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This calculator will estimate the maximum amount of damage you can hit with the conditions you specify. Your maximum hit depends on what spell you are using, what potion you're using, equipment and so on.

  1. Enter your details in the first table:
    • Select the spell you're casting.
    • Which potion have you drunk, if any?
  2. Is this related to slayer in any way?
    • Are you wearing a hexcrest or a full slayer helmet whil on a slayer task?
    • Are you on an Ice strykewyrm task? If so, are you wearing a fire cape or not?
    • Are you using a ferocious ring inside Kuradal's dungeon?
  3. Select appropriate damage boosting equipment if applicable.
  4. Click on the 'Tip me!' button to find out your maximum hit!

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Last Updated: 19-Sep-2012 (Xena Dragon)
Created by: Shelby_Polo and Speedyshel

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