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by Speedyshel

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This calculator will estimate the maximum amount of damage you can hit with the conditions you specify. Your maximum hit depends on what ammunition you are using, what style you select, and so on.

  1. Enter your details in the first table:
    • Enter your Ranged level without boosts.
    • What style are you using to attack?
    • Which potion have you drunk, if any?
    • Which prayer are you using, if any?
  2. What is the total ranged strength bonus of your equipment? You can either look it up in-game from your equipment menu or select the weapon you want to use from the drop down menu. Gem-tipped bolts are assumed to be enchanted.
  3. Enter if you are using any specialist equipment:
  4. Click on the 'Tip me!' button to find out your maximum hit!

Last Updated: 06-Jun-2012 (Speedyshel)
Thanks to: All Bogs, Speedyshel

Utilizes the max hit formula (v3.00) deduced by Oblivion590, Legend Z5, Recklusfire1, Reaper X13, Shandlar, W I L M O T, Th3 Sun G0d and Paleas.

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