Mole Lair

By Flippi273 & Mindesto

You can enter the Mole Lair by digging on the mole holes located within Falador park with your spade. You will also need a lantern to navigate your way inside the lair. Once inside you can fight the Giant Mole by yourself or with your friends since it is a multi-combat area. (See the Giant Mole Monster Hunting Guide.) The Giant Mole can be found in the middle, but after attacking him for a bit he digs a hole and then you must find him again by searching the extensive lair; having friends to fan out in all directions helps. You can then attack him more before he digs again. Once killed he respawns back in the middle. When you kill him he drops claws and mole skin(s) you can take these claws and skin(s) and trade them to the Wyson in Falador park for bird's nests containing all kinds of seeds. To exit the lair you must climb the rope located in the southern end of the lair, this will take you to a well in south Falador. Both the entrance and exit are one way.

Mole Lair Mole (Level 230)

Dungeon Monsters
Mole: Level 230

RuneScape 2007
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