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  • Either enter your RuneScape username and press "Get stats!", or manually enter your current experience. Then enter the amount of times you wish to cast each spell. Hit "Tip me!" to find out how much experience you will finish with, and what level you will be.


  • Each row in the calculator's output represents a certain spell. 'Number' is how many times you need to cast that spell to reach your target. 'Name' is simply the name of the spell. 'Lvl' is the minimum Magic level you need to cast the spell. 'Exp' is the amount of experience gained for casting the spell.


  • Green shows what you can access up to your target level.
  • Red marks things out of reach for now.


  • The experience values given for spells that deal damage in the "All Spells" category are average values. For example, Fire Blast has a maximum hit of 160, so on average it would do 80 damage per hit, which results in 34.5 + 16 = 50.5 experience per cast. If you wish to adjust your damage output to account for misses and damage-boosting equipment, use the "Damage Spells" category instead.


  • Making spell tabs in the study of a player-owned house awards the same amount of experience as casting the spell itself. For example, either making a Lumbridge teleport tab or casting the Lumbridge Teleport spell awards 41 experience.

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