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Mining is the process of using a pickaxe to obtain ores from rocks. A higher Mining level allows for more valuable ores to be mined and also for all ores to be obtained a quicker rate.

To start mining a pickaxe should be in the inventory, wielded or in the players toolbelt. Any level pickaxe can be added to the toolbelt without having the requirements to use it and it will act as the highest level pickaxe until the requirements are met. The player must click on a rock that contains ore to begin mining. A lumpy rock may have different coloured deposits depending on the ore it can give, or a 'rock' may be a small cluster of three rock images (see ores below). Rocks are found at mining sites all over the RuneScape world. Details of the number and type of rocks at each mining site are listed on Tip.It's mining maps menu page, which includes a link to a map of each mine. Right-clicking on a rock and examining it will indicate which type of ore it contains. When a rock is clicked on to be mined, the player's character will swing a pickaxe at the rock until he/she gets an ore. The player's character will continue swinging until he/she obtains an ore. If someone else is mining the rock and the ore deposit disappears, this means the other person managed to obtain the ore. When this happens, another rock with an ore deposit present should be found or one can wait for the ore deposit to respawn.

Miningguide Introrock

Different pickaxes can be obtained from Nurmof the Dwarf, who sells them in the Dwarven Mine, the pickaxe shop in Keldagrim, or the Grand Exchange. Better pickaxes will improve the rate of obtaining ore. To maximise the number of ores that can be carried, pickaxes are usually wielded or put in a players toolbelt (there is an associated Attack level requirement to wield each pickaxe). However, there are cases where it is better to have something else wielded. Examples of this would be wielding a fire staff for superheating ores that are mined or wielding a weapon in the wilderness. Below is a table of the different pickaxes.

Pic Name Mining Level to Use Price to Buy
Dwarven Army Axe Dwarven Army Axe 1 Free
Bronze Pickaxe Bronze pickaxe 1 1 gp
Iron Pickaxe Iron pickaxe 1 137 gp
Steel Pickaxe Steel pickaxe 6 500 gp
Mithril Pickaxe Mithril pickaxe 21 1,300 gp
Adamant Pickaxe Adamant pickaxe 31 3,200 gp
Rune Pickaxe Rune pickaxe 41 32,000 gp
Dragon Pickaxe Dragon pickaxe 61 Monster Drop or
Grand Exchange

These pickaxes can be gilded as a reward from the Lava Flow Mine minigame. It is a cosmetic change only; there are no added bonuses or effects.

Special pickaxes are listed in a separate section below, along with other mining aids.

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Mining Ores

Below is a list of the rocks which can be mined and their details. Similar to most other skills, invisible boosts do not allow access to higher level rocks, while visible boosts do. Note that Jagex has updated the look of some (but not all) ore rocks in the game. The old style is a small cluster of three or four uniformly coloured ore rocks. The new look has "deposits" of ore in a lump of rock. Some suggestions for good places to obtain each ore are also listed. Have a look at's mining maps for a complete listing of all mines with their available ores.

Mining Ores
Rock Name Level to Mine Exp. Notes
Miningguide Essence Rune
1 5 Found in the Rune Essence Mine (see the Runecrafting guide) and in the Lunar Isle mine. Used to make Runes. On a members server, level 30 miners will mine pure essence. Rune essence is unique in that it does not ever deplete. After a single-click, the player will automatically mine essence until the inventory is full or the player takes another action.
Miningguide Clay Clay 1 5 Used in low level Crafting to make Pottery. If mined while wearing a Bracelet of clay, soft clay will be mined instead of clay. Casting Humidify with clay in the inventory will also turn it all to soft clay.


Miningguide Copper Copper 1 17.5 Used with Tin to smelt bronze.


Miningguide Tin Tin 1 17.5 Used with Copper to smelt bronze.


Miningguide Blurite Blurite 10 17.5 Mined only in the Ice Caves mine south of Port Sarim/Rimmington. Used in the Knight's Sword Quest. Also used by members to make crossbows and bolt tips. Blurite ore and its products are untradeable.
Miningguide Limestone Limestone 10 26.5 Mined only in Arandar and off the road east of Varrock's Earth runecrafting altar leading to the Salve Temple. Used for quests, Mort'ton temple building, and the Construction skill.
Miningguide Iron Iron 15 35 A very versatile ore - used to make Iron and Steel bars.


Miningguide Silverore Silver 20 40 Used in Crafting to make holy or unholy symbols, tiaras, crossbow bolts, and member quest items.


Miningguide Elementalore Elemental 20 0 Found only in the Elemental Workshop located under Seers Village smithy. Mining it spawns an Earth Elemental; kill it to get the ore. Used in elemental or mind shields and helms.
Miningguide Coal Coal 30 50 There is always a demand for this ore, used in all high level smelting (smithing).


Miningguide Sandstone Sandstone 35 30 to 60 Found in Enakhra's mine. Used for quests. Experience depends on the random size of the mined rock: 1, 2, 5 or 10 kg.
Miningguide Goldore Gold 40 65 Used in Crafting to make rings, necklaces and amulets.


Miningguide Gemrock Gems 40 65 Found only in the Shilo Village Gem Mine, the Shilo Village Underground Gem Mine, and the Lunar Isle Mine. Any gem except dragonstone and onyx may be obtained.
Stone slab Stone Slab 41 40 Found only in the TzHaar Stone Slab Mine. Can only be mined with a Rune pickaxe after the TokTz-Ket-Dill quest. Each spot will give two Stone slabs before running out.
Miningguide Granite Granite 45 50 to 75 Found in Enakhra's mine. Used for quests and power-mining. Experience depends on the random size of the mined rock: 0.5, 2, or 5 kg*.
Miningguide Rubium Rubium 46 17.5 Veins are found in the caves from the Kennith's Concerns quest. Rubium can be mixed with an unfinished guam potion to make super fishing explosive at 31 herblore. This is used to lure Mogres and deals an additional 150 damage to the Mogre.
Miningguide Mithril Mithril 55 80 Used for smelting/smithing.


Addy Adamant 70 95 Used for smelting/smithing.


Miningguide Baneore Bane 77 90 Used with the Tune Bane Ore spell to make bane bolts and arrows after the Ritual of the Mahjarrat quest.
Redsandstone Red sandstone 81 70 Found just north of Oo'glog, red sandstone can be made into robust glass and then into potion flasks. Red sandstone is untradable and you can only mine 50 per day.
Miningguide Runeore Runite 85 125 Used for smelting/smithing.


Mining-guide-seren-stone Seren stone 89 296.7 Found in the Trahaearn clan area of Prifddinas. Corrupted ore is sometimes mined from this stone.

*Granite chunks are used in the Summoning skill as a secondary item for some pouches. By using a chisel on a large block of granite, one can cut it into smaller blocks.

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Living Rocks (Members only)

Min Cavernent Members who possess high mining can access a cavern via a rope ladder in the Dwarven Mines. In this mine you will find several deposits of concentrated coal and gold as well as plentiful fishing spots. Resources are gathered at a faster rate than normal in this mine and require only one click to obtain. Be wary however! The mine is full of aggressive rock creatures (level 120 and 140) who guard these resources with vigilance. To find safety in numbers, worlds 77 and 84 are good to mine here, as many people use these worlds.
Living Rock Caverns
Deposits Name Level to Mine Exp. Notes
Living Rock Remains Living Rock Remains 73 25 These are the remains left over by killing a living rock creature. By mining these you obtain living minerals which can be used to catch fish dwelling in the cavern.
Concentrated Coal Deposits Concentrated Coal Deposits 77 50 These deposits possess a generous supply of coal ore. The deposit eventually collapses after a certain period of time.
Concentrated Gold Deposits Concentrated Gold Deposits 80 65 These deposits possess a generous supply of gold ore. The deposit eventually collapses after a certain period of time.
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Occasionally, certain gems (sapphire, emerald, ruby or diamond) can be obtained at random while mining; a gem will appear in inventory and the ore being mined will still be in the rock. No XP is obtained from this. Wearing a charged Amulet of Glory or Ring of Wealth (members only) will significantly increase your chance of mining a gem. Gems are used both for Crafting and for crossbow bolt tips.

Sapphire Emerald Ruby Diamond
Sapphire Emerald Ruby diamond

Members can also mine special gem rocks in Shilo Village and on Lunar Isle to get normal ones plus three special "precious" gems: opal, jade, topaz. Each gem mined earns 65 mining XP. The additional precious gems obtainable through mining are shown below. Dragonstone and Onyx gems cannot be obtained by mining.

Precious gems
Opal Jade Red topaz
Opal Jade Red Topaz
In the elf city of Prifddinas, you can find 8 gem spots. Here you have a chance of mining an onyx, spirit sapphire, spirit emerald, spirit ruby, spirit diamond or a spirit dragonstone.
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Mining Urns

Mining urns collect ore slivers while mining which can eventually be teleported away for free experience once they are filled. There are five different mining urns. Each urn requires a different crafting level to make and will give a different amount of experience when filled and teleport it away. Mining higher level ores will fill the urn faster than lower level ores, but the experience for teleporting the urn away is the same regardless of what fills it up. Please view's Urns Section in the Crafting Guide for more detailed information on Urns.

Before a mining urn can be filled, it must be activated with an earth rune. Adding the rune requires the same crafting level as making the urn. Up to ten non-empty urns may be stored in the bank at once. This includes partially filled urns, completely filled urns, and anything in between. The level of an urn can be checked by right-clicking the urn and choosing the Check-level option. There will also be a message displayed once it is 1/4 full, 1/2 full, 3/4 full, and completely full.

Mining Urns
Pic Name Crafting level to make Mining XP Charged from...
Cracked Mining Urn Cracked mining urn 1 87.5 All ores level 1 and below
Fragile Mining Urn Fragile mining urn 17 200 All ores level 20 and below
Mining Urn Mining urn 32 325 All ores level 40 and below
Strong Mining Urn Strong mining urn 48 400 All ores level 55 and below
Decorated Mining Urn Decorated mining urn 59 625 All ores level 85 and below

Note: Mining Shooting Stars will not fill urns.

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Levelling mining can require a lot of dedication and patience, especially if seeking out a high level. Unlike woodcutting or fishing where multiple resources can be obtained from one source before depleting or moving, most mining requires manually clicking on a rock for every single ore (exceptions being rune essence and concentrated ore deposits). There are a few things to keep in mind while mining:

  • Ores will spawn faster on worlds with more people on them. As a rough guideline, the respawn time for ore on a full server is around half of the time on an empty world. Of course, being on a busier world increases the chances of other players trying to also train mining. Try to find a balance between fullness of a world and the amount of competition at a training spot.
  • Remember that pickaxe type affects how fast an ore can be mined. Always use the highest level pickaxe that is available.
  • Higher level rocks take more time to respawn and take longer to actually obtain an ore. Runite rocks can take up to 30 minutes to respawn and up to 30 seconds of picking at it, as opposed to clay which is mined very quickly and respawns almost immediately after mining it.
  • Once a player's inventory is full, no more ores can be obtained. To be able to mine more, there are several options for freeing up space:
    • The player can bank the ore, getting to the bank and back to the spot by running or using teleports. Using this method allows for the ores to be kept for smelting or selling to other players, but as there are limited locations that are located close to a bank, there can be higher competition.
    • The ores can also be simply dropped, either as soon as the ore is obtained, after a few ores, or after the inventory is completely full. The dropped ores obviously cannot be kept for use or profit later on, but this method has the advantages of being able to be used almost anywhere with lots of ores and also often boasting higher XP rates in general since no time is spent on banking. This technique works on quickly spawning ores that give good XP, such as iron and granite. This is typically known as powermining.
  • With level 43 Magic and a sufficient level in Smithing, players can use the Superheat Item spell. Using this spell has many uses, such as increasing the amount of time that can be spent in a mine (eg. eight coal ores can be mined and an adamantite ores, which can then be smelted into a single bar) as well as allowing for parallel training.
  • Members can participate in the Shooting Star D&D. One of the rewards includes the ability to mine an extra ore from one rock for a set period of time.

Below are some training suggestions for different levels. Also make sure to take a look at the available mining maps to plan out mining trips.
Levels Information
1-20 Copper and Tin will be the main ores being mined during these levels. Mining for essence may also prove an attractive option for players who do want to worry about clicking as much and switching between ores. Runecrafting Pouches allow for more essence to be mined per trip.
  • The Dwarven Mines are a good place to start, especially with level 15 Dungeoneering as there is a bank deposit box in the resource dungeon. However, be mindful of the aggressive scorpions that lurk in the dungeon.
  • The Chasm Mine has a great deal of ores that can be mined. Note that there are also scorpions in this mine.
  • There is mine in the swamp East of Lumbridge contains a fair number of copper and tin ore and is located close to Lumbridge.

Players may also choose to try mining some iron towards the end of this level range. Clay can also be mined.

20-45 At around level 20, iron becomes the best ore to train on as it offers good experience per ore and has a very good respawn rate. This ore is worth banking, but can also be dropped for faster overall XP gains.
  • The Dwarven Mines remains a good place to train as it has iron ores close to the deposit box.
  • The Hobgoblin Mines have 27 iron ore spawns. It is in the wilderness, but having only a pickaxe and the iron being mined, there is a very minimal risk. Hobgoblins are aggressive for the first 15 to 20 minutes you are there, and player-killers are a continuous threat.
  • Along the road South of Ardougne, there is a mine with 6 iron rocks. If other locations are crowded, this is a good alternative. Any of the Ardougne capes from the task system will teleport the player to the nearby monastery.
  • For a banking option, the Piscatoris Mine south of the city is a good place to mine. At 57 Summoning you can use the Spirit Kyatt to teleport near the mine and then use jewelry such as the Amulet of Glory or Ring of Duelling to bank, and repeat. Alternatively, just run into Piscatoris to bank (requires Swan Song quest).
  • At level 30, coal can be mined. Coal is needed for higher level smithing, so it is always in demand. Because the spawn rate for coal is much slower than iron, experience gains will be lower. The Coal Bag from Dungeoneering should prove useful whenever mining for coal.
30-99 Starting at level 30, an excellent way for members to gain mining XP is the Shooting Star minigame. A great amount of experience can be obtained for very little effort and there are an array of other rewards. Note that since shooting stars can only mined when they appear, they should be treated as merely as a good supplement to mining training. Players technically have access to stars starting at level 10 mining, but the experience is probably not worth the hassle until around level 30.
45-77 At this point, iron still remains a strong option to mine and boasts high XP rates for this level range. However, members also have the option of powermining granite. It is found at Enakhra's mine in the Kharidian Desert and is at least as fast as iron. The granite pieces (500g, 1kg, and 5kg) are all a Summoning skill secondary ingredients. By using a chisel on a large block of granite, one can cut it into smaller blocks, thus getting even more useable granite. Be aware, the desert effect applies at this mine, so bring waterskins, an enchanted water tiara, and/or supplies to cast the Lunar Magicks Humidify spell to refill waterskins.
  • Participating in the Lava Flow Mine minigame can make for a nice change of pace from standard Mining (level 68 Mining and completion of the King of the Dwarves Quest required). Mining in the Lava Flow Mine is relatively unintensive, although the experience rate isn't quite as high. However, players have a chance of being rewarded with the Golden mining outfit (see: mining aids) or even having their pickaxes gilded while mining in this minigame.
77-99 Members can now use the Living Rock Caverns (LRC). The concentrated ore deposits here can produce many ores before depleting and only requires one click to start the mining process, similar to mining pure essence. At 77 Mining concentrated coal can be mined and at 80 concentrated gold is available. It is widely accepted that this mine is the best balance between speed, profit, and low-intensity clicking. There is also a convenient place to bank ores in this mine. However, be warned that there are many aggressive Living Rock monsters in this mine. The unofficial worlds for this mine are 84, 88, and 77. Having more players around decreases the likelihood of being attacked.
  • It is worth noting that granite still remains a very good option and if mastered offers similar, if not better, XP rates compared to LRC.
  • Once level 85 mining, players can mine very valuable runite ores for decent profit. There are very few spawns and are typically located in difficult to reach places. Competition with other miners can be fierce and respawn times are very long. With practice, hopping around worlds to find respawns can net the player a good source of income.
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Mining Aids


Special pickaxes are obtained through various minigames, and are only available to members.

Special Pickaxes
Pic Name Mining Level to Use Obtained
Sacred Clay Pick Sacred clay pickaxe 40 Reward from the Stealing Creation minigame, gives double experience. After you've gained a set amount of experience, the pickaxe will crumble to dust.
Volatile Clay Pick Volatile clay pickaxe 40 Reward from the Stealing Creation minigame, gives 2.2 times experience. After you've gained a set amount of experience (one-tenth of the item's charge), the pickaxe reverts back to a Volatile tool. Note that the Volatile tool transforms randomly; the pickaxe form is not user-selected.
Inferno Adze Inferno adze 41 This item is equivalent to a rune pickaxe. It is a reward for completing the Beacon Network minigame. Firemaking level 92 is required to obtain this item. The Inferno adze is mainly useful for woodcutting and firemaking.

An item that works similarly to the Sacred clay pickaxe is the Penance horn from the Barbarian Assault minigame, which has the ability to double the experience gained from mining ores. Players that have obtained a Penance horn can set the switch in the wave's waiting rooms to 'XP' and the Penance horn will charge up as the player makes progress through the waves. An uncharged Penance Horn can be obtained for free by talking to Commander Connad in the Barbarian Assault Lobby.

Players who have achieved Mastery in at least one role in Barbarian Assault can buy the Master penance horn. Its charges degrade slower those of the regular Penance horn, making it last longer.

Golden mining clothing is a possible reward from the Lava Flow Mine minigame.

Golden Mining Outfit
Golden Mining Set

The Golden mining outfit consists of five pieces: boots, gloves, helmet, trousers, and top.

Bonus Mining experience is earned - per ore mined - for each piece of the outfit equipped while Mining, with an additional bonus for wearing the complete outfit. The total bonus for wearing the complete outfit is 2.5% XP. The experience for each ore (when wearing the full outfit) is listed in the table below.

Note: If the complete Golden mining outfit and any piece of Varrock armour from the Varrock task rewards are owned, either platebody can be equipped to receive both the 2.5% Mining XP bonus as well as the extra ore bonus (from the Varrock armour). Keep in mind that the other four pieces of the Golden mining outfit must be worn, and that any extra ore mined is still determined by what level of Varrock tasks that have been completed.

Type Level Regular XP XP (Full Golden Mining Outfit)
Rune Essence 1 5 5.12
Clay 1 5 5.12
Copper 1 17.5 17.93
Tin 1 17.5 17.93
Blurite 10 17.5 17.93
Limestone 10 26.5 27.16
Iron 15 35 35.87
Silver 20 40 41
Coal 30 50 51.25
Sandstone 35 30 to 60 30.75 to 61.5
Gold 40 65 66.62
Gems 40 65 66.62
Stone Slab 41 40 41
Granite 45 50 to 75 51.25 to 76.87
Rubium 46 17.5 17.93
Mithril 55 80 82
Adamant 70 95 97.37
Bane 77 90 92.25
Runite 85 125 128.12
Seren stone 89 296.7 304.12

Wearing a Varrock armour piece grants a chance to mine double ore. Experience is gained for extra ores mined this way. Note that the armour also grants a chance to smelt two bars at once when using the Edgeville furnace. Completion all the tasks of a specific difficulty in the Varrock Tasks is necessary to obtain the armour as a reward. Only members can do these tasks.

Varrock Armour
Pic Name How to Obtain Use
Varrock_Armour_1 Varrock armour 1 Complete all easy tasks of the Varrock Tasks. Gives a chance to mine two ores at once. This works for ore up to and including coal.
Varrock_Armour_2 Varrock armour 2 Complete all medium tasks of the Varrock Tasks. Gives the chance to mine two ores at once. This works for ore up to and including mithril.
Varrock Armour 3 Varrock Armour 3 Complete all hard tasks of the Varrock Tasks. Gives the chance to mine two ores at once. This works for ore up to and including adamantite.
Diary Varrock 4 Varrock armour 4 Complete all elite tasks of the Varrock Tasks. Gives the chance to mine two ores at once. This works for ore up to and including adamantite.

The Mobilising Armies minigame offers a reward that acts as a teleport to ore locations called a locator. Each level of locator can teleport the player to a more superior ore than the last, although they cannot teleport to any locations that contain unsmithable ores (besides clay). Locators deteriorate after 50 uses, but can be fully recharged by playing a game of Mobilising Armies. Only one locator may be owned at a time, and they are only available to members.

Mobilising Armies Locators
Pic Name What Ores Cost
Inferior locator Inferior Locator Teleports to areas that contain any ores up to iron. 24,700 reward credits
Poor locator Poor Locator Teleports to areas that contain any ores up to silver. 44,800 reward credits
Good locator Good Locator Teleports to areas that contain any ores up to mithril. 70,600 reward credits
Superior locator Superior Locator Teleports to areas that contain any ores up to and including runite. 102,900 reward credits

Mining Familiars can be obtained using the Summoning skill. They provide an invisible mining boost, which will improve mining efficiency. They also may be able to forage for ores or provide a convenient teleport. The scroll abilities for these particular familiars do not pertain to mining. Pouches are tradeable, but the summoning level listed below is required in order to use them. Summoning is only available to members.

Mining Familiars
Summon Level Pic Familiar Abilities Time (min)
Desert Wyrm Desert Wyrm 18 Fights (level 31) Strength
Boosts Mining +1
Right-click to Forage ores
19 Minutes
Void Ravager Void Ravager 34 Fights (level 46) Strength
Forages ore
Boosts Mining +1 and +1 invisible
27 Minutes
Obsidian Golem Obsidian Golem 73 Fights (level 126) Strength
Boosts Mining +7
55 Minutes
Lava Titan Lava Titan 83 Fights (level 148) Strength
Chance of hitting 50 extra damage each time
Boosts Firemaking +10
Boosts Mining +10
Teleport to Lava Maze (Runite nearby)
61 Minutes

There are Dungeoneering rewards that provide helpful Mining benefits.

Dungeoneering Rewards
Pic Name How to Obtain Use
Coal bag Obtained as a reward from Dungeoneering. It costs 4,000 tokens and also requires level 35 dungeoneering and level 35 mining to use. Can hold up to 27 pieces of coal. When superheating or smelting, coal in the bag will be used before coal in the player's inventory.
Gem bag* Obtained as a reward from Dungeoneering It costs 2,000 tokens and also requires level 25 dungeoneering and level 25 crafting to use. Can hold up to 100 sapphires, emeralds, rubies and diamonds (total, not each). It only holds uncut gems.

* Members will find the Gem bag useful when mining the gem rocks located in the Shilo Village Gem Mine, the Shilo Village Underground Gem Mine, and the Lunar Isle Mine.

There are four items which can temporarily boost your mining level. The exact stat effects of each item are listed in their items database entries (which can be accessed by clicking the item's name in the table below).

Level Boosters
Pic Name of item Level Increase Information
Dwarven Stout Dwarven Stout 1 Can be purchased at many pubs across Runescape, obtained from spawns, or brewed from Hammerstone Hops using the cooking skill. This beer is tradeable on the GE in mugs or calquat kegs.
Dwarven Stout Dwarven Stout(m) 2 Mature dwarven stout is an occasional result from brewing Hammerstone Hops using the cooking skill. Odds of obtaining it can be increased by using The Stuff from the Trouble Brewing minigame. This beer is tradeable on the GE in mugs or calquat kegs.
Braindeath Rum Braindeath 'Rum' 1 Can be purchased from Mos Le'Harmless pubs by players who have completed the Cabin Fever quest. This drink affects a player's stats by percentages, not levels, and is not recommended. Not tradeable.
Spicy stew Spicy Stew -6 to +6 (Random) Made by using Brown spice on a Stew. For more information on making Stews, please visit the Cooking Guide. This item is not tradeable.

With high Fletching levels, players can use Ancient bones obtained from Player-owned ports to create useful scrimshaw items for Mining. Each item requires 10 of these bones, rewarding 4000 fletching experience for each one made, and gives various bonuses when mining.

Scrimshaw Items
Pic Name Fletching level Other requirement Effect Expiry time
Rock-crushing scrimshaw Rock-crushing scrimshaw 85 70 Mining 15% chance of instantly crushing any ore mined, turning them into additional Mining XP. 3 hours
Superior rock-crushing scrimshaw Superior rock-crushing scrimshaw 85 70 Mining 20% chance of instantly crushing any ore mined, turning them into additional Mining XP. 4 hours
Gem-finding scrimshaw Gem-finding scrimshaw 90 80 Mining Successful mining attempts may recover a diamond, dragonstone or onyx gem. Higher-levelled rocks improve this chance. 3 hours
Superior gem-finding scrimshaw Superior gem-finding scrimshaw 90 80 Mining Successful mining attempts may recover a diamond, dragonstone or onyx gem. Higher-levelled rocks improve this chance. 4 hours

Skillchompas are skilling tools gained through Hunter which provide an explosive alternative to conventional skill training.

Wielded as a weapon, Skillchompas provide the regular resources one would expect from Mining as well as acting as different levelled pickaxes (see the levels section for more). On top of this, you will receive a 10% base xp increase for each successful action, and a little xp if unsuccessful.

Pic Name Mining Level Bonus
Cobalt skillchompa Cobalt skillchompa 31 Acts as a mithril pickaxe
Viridian skillchompa Viridian skillchompa 41 Acts as an adamant pickaxe
Azure skillchompa Azure skillchompa 51 Acts as a runite pickaxe
Crimson skillchompa Crimson skillchompa 61 Acts as a dragon pickaxe
Cobalt Skillchompa Location Viridian Skillchompa Location
Cobalt: 27 Hunter, North of Grand Ttree Viridian: 46 Hunter, South of Port Phasmatys
Azure Skillchompa Location Crimson Skillchompa Location
Azure: 68 Hunter, North of Snowy Hunter Area Crimson: 89 Hunter, Northwest of Menaphos
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Skill mastery and Beyond

Cape of Achievement

Once you have mastered the skill and reached level 99 you may want to buy a Mining cape from the dwarf wearing one at the entrance of the Mining Guild in Falador. If you already have another 99 skill, or obtain another one while wearing the cape (unless you have it keepsaked), it will become a Mining cape (t).

Please refer to the Achievement Capes guide for more details.

mining Cape

After obtaining 99 mining it becomes possible to obtain a Mineral shard randomly, which can be combined with other shards from the other gathering skills (Divination, Farming, Fishing, Hunter, Woodcutting) to create a Gatherer's cape and Gatherer's hood. The cape has the same stats as a trimmed skill cape and the helm is purely cosmetic.

True Mining Mastery

Achieving 99 is the ultimate goal for many players, however the skill does not stop there. For players wanting to show off their dedication to a skill it is possible to obtain "True Mastery" by obtaining "120 Mining" which is 104,273,167 XP. The Mining master cape can then be purchased from the dwarf wearing one at the entrance of the Mining Guild in Falador.

Mining master cape

It is worth noting that beyond level 99 there is no additional content for mining as the level increases are invisible so training the skill gets no faster. To work out your theoretical mining level check out our XP table.

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