Taverley Dungeon

By Eeeeediot

This large dungeon has its entrance amidst a group of trees south of Taverley. This leads you into the middle of the dungeon where you can start your adventuring. There are many enemies to test your weaponry against and there are plenty of choices for all levels, from the new to the experienced.

The suits of armour will attack you if you attempt to go through the gate between them. Just beyond them is the Cauldron of Thunder which is used during the Druidic Ritual quest.

An important point to note is that the gate from the lesser demons through to the blue dragons is unlocked with the dusty key. To get this initially, you must kill the jailer in the south and free the prisoner. On the other side, if you drop or lose the key, you can pick it up at its respawn. The key is not tradeable. The fishing spots are for getting lava eel using an oily rod as part of the Heroes' Quest. The black demon cavern and the blue dragon lair are often pretty crowded. Two of the four obelisks you can use to enchant orbs are also found here. The fire obelisk is in the far north-west corner and the water obelisk is up the ladder. The black dragons also attract many warriors in search of treasure and dragonhides!

It is wise to bring an anti-dragon shield or a dragonfire shield when planning on going face-to-face with blue or black dragons. Also consider bringing an antipoison potion if you have to go past the poison spiders to get to your destination. Happy scaping!

Agility Shortcuts:

  • Level 70, pipe squeeze to blue dragon lair.
  • Level 80, spiked blades jump.
Members Dungeon Hell Hound (Level 122) Hell Hound (Level 122) Ghosts (Level 19) Ghosts (Level 19) Ghosts (Level 19) Chaos Druids (Level 13) Giant Bats (Level 27) Black Dragons (Level 227) Monks of Zamorak (Level 45) Poison Spiders (Level 64) Poison Spiders (Level 64) Agility Shortcut - Spiked blades jump (Level 80) Skeletons (Levels 22 & 25) Black Knights (Level 33) Black Knights (Level 33) Black Knights (Level 33) Agility Shortcut - Pipe squeeze (Level 70) Blue Dragons (Level 111) Baby Blue Dragons (Level 48) Baby Blue Dragons (Level 48) Lesser Demons (Level 82) Magic Axes (Level 42) Black Demons (Level 172) Chaos Dwarves (Level 48) Poison Scorpions (Level 20) Hill Giants (Level 28) Jailer (Level 47)

Dungeon Monsters
Chaos druids: Level 13
Ghosts: Level 19
Suits of armour: Level 19
Poison scorpions: Level 20
Skeletons: Level 22, Level 25
Giant bats: Level 27
Hill giants: Level 28
Black knights: Level 33
Magic axes: Level 42
Monks of Zamorak: Level 45
Jailer: Level 47
Baby blue dragons: Level 48
Chaos dwarves: Level 48
Poison spiders: Level 64
Lesser demons: Level 82
Blue dragons: Level 111
Hellhounds: Level 122
Black demons: Level 172
Black dragons: Level 227

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