a few special spells that you need certain staves for; you might have seen them already in the spell list. They are the Iban Blast, Magic Dart, Claws of Guthix, Saradomin Strike, Flames of Zamorak, and the Miasmic spells (from Ancient Magicks).

Let's start with the spell called Iban Blast. You need to complete the Underground Pass quest to get the special Iban staff required for this spell. This staff has 120 charges and then can be recharged in the Underground Pass. Information on recharging it and or replacing it is available in the Iban's Staff items database record. The Iban staff has melee stats similar to mystic battlestaves (discussed under Staves in this guide). The Iban blast is obviously not a very effective spell to train your magic, but you could use it to duel other players.

Special Spell Staves
Pic Name Level Required Price / Origin Specialty Spell Involved
Iban\\'s Staff Iban's Staff 50 Underground Pass quest Iban Blast
Slayer\\'s Staff Slayer's staff 50 21,000 gp from any Slayer master, also requires 55 slayer Magic Dart
Guthix Staff Guthix staff 60 Mage Arena miniquest Claws Of Guthix
Saradomin Staff Saradomin staff 60 Mage Arena miniquest Saradomin Strike
Zamorak Staff Zamorak staff 60 Mage Arena miniquest Flames Of Zamorak
Void Knight Mace * Void Knight Mace 42 Buy with Pest Control minigame points. Requires 42 Attack, Defence, Strength, Constitution, and Ranged, and 22 Prayer Claws of Guthix
Staff Of Light + Staff of light 75 Obtain as a random drop from an Ice strykewyrm or buy it from other players; also requires 75 attack. Magic Dart, Power of Light
Zuriel\\'s Staff * Zuriel's staff 78 (or 20 for corrupt) Obtain as a random drop from kill revenants in the Forinthry Dungeon, or buy it from other players 4 Miasmic spells, other Ancient Magicks

Staves with an asterisk (*) in front of their name increase the maximum hit of all combat spells by 10% when wielded.

Staves with an addition symbol (+) in front of their name increase the maximum hit of all combat spells by 15% when wielded.

The Slayer staff is required to cast the Magic Dart spell, designed for killing Turoth and Kurask slayer monsters.

The three god staves are all from the same miniquest in the members wilderness, called the Mage Arena. You have to finish this game before you can choose one of these staves: either the staff of Guthix, Saradomin or Zamorak. Each spell costs different types of runes and each has the potential to cause a certain effect on other players. Before you can use these staves and the spells outside the Mage Arena, you need to cast the spell that belongs with your staff 100 times in the Arena. This will cost you 200 blood runes + the other runes involved; if you don't have the money, don't bother.

The Void Knight Mace has the special ability to cast Claws of Guthix.

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Magical armour

Magical armour/robes and jewellery can further increase your magic bonus. Non-members can choose from blue wizard robes, dark wizard robes, and robes from Fist of Guthix. There is a much wider variety of choice for members. The following table shows mage stat bonuses.

Magical armour, robes, jewellery, and accessories
Pic Name Armour Magic bonus Prayer bonus
Wizard Robe Wizard robe top 25 0 0
Wizard Hat -Blue- Wizard hat -blue- 22 0 0
Wizard Robe Skirt Wizard robe skirt 33 0 0
Black Robe Black robe top 25 0 0
Wizard Hat -Black- Wizard hat -black- 30 0 0
Black Robe Skirt Black robe skirt 33 0 0
Zamorak Robe -Red Top- Zamorak robe -red top- 34 0 3
Zamorak Robe -Bottom- Zamorak robe -bottom- 0 0 3
Wizard Boots Wizard boots 15 0 0
God Capes God capes 25 3 0
Amulet Of Power Amulet of power 0 15 1
Amulet Of Magic Amulet of magic 0 18 0
Amulet Of Glory (4) Amulet of glory 0 26 2
Amulet Of Fury Amulet of fury 0 3 32
Seers\\' Ring Seers' ring 0 17 0
Beacon Ring Beacon ring 3 2 0
Elemental Helmet Elemental helmet 22 0 0
Elemental Shield Elemental shield 22 0 0
Mind Helmet Mind helmet 30 0 0
Mind Shield Mind shield 30 0 0
Anti-dragon Shield Anti-dragon shield 30 0 0
Farseer Helm (charged) Farseer helm 125 11 0
Hexcrest Hexcrest 63 120 0
Saradomin\'s Holy Book Saradomin's holy book 51 1 2
Guthix\'s Book Of Balance Guthix's book of balance 30 2 2
Zamorak\'s Unholy Book Zamorak's unholy book 0 5 2
Chaos Gauntlets Chaos Gauntlets 0 0 0
The family gauntlets from the Family Crest quest enchanted by Johnathon, the brother in the Jolly Boar Inn. When worn, bolt spells will hit harder. This is helpful to make better use of your chaos runes and deal more damage faster to your enemies.
Prbroodooani2 Broodoo Shield 76 0 2
Ragefire Boots Ragefire boots 108 0 0

There are also many more robe and equipment choices. Some may be part of sets, and some may provide an extra bonus when worn as a set. However that is not to say you can not mix and match. Feel free to try combinations to see which one suits you better.

Dungeoneering Rewards
Dungeoneering provides a wide varity of magical equipment. Some of these items provide a boost to your Magic Damage to increase your max hit possible with all spells appliable. These rewards can be purchased with Dungeoneering Tokens which you recieve from completing floors in Daemonheim.

Dungeoneering Rewards
Pic Item Cost in Tokens Level Magic req. Magic bonus/accuracy
Arcane Pulse Necklace # Arcane pulse necklace 6.5k 30 30 ?
Arcane Blast Necklace * Arcane blast necklace 15k 50 50 24
Arcane Stream Necklace + Arcane stream necklace 30k 70 80 44
Nature Staff Nature staff 12.5k 53 53 928
Requires 40 Attack.
Law Staff Law staff 10k 45 45 732
Requires 40 Attack.
Tome Of Frost Tome of frost 43k 0 48 801
Gravite Staff # Gravite staff 40k 55 55 983
Chaotic Staff ! Chaotic staff 200k 80 80 1924

Items with a number sign (#) in front of their name increase the maximum hit of all combat spells by 5% when equiped.

Items with an asterisk (*) in front of their name increase the maximum hit of all combat spells by 10% when equiped.

Items with an addition symbol (+) in front of their name increase the maximum hit of all combat spells by 15% when equiped.

Items with an explanation mark (!) in front of thier name increase the maximum hit of all combat skills by 20% when equiped.

The Nature and Law Staves can hold up to 1000 Nature or Law runes, respectively. While using these staves, you have a 1/10 chance of not using the Nature/Law runes required for the spell you're casting.

Wielded in the shield slot, the Tome of Frost provides an infinite stock of Water runes.

Magical Blastbox are used to hold the runes for bolt or blast spells in a single inventory space. Also has a chance of increasing your magic damage when equipped, while the Celestial Surgebox holds the runes for surge spells.

Mystic Robes (members only)
Special mage robes can be bought in the Magic Guild from the Robe Salesman on the first floor. Level 30 Defence is required to wear Mystic Robes. The mystic robes are also available in other colours (black/red and white/gold); these can only be obtained by killing slayer monsters. Check our bestiary for more information on the drops.

Mystic Robes
Pic Name Armour Price
Mystic Hat -Blue- Mystic Hat 90 15,000 gp
Mystic Robe Top -Blue- Mystic Robe Top 104 120,000 gp
Mystic Robe Bottom -Blue- Mystic Robe Bottom 99 80,000 gp
Mystic Gloves -Blue- Mystic Gloves 22 10,000 gp
Mystic Boots -Blue- Mystic Boots 22 10,000 gp

Infinity Robes/Wands (members only)
During the Mage Training Arena minigame you can collect pizazz points and then trade them in for Infinity robes. They require 55 defence to wear. Note: The costs are listed as Telekinetic (Tel) pizazz, Alchemist (Alch) pizazz, Enchantment (Ench) pizazz, and Graveyard (GY) pizazz points. For example, the beginner wand costs 30,30,300,30, so it would cost 30 Telekinetic pizazz, 30 Alchemist pizazz, 300 Enchantment pizazz, and 30 Graveyard pizazz points.

Infinity Armour/Wands
Pic Name Cost (Tel, Alch, Ench, GY) Level Accuracy
Beginner Wand Beginner wand 30,30,300,30 0 732
Apprentice Wand Apprentice wand 60,60,600,60 50 850
Teacher Wand Teacher wand 150,200,1500,150 55 983
Master Wand * Master wand 240,240,2400,240 60 1132
Mages\' Book Mages' book 500,550,6000,500 60 1132
Pic Name Cost (Tel, Alch, Ench, GY) Armour
Infinity Hat Infinity hat 350,400,3000,350 196
Infinity Top Infinity top 400,450,4000,400 226
Infinity Bottoms Infinity bottoms 450,500,5000,450 216
Infinity Boots Infinity boots 120,120,1200,120 49
Infinity Gloves Infinity gloves 175,225,1500,175 49

Staves with an asterisk (*) in front of their name increase the maximum hit of all combat spells by 10% when wielded.

Enchanted Robes (members only)
Enchanted robes are obtained from level 3 clue scrolls. You must have 45 Defence to wear them.

Enchanted Robes
Pic Name Armour
Enchanted Hat Enchanted Hat 146
Enchanted Top Enchanted Top 168
Enchanted Robe Enchanted Robe 161

Lunar Robes/Items (members only)
Lunar robes are obtained from the Lunar Diplomacy quest. You are required to make them to complete this quest. After you have made them you can buy extra sets from Oneiromancer. They require 65 Magic and 40 Defence to wear.

Lunar Robes/Items
Pic Name Armour/accuracy Magic bonus
Lunar Helm Lunar Helm 125 0
Lunar Torso Lunar Torso 144 0
Lunar Legs Lunar Legs 138 0
Lunar Gloves Lunar Gloves 31 0
Lunar Boots Lunar Boots 31 0
Lunar Cape Lunar Cape 18 0
Lunar Staff Lunar Staff 850 0
Lunar Amulet Lunar Amulet 0 8
Lunar Ring Lunar Ring 12 0

Void Knight Armour (members only)
Void Knight Armour consists of a Top, Bottom, Gloves, Deflector, and a Helmet. These pieces are rewards from the Pest Control and Conquest minigames. The Robe and Top both cost 250 Commendation points each, the mage helm requires 200 Commendation points, and the Gloves and Deflector both cost 150 Commendation points. If the Void mage helm plus three other pieces of the set are worn, you will receive a 30% accuracy boost to your magic spells. You need level 42 Attack, Strength, Defence, Constitution, Range and Magic and level 22 Prayer to wear.

Void Knight Armour
Pic Name Armour bonus Life Bonus
Void Knight Top Void knight top 153 0
Void Knight Robe Void knight robe 99 540
Void Mage Helm Void mage helm 137 516
Void Knight Gloves Void knight gloves 45 0
Void Knight Deflector Void knight deflector 81 405

Splitbark Armour (members only)
Some more effective mage armour, which has bonuses other than magic, is splitbark armour. This is a bit hard to make, so if you want more information about this, please visit our Splitbark Armour guide. You need to have level 40 Defence to wear Splitbark Armour

Splitbark Armour
Picture Name Armour Bonus
Splitbark Helm Splitbark helm 125
Splitbark Body Splitbark body 144
Splitbark Legs Splitbark legs 138
Splitbark Gauntlets Splitbark gauntlets 31
Splitbark Boots Splitbark boots 31

Skeletal Armour (members only)
Another form of armour with defence bonuses beyond magic is Skeletal Armour. Made from the bones of Wallasalkis, this armour is designed and produced by Peer the Seer in his home in Fremennik Village. You need to have level 50 Defence to wear Skeletal Armour

Skeletal Armour
Picture Name Magic Bonus Armour
Skeletal Helm Skeletal helm 12 146
Skeletal Top Skeletal top 18 168
Skeletal Bottoms Skeletal bottoms 15 161
Skeletal Gloves Skeletal gloves 7 36
Skeletal Boots Skeletal boots 7 36

Third Age Robes (members only)
Those who are lucky with Treasure Trails may come upon a piece of this rare armour. Wearing these robes requires level 65 Magic and level 65 Defence.

Third-age Robes
Pic Name Armour Magic bonus
Third-age Mage Hat Third-age mage hat 259 0
Third-age Robe Top Third-age robe top 298 0
Third-age Robe Third-age robe 285 0
Third-age Amulet Third-age amulet 0 32

Druidic Mage Robes
Druidic robes are one of several possible rewards from the Fist Of Guthix minigame. Jagex states that while wearing Druidic Mage Robes, your bind, snare, and entangle spells will be more effective. They will degrade over time, but can be recharged by paying Fist Of Guthix tokens. You need to have level 20 Magic and level 20 Defence to wear Druidic Mage Robes.

Druidic Mage Robes
Pic Name Armour Magic bonus
Druidic Mage Hood Druidic mage hood 63 4
Druidic Mage Top Druidic mage top 72 7
Druidic Mage Bottom Druidic mage bottom ? ?

Combat Robes
Combat robes are another of the possible rewards from the Fist Of Guthix minigame. While wearing Combat robes, there is a chance of the robes supplying mind, chaos, death or blood runes when casting battle spells. This effect can be increased to a 1/5 chance of retaining runes when wielding the Staff of light. They will degrade over time, but can be recharged by paying Fist Of Guthix tokens. You need to have level 20 Magic and level 10 Defence to wear Combat Robes.

Combat Robes
Pic Name Armour bonus Magic bonus
Combat Hood Combat hood 63 4
Combat Robe Top Combat robe top 72 ?
Combat Robe Bottom Combat robe bottom 69 6

Battle Robes (members only)
Battle Robes are yet another reward that you can obtain from playing Fist Of Guthix. When wearing Battle Robes, there is an improved chance of the robes paying for any mind, chaos, death, and blood runes used. This effect can be increased to a 1/2 chance of retaining runes when when wielding the Staff of light. These will degrade over use; exchange Fist of Guthix tokens to restore them. You need level 60 Magic and level 50 Defence to wear Battle Robes.

Battle Robes
Pic Name Armour bonus Magic bonus
Battle Hood Battle hood 226 14
Battle Robe Top Battle robe top ? ?
Battle Robe Bottom Battle robe bottom ? ?

Virtus robe set (members only)
The Virtus robes are a rare drop from Nex, they require 80 Defence, Constitution and Magic to wield. Each piece of amour wielded will increase your lifepoints by 200, giving a total of 600 if the full set is wielded. This armour degrades similar to gravite/chaotic weapons and lasts 10 hours in combat. You can repair the amour by talking to Bob in Lumbridge or using an amour repair stand in a Player Owned House.

Virtus Robes
Pic Name Magic bonus Armour bonus Life bonus Prayer bonus
Virtus Mask Virtus mask 20 338 110 2
Virtus Robe Top Virtus robe top 30 389 220 3
Virtus Robe Legs Virtus robe legs 25 372 165 2

Sacred Clay Mage Robes (members only)
The Stealing Creation minigame has some special Mage equipment available as a reward. For a while, you will receive double the normal combat experience while wearing this armour. This armour will degrade based on the amount of extra experience you gain by using it. Once it has run out of extra experience, it will continue to function, but cannot transform or give you extra experience. A set is the sum of its' parts, so each item has a set amount of possible experience gained by use, rather than the set as a whole.

Sacred Clay Maging Armour
Pic Name Armour bonus Life bonus Accuracy
Sacred Clay Hat Sacred clay hat 170 600 -
Sacred Clay Robe Top Sacred clay robe top ? ? -
Sacred Clay Robe Bottom Sacred clay robe bottom ? ? -
Sacred Clay Staff Sacred clay stafff 0 0 850

Dagon'Hai Robes (members only)
Dagon'Hai armour, gained during the Grandmaster Quest While Guthix Sleeps.

Dagon'Hai Robes
Pic Name Armour bonus Magic bonus Prayer bonus
Dagon\'hai Hat Dagon'hai hat 107 9 0
Dagon\'hai Robe Top Dagon'hai robe top 123 14 2
Dagon\'hai Robe Bottom Dagon'hai robe bottom 117 12 2

Ahrim's armour (members only)
Ahrim's armour is one of the most powerful magical armour in the game. Ahrim is one of the six brothers you kill during the Barrows minigame. Like every other barrows set, Ahrim's armour has a special effect. The blighted Aura special effect reduces the strength of your opponent! This special effect is not a special attack, it just takes place sometimes. You need to have level 70 Magic and level 70 Defence to wear Ahrim's armour.

Ahrim the Blighted's set
Pic Name Accuracy Armour bonus
Ahrim\\'s Hood Ahrim's hood - 297
Ahrim\\'s Robetop Ahrim's robe top - 341
Ahrim\\'s Robeskirt Ahrim's robe skirt - 326
Ahrim\\'s Staff Ahrim's staff 1486 -

Zuriel's Ancient Equipment Set (members only)
If you are lucky enough when killing revenants in the Forinthry Dungeon you may receive a piece of Zuriel's ancient equipment as a drop. These items come in two types; one with level 78 requirements in relevant skills, and one with level 20 requirements. The regular set will last an hour before degrading, while the corrupt type with lower requirements will last only 15 minutes of use. Zuriel's staff gives access to Ancient Magicks, Miasmic spells, as well as elemental regular magic attack spells.

Zuriel's Set
Pic Name Armour Magic bonus
Zuriel\\'s Hood Zuriel's Hood 384 20
Zuriel\\'s Robe Top Zuriel's Robe Top 442 30
Zuriel\'s Robe Bottom Zuriel's Robe Bottom 423 25
Pic Name Accuracy
Zuriel\\'s Staff Zuriel's Staff 1829

When using Miasmic Spells from the Ancient Magicks book that are only available with Zuriel's Staff, you will deal damage, as well as slowing your opponent's melee or ranged attacks by 50% for:

  • Miasmic Rush (62 Magic): 12 seconds (up to 180 damage)
  • Miasmic Burst (73 Magic): 24 seconds (up to 240 damage)
  • Miasmic Blitz (85 Magic): 36 seconds (up to 280 damage)
  • Miasmic Barrage (97 Magic): 48 seconds (up to 320 damage)

Recipe for Disaster Gloves (members only)
Depending on your progress in the Recipe For Disaster Quest, you will be able to purchase increasingly advanced gloves. These offer some of the most versatile bonuses, with no negative stats, so are excellent for all forms of combat, including magic. You can buy them from the Culinaromancer's Chest in Lumbridge Basement.

Recipe For Disaster Gloves
Pic Name Level Armour Magic bonus
Culinaromancer\'s gloves 1 Culinaromancer's gloves 1 0 5 0
Culinaromancer\'s gloves 2 Culinaromancer's gloves 2 0 6 0
Culinaromancer\'s gloves 3 Culinaromancer's gloves 3 10 7 1
Culinaromancer\'s gloves 4 Culinaromancer's gloves 4 20 8 2
Culinaromancer\'s gloves 5 Culinaromancer's gloves 5 25 10 3
Culinaromancer\'s gloves 6 Culinaromancer's gloves 6 30 12 4
Culinaromancer\'s gloves 7 Culinaromancer's gloves 7 40 19 5
Culinaromancer\'s gloves 8 Culinaromancer's gloves 8 50 26 6
Culinaromancer\'s gloves 9 Culinaromancer's gloves 9 60 36 7
Culinaromancer\'s gloves 10 Culinaromancer's gloves 10 70 49 8

Sea Singer robes (members only)
With 90 Runecrafting, players can unlock the ability to runecraft Sea Singer's robes from Chi Globes obtained from collecting Ancient Scrolls in the Player-owned ports minigame. These are used as high level degradable mage armour, which can be summarised in the following table

Sea Singer's Armour
Pic Item Skill Requirements Stats Notes
Armour Life Bonus Class
Superior sea singer\'s headband Superior sea singer's headband 85 Defence
85 Constitution
435 320 Magic Degrades after 12 hours of combat. Can be repaired for 600k coins.
Superior sea singer\'s robe bottom Superior sea singer's robe bottom 479 480 Magic Degrades after 12 hours of combat. Can be repaired for 1200k coins.
Superior sea singer\'s robe top Superior sea singer's robe top 500 640 Magic Degrades after 12 hours of combat. Can be repaired for 2400k coins.
Sea singer\'s headband Sea singer's headband 85 Defence
85 Constitution
414 280 Magic Turns to dust after 10 hours of combat.
Sea singer\'s robe bottom Sea singer's robe bottom 456 420 Magic Turns to dust after 10 hours of combat.
Superior sea singer\'s robe top Sea singer's robe top 477 560 Magic Turns to dust after 10 hours of combat.
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Ancient Magicks (members only)

After completing the Desert Treasure Quest, players can use Ancient Magicks. This is a very powerful form of magic. For Ancient Magicks you will need just runes. The special ancient staff (+15 magic bonus) costs 80,000 coins and can only be wielded after completing the quest! Ancient Magick is very powerful and very useful for PK'ing and duelling. It also has a few teleports. The only way you can use Ancient Magicks is by giving up normal magic. To get normal magic back, you will need to pray at the pyramid. Which, until the camulet and Pharaoh's sceptre were released, was quite a journey (carpet rides are an alternative). So choose wisely!

All information on spells and levels can be found in our Ancient Magicks guide.

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Lunar Magicks (members only)

Lunar Magicks become available after completion of the Lunar Diplomacy Quest. This spell book contains numerous healing and curing spells which promise to make a Lunar Mage an indispensable addition to a PKing team in spite of the complete lack of aggressive spells in the spell book. In addition to healing spells the book also contains a number of useful skill-related spells allowing the user to perform day-to-day tasks with a little bit of magical assistance. Finally, as with all spell books, Lunar Magicks also contains a number of unique teleport spells, including the option to teleport groups of people with you. As with Ancient Magicks you cannot use Lunar Magicks at the same time as other spell books, instead you need to switch to the Lunar spell book by praying at the Astral altar on Moonclan Island.

Completing the Dream Mentor quest adds more options to the lunar spellbook, including the ability for a 96 mage to switch briefly to another spellbook! For more information on Lunar spells and the range of Lunar clothing take a look at our Lunar Magicks guide.

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Seren Spells (members only)

Seren Spells become available after completion of the quest The Light Within. For more information, see the table below.

Spell Level Description
Opal Aurora 75 Direct damage spell. Also restores lifespan on prisms.
Prism of Restoration 76 Places a prism which heals nearby familiars and restores their special attack energy, and gives a chance to not use scrolls on familiar special ability use.
Sapphire Aurora 77 Direct damage spell. Also overcharges prisms, adding useful effects on their next tick.
Intercept 77 Redirects damage taken by the targeted player over the next three seconds to the caster, and reduces the damage to 95% of the original hit.
Emerald Aurora 79 Direct damage spell. Also applies a stacking 1% damage reduction buff to the caster. Stacks up to 5%, and with other damage reduction methods.
Prism of Salvation 80 Places a prism which players can click to teleport near to, as long as there's a clear path between.
Ruby Aurora 81 Direct damage spell. Also has a chance to apply a 1% damage buff to nearby allies. Stacks up 3%.
Prism of Loyalty 82 Places a prism into which players can funnel life points. Anyone doing so will take damage, and the prism will automatically heal nearby players with 75% or lower life points.
Shield Dome 84 Deploys a static dome that allies can stand within to reduce incoming damage by 50%. Domes cannot be layered on top of eachother, and new shield domes affecting a player within 2 minutes have diminishing returns.
Prism of Dowsing 86 Places a prism which attracts wisps to it and increases the chance of drawing enriched wisps. All nearby players can benefit from this.
Crystallise 88 When cast on mining, fishing or woodcutting spots - or full box traps - will cause the resource to persist for 30 seconds, yield no resources and give increased XP. Other players may still deplete the resource, but Crystallise will carry on when the resource is back.
Rapid Growth 88 Skips a tree, fruit tree or herb patch forward a growth stage. Usable once per day on each eligible farming location.
Crystal Mask 90 Gives +15% to pickpocketing chance and gives a chance to avoid damage and stun on failure.
Spellbook Swap 96 Identical to the Lunar version.
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Magic Training

Magic attacks will normally only give you magic and life point experience, however if you use a staff defensively you will also get a small amount of defence experience.

If you play it smart, you can train magic without levelling your combat, so you're the ideal player killer (pk-er):

  • If strength, attack or defence is your strongest combat ability, then your combat level is based on your strength + attack + defence + prayer + life points.
  • If your ranged level is your strongest combat ability, then your combat level is instead based on your ranged + defence + prayer + life points.
  • If your magic level is your strongest combat ability, then your combat level is based on your magic + defence + prayer + life points.

So that means if you keep your magic level below either your Strength, Attack, Defence or Ranged level you can train Magic without levelling in combat. Of course if you want to be the highest combat level as possible, this doesn't really matter.

Jagex has created a "combat triangle", wherein every class has a advantage over another, whilst having a disadvantage against the third. You can read more about it in our Combat Triangle guide.

You get magic experience points for what you hit, so it doesn't matter if you kill a monster or not. But of course if you pick a monster that's too strong, you will hit very low. The higher you hit, the more experience points you get. Try attacking a monster that has a combat level about equal to your magic level and is in a place where it can't attack you (behind a fence, gate or table). You could start off with killing chickens, then when you think you're ready you could move on to men or giant rats. Then, try monks, barbarians or guards. When you've reached around level 45 you could start on hobgoblins and black knights; when you've reached about level 60 you could start with the lesser demon in the Wizard tower (near Draynor village).

Note: The wizard mind bomb from the Falador bar will temporarily raise your magic 2 or 3 levels so you can practise with higher level spells and get faster experience points.

The Mage Training Arena minigame is a good way to train magic without risk. Although the experience accrued is lower in one of the games, if you die you will not lose any of your items.

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Player Killing

Now that you've trained your magic to your desired level, it's time to try it out on your fellow players in combat. Basically you have two choices, using a combination of melee and magic or using a staff and runes to attack solely with magic.

Using the first option, you can attack a player using melee and if your opponent runs, you can use spells like bind, snare and entangle to prevent them from fleeing and carry on attacking them. However using this first option is ineffective if you are wearing melee armour. The armour will deplete your magic attack bonus, so any spells you cast are unlikely to be successful.

If you wish to use the second option, attacking a player only with magic spells, you can wield a staff and choose a spell from your spell book to autocast. Auto casting is an option that allows you to repeatedly cast a spell in combat (provided you have sufficient runes) without having to click the spell over and over. To autocast a combat spell, simply left click on the spell in your spell book. This will highlight the spell and will automatically set it to autocast. If you wish to simply cast a spell once, you need to right click on the spell and choose cast.

Magic Autocast

Note: Snare and entangle are members-only spells. Bind, on the other hand, can be used by all players.

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Request Assistance

If you find yourself a few levels short of making an item, or want to safely offer your skills to another player, the request assistance option will allow you to do so. Simply right click the player who has the skills that you need and request their assistance. If they accept, a pair of hands will appear in your bottom right corner, and you can use the same spells they can. You keep the items, but they get the experience.

Note that from the normal spellbook, you can only cast the following spells using the Assist System:

  • Enchant bolt spells (all)
  • Enchant jewellery spells (sapphire, emerald, ruby, diamond, dragonstone, onyx)
  • Charge orbs (water, earth, fire, air)
  • Alchemy (low and high level)
  • Bones to Bananas
  • Bones to Peaches
  • Superheat item
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Skill Boosts

Potions and beers can help raise your magic level to cast higher level spells. Boosting your magic level will also increase the max hit of all spells by 3% per boosted level. Be warned though, beers come with a few consequences, just like all the alcoholic drinks do.

Magic Level Boosters
Pic Name of item Level Increase Information
Magic Essence (4) Magic Essence +3 Made with the herblore skill by mixing a starflower and gorak claw powder. This potion is untradable and to make it you must have started Fairy Tale part 2 and have 57 herblore.
Wizard\\'s Mind Bomb Wizard Mind Bomb +2 or +3 Can be purchased in various shops and pubs around Runescape. Can also be brewed by the player, using the Cooking Skill.
Wizard\'s Mind Bomb (m) Wizard Mind Bomb(m) +3 or +4 Can be brewed by the player, using the Cooking Skill.
Magic Potion (4) Magic Potion +5 Made with the herblore skill by mixing a lantadyme herb and potato cactus.
Vecna Skull Vecna Skull +6 Dropped by a variety of monsters, wearing the Ring of Wealth will increase your chances of getting it as a drop. The skull acts as a unlimited potion which can be activated to receive a boost every 7 minutes (a message appears in your chat box once those 7 minutes have passed).
Extreme Magic (4) Extreme Magic +7 Made with the herblore skill by mixing ground mud runes with a 3-dose magic potion. This potion is untradeable and cannot be made using the assist system.
Overload (4) Overload +7 Made with the herblore skill by mixing an extreme attack, extreme strength, extreme defence, extreme magic, and extreme ranging with a torstol herb. The boost from this potion does not slowly "wear off"; instead, it lasts for a full five minutes before your stats are reset to normal. When this potion is drunk, you will lose 500 life points in sets of 100. These life points are restored when the potion wears off. It is untradeable and cannot be made using the assist system.
Spicy Stew Spicy Stew -6 to +6 (Random) Made by using Red spice on a Stew. For more information on making Stews, please visit the Cooking Guide. This item is not tradeable.
Hexcrest Hexcrest Slayer task only This drop from a Jungle strykewyrm gives a continuing boost to magic when worn as a helm during a slayer task. The effect is similar to a Black mask.

There is one Summoning familiar to aid you in your magic.

Magic Familiars
Summon Level Pic Familiar Abilities Scroll
92 Wolpertinger Pouch Wolpertinger Fights (level 210) Magic
+5% Defence against magic
Boosts Hunter +5
Double XP and yield when harvesting berries
Magic Focus: Temporary
Magic boost +7
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Cape of Achievement

Once you have mastered the skill and reached level 99 you may want to buy yourself a Magic Cape from the Robe Store owner on the 1st floor in the Magic Guild. Refer to the Achievement Capes guide for more details.

Magic Cape

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Original Guide By: Miss Runite and Ks Jeppe

Special Thanks to: Jaffy1

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RuneScape 2007
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