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Once you complete the Throne of Miscellania Quest, you will be able to access this minigame, called Manage Thy Kingdom (MTK), but the real rewards come from finishing the Royal Trouble Quest. Once you have finished the Royal Trouble Quest, the rewards for managing your kingdom increase, and so this guide will focus on only what you can do after you have completed both quests. You will need to go to the island of Miscellania from the port in Rellekka (or use Fairy Ring code CIP). Once you are there, you will be able to manage the residents of Miscellania and Etceteria to gather resources for you. The amount of resources that they gather is dependent on your Approval Rating as well as the amount of money you have in the kingdom coffers. So, let's get to it.

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Approval Rating

Before you put any money into the coffers and before you tell your subjects what to gather, you have to make them happy with your leadership. In order to make them happy you need to help them do their chores. You can:

  • Assist Lumberjack Leif by chopping maple trees (requires any hatchet, except the inferno adze)
  • Assist Fisherman Frodi by catching Tuna, Swordfish and Lobsters (requires lobster pot, harpoon, or bare-handed fishing ability)
  • Assist Miner Magnus by mining coal (requires pickaxe)
  • Assist Gardener Gunnhild in the herb garden (requires a rake, 15 gp if bought from her)
  • Assist Farmer Fromund by putting compost in his northern patch, raking the middle patch, or watering the southern patch (requires compost, rake, or watering can, respectively)
  • Assist Carpenter Kjallak by cutting teak or mahogany logs (requires hatchet)

You can accrue approval faster by wearing Fremennik sea boots 2 from the Fremennik Tasks.

Once your approval rating is 100% go and speak to the Royal Adviser Ghrim in the Miscellania castle. Approval ratings drop 1% every day, down to 25% normally. Approval ratings also drop if you kill a subject or steal from the stalls, and in those cases it can go all the way down to 0%. (Killing chickens, bunnies and penguins do not count.) It's best to return every day to keep your approval rating at 100% or your subjects will give you less for your money!

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Managing Workers

Talk to Ghrim and ask him how the kingdom is faring. He will ask if you want to collect from your subjects. Say "no". Then he will show you a work distribution map that you can use to tell your subjects what you want them to do. When you complete Kingdom of Miscellania, you are given 10 workers (10 slots you can fill into the resources). After completing Royal Trouble, you are given 5 additional workers. You assign these workers to a task. Each task can accept up to 10 workers.

On this map you will also see the amount of money in your coffers. The workers take 10% of what is in the coffers, up to a maximum of 75k gp every day. The "work" your subjects do comes out of this fee, but the results are dependent upon your approval rating. To maximise your returns, you should keep your daily balance at a minimum of 750k gp, so that the workers can take the maximum fee of 75k gp each day. You can place up to 7.5 million gp in your coffers, but this is not necessary.

If you are wearing the Fremennik sea boots 3 from the Fremennik Diary, you can also use flatpacks on Ghrim to fund your kingdom. The amount he credits you will not cover the material costs, but is better than selling them on the GE.


Note: If you have a pin number on your Bank, it also protects your kingdom coffers. If you haven't entered it elsewhere for this playing session, Ghrim will require you to enter your bank pin.

Example: Consider 10% of your coffers (let's say you have them full, so it maxes at 75k for the day) and multiply this by your approval rating (say 90%). 75,000 gp * .9 is 67,500 gp. That's how much will be spent on gathering resources for that day. The full 75,000 gp will be deducted, but since your approval rating was only 90% 7,500 gp was wasted.

This "work" is saved from day to day until you withdraw it as resources.

Example continued: The next day, you raised your approval to 100% and had another 75,000 gp removed. This 75,000 gp is added to the 67,500 gp for a total "work" of 142,500 gp that can be used to buy resources. The "work" saved is no longer affected by approval ratings. Only the money saved that day is affected by that day's approval ratings.

When you finally decide to withdraw your resources, the following takes place. Your kingdom's total "work" from all the previous days are divided by 15. Each of these go to buying a resource which you placed a worker on when you used your worker distribution screen.

Example continued: You saved 10 days of "work", totalling 735k gp as you lost some from lower approval ratings on some days. Each worker you assign then will buy 49k (735k divided by 15 workers) worth of that resource. You put 5 workers on Mining, 5 workers on Flax and 5 workers on Woodcutting. That means you will buy 245k gp of coal, 245k gp of Flax and 245k gp of maples based on the prices of the next section.

From this example, you collected:

  • 2,674 Coal
  • 6,125 Flax
  • 4,367 Maple
  • 17 Gems
  • 10 Herb seeds
  • 43 Bird nests
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Cost of Materials

Gathering each item costs a specific amount. This cost is per item. The costs are as follows:

Subject Resource Cost in gp
Mining Coal 91.6 each
Herbs Flax

40 each

826.4 each
Fishing Tuna**

56.3 each

189.4 each
Wood Maple 56.1 each
Rare Wood Teak


166.1 each

224.6 each

191.3 each

* No Guam, Marrentill, Toadflax, Snapdragon, or Torstol is collected.
**Tuna and Swordfish are gathered in a ratio of 10 to 3 (10 tuna to every 3 swordfish).

A rough distribution of the herbs is shown below. This is approximate data for planning purposes only - your mileage may vary.

Mtk Herbs Distribution
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Resources and Bonuses

Once your subjects have used your money to collect resources you can go up to Ghrim and ask him how the kingdom is faring. He will ask you if you want to collect your resources. If you say "no", you can redistribute the workload and then speak to him to collect. Note that you can also right-click Ghrim for both actions: the "Manage" option will allow you to redistrubute the workload, and the "Collect" option allows you to collect without having to go through the conversation.

Make sure you have plenty of bank space before you go to collect. Ghrim will have your resources brought to your bank, and if you do not have enough room, he will keep the items and tell you to make room.

You set the percentage of the money that is spent on each resource with Ghrim as mentioned earlier. Keep in mind that your workers do not gather resources each day. Instead, the "work" and percentages are accumulated when you collect, so what you collect is based on the current workers' assignment. This means that the previous workers' assignment (if you change the assignment before collecting) is ignored.

Example: You assign 10 workers to maples and 5 to fish, and leave kingdom for a week. On returning you swap your workers to 10 flax and 5 coal before collecting. You will receive only flax and coal for the entire week's work, and no maples or fish.

In addition to the above-mentioned costs and items there are free bonuses after subjects collect a certain number of items. If you do not collect often, you will get more bonus items. Around 10 days between collecting is effective. The bonus items are as follows:

Material Bonus
Mining 1 gem every 196 to 200 coal
Herbs 1 herb seed every 100 herbs
1 herb seed every 600 flax
Fishing 1 gem or casket every 50 to 53 tuna

Various items associated with big net fishing,
such as clue scrolls and gloves.
Wood 1 nest every 100 maples
Rare Wood 1 nest every 350 rare logs

Bonus nests (from woodcutting maple, teak or mahogany) may be egg nests, ring nests, or seed nests. Seed nests always contain tree or fruit tree seeds. A rough distribution of the seeds is shown below. This is approximate data for planning purposes only - your mileage may vary.

Note: It is possible to obtain Raven Eggs from nests obtained through your Kingdom. Also, there is a maximum of 999 special items per resource. Example: you can have up to 999 nests and 999 herb seeds.

Mtk Treeseeds Distribution
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Original Guide by: NukeMarine & abomb67

Thanks to: Adamskii, Baffler, Bambino, Cowman_133, Enjay, geopkip, halfsquelch, huloo5678, Jaffy1, Juhniz, Kiara_Kat, manoman, mchainmail, oddfaery2, pokemama, pulli23, Sorator, Speedyshel, SportsGuy, Sy_Accursed, TamTam

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