Meiyerditch Caverns

By Headnazgul

The dungeon is all multi-combat and can be dangerous if you don't come prepared. To access this dungeon you must first start the Legacy of Seergaze quest. Once you do, you can either enter it from the basement of the Secret Laboratory in Meiyerditch, or through the shortcut under Canifis Pub. To enter it from the shortcut, you must enter the first cave you see in the passage, just past the false-wall beneath the pub, on the east side. Once you enter the cave, walk south (not east towards the tomb of Ivandis) to the next cave entrance, and you will arrive in this dungeon in the corridor at the north-western tip.

The Agility shortcut requires level 65 Agility to negotiate the Jutting wall.

Meiyerditch Caverns Bloodveld (Level 98) Bloodveld (Level 98) Bloodveld (Level 98) Skeletal Hand (Level 100) Skeletal Hand (Level 100) Zombie Hand (Level 108) Zombie Hand (Level 108) Mutated Bloodveld (Level 116, 146) Mutated Bloodveld (Level 116, 146) Mutated Bloodveld (Level 116, 146)

The large room near the centre contains the blood altar entrance. The rooms just south of this contain the various bloodvelds, and to the east are the giant zombie hands and skeleton hands. All count towards their respective slayer assignments, and both hand types also count as crawling hands. You need at least 50 slayer to kill the bloodvelds, and at least 5 slayer to kill the hands. To the far south-east is the other entrance/exit, leading to Meiyerditch. In this secret laboratory you will find a Haemalchemy book. You can telegrab it, but if you try reading it, it says, "This book is too complex for you at the moment."

Throughout the entire dungeon you may notice small greenish clumps moving around on the ground. These are skeleton and zombie hands moving around beneath your feet and if they spot you, they may attack.

It may also be beneficial to note that if you plan on staying a long time but don't want to use up your own food, bring along some bait and the caverns will provide the rest. At the north end of the mutated bloodveld room you can search a stack of fishing rods to take one and you can then fish the fishing spots in the room to the east. You can cook them using the tinderbox and logs found in the mutated bloodveld room.

Dungeon Monsters
Bloodveld: Level 98
Skeletal Hand: Level 100
Zombie Hand: Level 108
Mutated Bloodveld: Level 112, Level 146

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