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Mobilising Armies is a real-time strategy (RTS) game that takes place in the land of Gielinor. Some people focus on achieving rank to move up to higher levels and possible rewards. Others go all out to rack up kills and earn more points for reward purchases at their current level.

MA can only be played on designated worlds (76, 89, 97, 121, and 159). Of these, World 76 requires at least 4 players to be present in the waiting room before a game can begin, while the remaining worlds require 20. Keep this in mind before selecting a MA world.

In Mobilising Armies, each player commands their own army. An army consists of ten individual squads, each squad being composed of a race (Dwarf/Melee, Elf/Mage, or Goblin/Range), defined as level one to five, and a class (Heavy or Light). Each choice the player makes about the composition of the squad influences its' strengths and weaknesses, which will be explained later. In addition, the player has five special units that can be released throughout the game for strong one-time aid in battle. There are four scenarios to play, each with different goals, such as wiping out three other players' armies, or knocking down a castle.

What to Bring
There is a regular bank at the minigame, for deposits and withdrawals. The one thing you want in your bank before you go there is the type of exchangeable commodities that are required to buy into the game.

Getting There
There are four simple ways to get to Mobilising Armies:

  • Walk - it is located just west of Oo'glog and very far south of Castle Wars.
  • Teleport (magic) - Requires level 10 magic, 1 law, 1 water, and 1 air rune.
  • Teleport (ring) - Rub a Ring of Duelling
  • Teleport (spirit tree) - Teleport using a Spirit Tree; requires completion of the Tree Gnome Village quest.
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The tutorial is required; you cannot start the game until you have gone through all of it. It's fairly good. Speak to Junior Cadet Mal at the entrance. He will plop you into the game with no warning, but it's perfectly safe. The action tutorial shows you how to direct your squads, target enemies, and use your special units. This part of the tutorial feels simple and straightforward.

Mobilising Armies Main Area V2
  1. Spirit Tree
  2. Bank
  3. Junior Cadet Mal (tutor, commodities trader)
  4. Special Units (purchase area)
  5. Recruitment area (hire squads)
  6. Briefing Room (entering the game)
  7. Officer's Tower (rewards)

The investments and purchases segments of the tutorial are a bit confusing because they aren't always clickable. They are explained in the next parts of this guide. Speak to Mal over and over to be tutored about these, then go try them out for yourself, and return to him for more training:

Your final step after actually getting credits, hiring squads, and buying special units is to go to the briefing room. There you will select a scenario and options, and enter the game to direct your army to victory!

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Financing An Army

Investment Credits

Investment Credits
After finishing the tutorial, you are ready to recruit squads and buy special units for your army. This can only be done with Investment Credits.

Junior Cadet Mal at the entrance sells the Investment Credits that you need for this game, but they cannot be bought with coins; he only accepts certain items in trade. He will show you 2 pages of commodities, with squares around the ones you have in your bank. If desired, you can change the display to remove the marks.

If you don't have any in hand, go to the nearby bank and grab some. This is a good time to bank anything you don't want to trade, because you can't take anything into the game except minigame items. Mal accepts noted items after you have finished the tutorial.

Back at Mal's investments screen, click up to 10 of your items (notes are one item). They will show at the top of the screen, along with their value in credits. You can click an item to take it back if you change your mind. When you are ready, click the Exchange button to make the trade final. You can use this screen over and over. You can have no more than 500k investment credits at a time.

Commodities are items that you can invest in exchange for Investment Credits. All commodities are tradeable items, and most can be easily acquired through skilling, trading with other players, or by purchasing on the Grand Exchange.

Please note, however, that an item may not be considered a commodity just because it is tradeable.

All commodities fall under one of the following general categories:

Commodity NOT a Commodity
  • Armour: Most, except Treasure Trails
  • Construction: Flatpacked furniture, gold leaf, teleport tablets
  • Cooking: Drinks (mugs and kegs), cooked food, uncooked pies
  • Crafting: Jewellery (incl unstrung), gems, leather, tanned hides, molten glass, unf lamps, fired clay items, thread
  • Farming: Harvest, tree seeds, herb seed, compost
  • Fletching: Bows (incl unstrung), arrows (incl fire and poisoned), arrow shafts, ogre arrows and brutals, bolts (unf and finished), crossbows (incl unf), crossbow limbs, stocks
  • Herblore: Potions (including unfinished), herbs (clean), ground seconds
  • Hunting: Clothing
  • Runerafting: Runes
  • Smithing: Metal bars
  • Summoning: Pouches and scrolls
  • Weapons: Most (including poisoned)
  • Untradeable items
  • Armour and Weapons: Blackjacks
  • Crafting: Flax, untanned hides
  • Farming: Baskets of fruit
  • Fletching: Headless arrow
  • Herblore: Crafting and Fletching potions, Grimy herbs
  • Hunting: Black salamander
  • Magic: Mage robes
  • Mining: Ores
  • Woodcutting: Logs that are not pyres and not regular (e.g Blue, Green, Red etc logs)
  • Summoning: Phoenix pouches and scrolls
  • Treasure Trail items

For a complete list of all the items that can be exchanged as commodities, please refer to the Commodities Guide.

Each item may be invested and exchanged for a set amount of Investment Credits. Please note that during the initial tutorial, only unnoted items may be exchanged for credit. After the tutorial, Junior Cadet Mal will accept noted items.

To see the complete list of all items that may be used as commodities, talk to Junior Cadet Mal near the entrance gates and ask about Commodities (this is also a right-click option). You will be presented with the Commodities Menu:

Commodities Menu

Hovering over the items in the list will display their name. Clicking the "Next Page" button will bring you to the next page of commodities in the list. The "Previous Page" button will take you back to the first page of items.

If an item is highlighted by a light-green rectangle, you currently have one or more of that item in your bank or inventory (items equipped on your character will not be highlighted).

By clicking the "Check Bank & Inventory" button, you are able to see a complete list of all of the items in your bank that can be used as commodities. Please note that this screen does not show how many of each item you have in your bank. Clicking the "View All Commodities" button will return you to the initial list of commodities.

Clicking the "Search" button will allow you to quickly search through the list of available items without having to scroll through them all. Simply type in the partial or full name of the item you are looking for. Once you have found it in the search results list, click the item name, and you will be told if that item is considered a commodity or not.

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You can't just jump into war without planning! You need to get a few things straight before running into the battlefield.

Combat Triangle
Recruit Squads
Special Units

Combat Triangle

Combat Triangle Each race in this minigame uses one combat type from the Runescape the combat triangle. Elves use Magic, Dwarves use Melee, and Goblins use Range. Obviously, each is strong against one race and weak against the third: Elves > Dwarves > Goblins > Elves. Squads with the upper hand in combat will not only take less damage, but will also deal more damage to the disadvantaged opponent. Use the combat triangle to turn the tides of war in your favour.
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Recruiting Squads
The south-western building contains three recruiters: a goblin, a dwarf, and an elf. You can choose from each of the three races for each of your ten squads, with each race representing a part of the combat triangle (so it would be good to get a little bit of everything!). Keep the triangle in mind as you begin your battles!

The next option is to choose whether you want heavy or light troops. Heavy troops move slowly but have more life points and strength. Light troops are quicker and more versatile, but are weaker, troops cost 100 credits per unit.

Recruit Elf Heavy
Recruiting (cost 100 credits)
Race Combat Type Light/Heavy Combat Stat Life Points Discipline
Elves Mage Light 225 480 60
Elves Mage Heavy 400 960 60
Dwarves Melee Light 175 530 60
Dwarves Melee Heavy 350 1010 60
Goblins Range Light 175 480 110
Goblins Range Heavy 350 960 110
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If you need to change your squads in any way, use the Resupply option at the recruiters. This allows you to change any of your unit options: race, light/heavy, and/or promote or demote them a level (if you have the rank).

Changing squad characteristics also allows you to prepare for your next battle scenario. Additionally, it's handy for stacking all of your units in one bank slot when you are not playing this minigame: just convert them all to identical types.

Resupply is especially important after a game. Squads that survived a battle are fully restored for free. However, any squads that died will have a big red X on them. They need to be resupplied (revived). Visit the recruiters to restore them for a fee. Check the squads you want to revive, or just click "Resupply all".

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Special Units
Special units are one-use units that can be used at any point in battle. A maximum of five can be purchased before each battle from the NPC in the northeast corner. Note that all units but gliders affect both the enemy and yourself, so be careful! The units and their effects are listed below:

Special Units
Pic Name Cost Information
Cannon Cannon 300 Cannons can be placed facing in one of the four directions and do moderate damage in front of where they are placed. They are very useful if the enemy is arranged in a line or single space.
Glider Glider 400 Gliders do heavy damage to a single opponent and are most useful if your squads are engaged with an opponent that is superior to them based on the combat triangle.
Chompa Bomb Chompa Bomb 500 Chompa bombs do moderate damage in a small area around where they are placed. Most effective placement is when the enemy is in a cluster or two other armies are fighting in a cluster.
Distractor Distractor 600 Distractors do no damage but have an interesting effect on nearby squads. When a distractor is used, nearby squads are shown by a question mark and are unable to be given orders for a few seconds.
Barricade Barricade 200 Barricades temporarily block squads from moving through a certain area. They are most useful for temporarily blocking another squad from entering a fight or for placing in front of the enemy squad as you retreat.
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Mobilising Armies Interface
  1. Camera Controls: Allows you to move the camera left to right, forward to back, zoom in or out, rotate, and jump to a squad. You can also move the camera around with the arrow keys and rotate by holding CTRL while pressing the arrow keys.
  2. Combat Triangle: Reminder of what races are superior or inferior to others based on the combat triangle (ie. dwarves beat goblins, goblins beat elves, elves beat dwarves).
  3. Game Statistics: Indicates the remaining number of players, the time left, how many of your squads remain, how many squads you have defeated, and the number of the remaining squads in the game.
  4. Chat Box: Displays game information such as when a squad or player is defeated and allows you to use quick chat phrases.
  5. Camera Tab: See Camera Controls.
  6. Squad Commands Tab: Allows you to view squad information as well as issue orders to a squad such as attack, move, explore, or scenario specific commands.
  7. Special Units Tab: Allows you to deploy special units you brought into battle (ie. chinchompa bombs, gnome gliders, etc.)
  8. My Squads: Displays information on the current status of your squads and allows you to jump to a squad to view. A squad crossed out with a coloured "X" has been defeated by the enemy associated with the colour of the "X".
  9. Forfeit Tab: Gives you the option to forfeit and leave the game. WARNING - If you forfeit a game you will lose all your squads and special units and will receive no reward.
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Your army is hired, you've got your special units, and you are ready to go. Enter the Briefing Room, the small tent in the south centre of the area, to make some selections and line up for battle.

Scenario Selection: the menu shows how many players of each rank are waiting for a game in each scenario. This helps to find a game quickly. There are four possible scenarios to choose:

Conflict Conflict Siege Siege
Hoard Hoard Rescue Rescue

Scenario Options: this screen displays the objectives with a small story, and shows a map of the battle area. It also has a button for you to choose a formation for your army: wedge, wall, flank, eager, spread, lefty, righty, block, or grid. Some formations can only be unlocked at higher rank levels. Click the accept button for your formation, and click "Next" to continue to enroll for battle. If you want to change scenarios, hit the "Back" button.

Now you have the option to "invest" in the scenario you are about to play, up to 10k investment credits. This is a gamble - if you win, you will gain more reward credits. If you lose - well, the amount you risked is gone.

At this point, you are done signing up - when you click the "play" button, you will enter the fight!


Special Terrain In scenarios, the playing field is scattered with "Special Terrains". This type of terrain can enhance the damage you deal to enemy squads, it will also increase your unit's defence. Your squad must stand and stay on this type of terrain to receive the bonuses.

CONFLICT (2 Players)
Conflict Description
This is the free-for-all scenario of Mobilising Armies. The only objective is to be the last one standing.

MA Map Conflict When the scenario begins your army will be in the formation you chose in the Preparing for Battle screen. The other three opponents you are facing will be at the north, south, east, or west corners of the field. Commands that can be issued to your squads during this scenario are pretty basic. You can ask a squad to move, explore, and of course attack an enemy. The resources on the field are only extractable via exploring and range from actual items to health boosts for your troops.

Conflict Strategy
Since Conflict is only for 2 players, it's best to only have heavy units, try to get around 3 of each, with an extra one of your choosing. Use the combat triangle to dispose of your enemy, or alternatively select all 10 of your troops to attack one at a time, which will give you a much greater chance of success. Cannons or Chompa Bombs will be a wise selection for your special units, as these will speed up your opponents demise and put you on the path to victory.

SIEGE (4 Players)
Siege Description

Ma Map Siege Your goal is to break into the castle at the centre of the map. You can also win by killing all of your opponents but this is a much more difficult way to win.

You start with your army at one of four sides on the map, with one team on each side. All teams face towards the castle in the centre, ready to attempt to breach the walls to win. The walls can be damaged by your squads or by a catapult. The catapult hits more but it must be constructed and can be destroyed by your opposing teams. To construct a catapult, you must gather rope, wood, wheels, and metal. Once the catapult is built, you gather rocks for ammo. It needs four rocks to automatically fire. Continue gathering rocks and attacking. The first one to breach the castle wall is declared the victor.

Siege Strategy
For the most efficient siege, it is advised to split priorities and play to your units' strengths. For gathering rocks and materials, the Light Elves are second to none. For offence, heavy goblins or dwarves are preferred. When recruiting, get a mixture of heavy Goblins and Dwarves as well as light Elves. Special units should consist of distractors.

The Dwarves and Goblins can be used to attack the opponent distracting them from the task at hand, or used to lay siege to the castles fortifications. Use your distractors near your enemies' catapults to slow down their rock gathering. You can also attack the opponents’ catapults with your heavy units, which will slow your opponents down significantly.

Victory is achieved by being first to break the castle's fortifications, or to be the last man standing.

HOARD (4 Players)
Hoard Description

Ma Map Horde Victory in this scenario is achieved by plundering 100,000 Gold from the caves. The caves are located north, east, south and west of the volcano on the centre of the island.

Every few thousand gold the caves will run out of gold. Move to another cave until the empty cave replenishes its stock.

Hoard Strategy
Hoard is a balancing act between squads. Light elves have an advantage because they're quick to reach the caves. It's better to avoid conflict altogether, because the quicker, more nimble squads seem to take the prize.

The special units should mainly consist of distractors which render the opponent immobile, giving you time to get a head start on your opposition.

If you're out of distractors, you may wish to sacrifice a unit. Delaying your opponent via combat buys you valuable time to gain the 100,000 gold necessary to claim victory.

It's best not to concentrate all of your troops at one cave. You may get boxed in, and if the cave runs out of gold it will take time to respawn.

RESCUE (4 Players)
Rescue Description

Ma Map Rescue This scenario is the least combat-oriented out of all four. The goal is simple: rescue all 28 TzHaar from impending doom before your opponents do.

When you begin the scenario, your army will be next to your rescue vessel. Your opponents will be at the north, south, east, or west corners of the field. The TzHaar that you need to rescue will be trapped inside several lava fissures. To rescue them, select one squad and click on the TzHaar (you will automatically bring the TzHaar back to the ship). You can also steal some of the TzHaar rescued by your opponents' by clicking on the cargo area of their rescue vessel.

Rescue Strategy
It's best not to view Rescue as a combat scenario. It is most important to capitalise on speed. Thus your army should largely consist of light units with no more than a couple heavy units for defence. Buying up special units that cause damage is also not advisable. It is better to stock up on distractions or barricades.

When you begin the scenario, immediately look for the Tzhaar scattered around the field (remember you only need one squad to rescue one TzHaar). Do not be afraid to go for TzHaar in enemy territory, as this will end up costing them a TzHaar easily available to them.

As the game progresses, take a look at your enemies' rescue vessels and see if they contain any rescued TzHaar. If an enemy has multiple TzHaar in its' cargo hold, aim to steal from there first. During this time your enemies may start pilfering from you too. Throw some distractions at them to slow them down or have a few of your heavy units attack them.

When you are close to rescuing all 28 Tzhaar, it's helpful to use your barricades. Look for an enemy with a very full cargo hold and place a barricade in front of it. This will make it very difficult for them to place the rescued TzHaar inside, allowing you to win the game.

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Ranks and Reward Credits
If you manage to win a game, you will receive 2 additional ranks and some points. If you lose a game, you may still receive 1 additional rank. To earn this you must survive in the game for at least 4 minutes, and you must issue at least 10 commands.

Additionally, you receive an amount of reward credits equal to the amount you invested before the game, plus a few factors including time of survival and number of armies killed. Reward credits are used to purchase rewards based on your rank.

All rewards are issued through the officer's tower in the south-east corner of the game area. The lowest level of rewards are offered in the basement, then ascending one floor for each rank. The shop for your rank will sell rewards labelled one rank level higher. Rewards you no longer want can be sold back to the NPC you bought them from for 100% of the initial cost.

Rewards include:

Rank Name
Speak to any of the officers in the A.R.M.S. Tower to have a rank prefix added to your username. This will only be displayed as part of your name while you are in the minigame area.

Rank Titles
Officer Floor Rank Title
Serjeant Cole Basement 0-99 Junior Cadet
Commander Loman Ground 100-199 Serjeant
War-chief Reeves First (Second, USA) 200-299 Commander
Lord Marshal Brogan Second (Third, USA) 300+ War-chief
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Clothing and Items

Officer Rewards
Item Cost (Reward Credits) Description
Serjeant Cole (Rank 0-99)
8661 37,100 Serjeant cap
8662 49,500 Serjeant top
8663 49,500 Serjeant trousers
8664 49,500 Serjeant skirt
8665 37,100 Serjeant gloves
8666 37,100 Serjeant boots
8667 24,700 Inferior locator *
8668 61,900 Quest kit (basic) **
Commander Loman (Rank 100-199)
8672 74,600 Commander cap
8673 89,600 Commander top
8674 89,600 Commander trousers
8675 89,600 Commander skirt
8676 74,600 Commander gloves
8677 74,600 Commander boots
8678 44,800 Poor locator *
8669 119,400 Quest kit (medium) **
War-chief Reeves (Rank 200-299)
8679 106,000 War-chief cap
8680 123,700 War-chief top
8681 123,700 War-chief trousers
8682 123,700 War-chief skirt
8683 106,000 War-chief gloves
8684 106,000 War-chief boots
8685 70,600 Good locator *
8670 176,700 Quest kit (advanced) **
Lord Marshal Brogan (Rank 300+)
8686 144,100 Lord Marshal cap
8687 185,300 Lord Marshal top
8688 185,300 Lord Marshal trousers
8689 185,300 Lord Marshal skirt
8690 144,100 Lord Marshal gloves
8691 144,100 Lord Marshal boots
8692 102,900 Superior locator *
8671 267,700 Quest kit (elite) **
13603 15,000 Barberry seed
13604 15,000 Wishing well bush seed
13601 15,000 Prickly pear seed
13600 5,000 Fly trap seed
13599 5,000 Sunchoke seed
13598 15,000 Butterfly flower seed

* The locator rewards may be operated to teleport players to resource areas. The locators unlocked at later ranks are able to offer teleports to progressively higher-level resource areas. Each locator may only be used to teleport up to 50 times before degrading. Play a game of Mobilising Armies to fully restore the teleportation charges. You may only own one locator at a time.
** The quest kit rewards conveniently provide general adventuring items. The variety of items is greater in the more advanced kits. Each quest kit contains one of each type of stored item. When removed, that item can only be replenished by playing a game of Mobilising Armies. You may only own one quest kit at a time.

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Ring Enchantments

Ring Enchantments
Image Item Price Class Armour Melee crit Ranged crit Magic crit
Serjeant Cole (Rank 0-99)
8724 Gold Ring (i) 37,100 All 4 1.5% 1.5% 1.5%
Commander Loman (Rank 100-199)
8725 Sapphire ring (i) 89,600 All 6 1.6% 1.6% 1.6%
8726 Emerald ring (i) 74,600 All 7 1.8% 1.8% 1.8%
8727 Ruby ring (i) 89,600 All 9 2.0% 2.0% 2.0%
8728 Diamond ring (i) 89,600 All 10 2.2% 2.2% 2.2%
War-chief Reeves (Rank 200-299)
8729 Lunar ring (i) 123,700 Magic 17 0 0 2.5%
8780 Ring of charos (a)(i) 106,000 All 4 2.3% 2.3% 2.3%
8731 Dragonstone ring (i) 141,300 All 12 2.5% 2.5% 2.5%
Lord Marshal Brogan (Rank 300+)
8732 Onyx ring (i) 144,100 All 22 2.7% 2.7% 2.7%
8734 Archer's ring (i) 205,900 Ranged 0 0 3.0% 0
8733 Seer's ring (i) 205,900 Magic 0 0 0 3.0%
8735 Warrior ring (i) 205,900 Melee 0 3.0% 0 0
8849 Berserker ring (i) 205,900 All 19 2.5% 2.5% 2.5%
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The GE value of spoils you buy is *approximately* the same amount of gp as the reward credits you pay. So, if you buy spoils from Serjeant Cole for 10k reward credits, you will get items worth around 10k gp.

Officer Rank Rewards Credits Cost Approximate GE Value (gp)
Serjeant Cole 0-99 10k 10k
Commander Loman 100-199 30k 30k
War-chief Reeves 200-299 50k 50k
Lord Marshal Brogan 300+ 80k 80k

The rewards officers have a special menu for spoils. It displays 5 stacks of items, and you can choose any three. The price per rank and corresponding GE value of the spoils (shown in the table) is fixed. The items can differ, but the total value remains the same. Here is an example:

Ma Spoils Rank200

Selecting the three stacks with higher quantities of items will get you closer to a one-for-one gp equivalent, but no higher.

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