Mining Camp

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Located in the mining camp in the desert south of Al-Kharid, this is mainly a mine for the higher level miner to get his/her Mithril and Adamant Ores. To enter the mine from the outside you will need the Metal Key you received during the Tourist Trap quest.

If you no longer have your key, you can get another one from the Mercenary Captain. Just talk to him and ask if you can do anything for him. The captain will ask you to get him the head of some bandit chief. Decline his offer - if you have already completed the Tourist Trap quest, you will know there is no such person. The captain will then make some remark about you not being good enough. Tell him that you have seen he is not man enough to fight his own battles. The captain will then attack you - kill him and he will drop a metal key.

Once you enter the mine you will be just inside gate 1. You will need to be wearing a Slaves' Shirt, Robes and Boots to be able to go through gate 2. Then you will have to search the Mining Cart and get into it. You will end up on the other side of the narrow passage. Then you will need your Wrought iron key (which you get after the Tourist Trap quest) to go through Gate 3 to access the main area of the mine. Beware of Rowdy Slaves (lvl 10) and Guards(lvl 43) attacking you.

Rocks: 8 Tin, 10 Copper, 6 Mithril, 6 Adamant.

Nearest Bank: Al-Kharid
Nearest Furnace: Al-Kharid
Nearest Anvil: Nardah

Mining Camp
Key Tin Key Copper Key Mithril Key Adamant

Dungeon Monsters
Rowdy Slave: Level 43
Rowdy Guard: Level 10

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