Mogre Camp

By Mindesto

The Mogre Camp is located underwater. You need to have atleast started the Pirate Pete portion of the Recipe for Disaster quest to gain access. In addition to that, you also need a fishbowl helmet and diving apparatus to enter the water. Those are also aquired during the quest. Speak with Murphy when you have all of the prerequisites to get a ride to the camp.

The crabs occasionally drop shells and claws which when used with a chisel become a crab helmet and crab claw which are equipable. Nung also mentions being able to make mudskipper equipment for you in the future. The mudskippers can be killed for hides but you can NOT take them back to the surface with you.

Ostensibly the area will have expansions in the future, telltale signs are around for the more observant. All in all a fun and interesting addition to the Runescape world. It will be interesting to see what further additions will be added in the future.

Mogre Camp Crabs (Level 21,23) Crabs (Level 21,23) Crabs (Level 21,23) Crabs (Level 21,23) Mudskipper (Level 30,31) Mudskipper (Level 30,31) Mudskipper (Level 30,31)

Dungeon Monsters
Crabs: Level 21, Level 23
Mudskipper: Level 30, Level 31

RuneScape 2007
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