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The city of Mort'ton is located in the southern regions of Morytania. The Priest in Peril quest is required to enter Morytania, and the Nature Spirit quest must be started to walk through Mort Myre Swamp to Mort'ton. Mort'ton is a crossroads for several locations including Burgh de Rott, Mort Myre Swamp, and the Barrows minigame. This city is also the site of the Shades of Mort'ton quest and the Shades of Mort'ton minigame.

The city itself is swarming with Afflicted and Shades between levels 30 and 40. After starting the quest and learning how to make Serum 207, you can cure the Afflicted for some small rewards. You can also cure the general store owner, Razmire Keelgan, for access to his building-store and general store. Here you can buy supplies necessary for the Shade of Mort'ton Minigame. Note that his shop no longer buys items at high alch prices!

To the north-east is the Holy Fire Altar. After building the Temple to 100%, you can make Sacred Oils out of Olive Oil, and Serum 208 out of Serum 207. (Use Serum 208 on Razmire Keelgan for permanent access to his stores.)

There are 6 funeral pyres around the outer rim of the city. These are used for burning shade remains on pyre logs to get keys with painted eyelets.

The entrance to the Shade Tombs themselves is located towards the north-west through the pair of Crypt Doors. Any coloured painted eyelet key can be used to enter. For more information on the Shade Tombs and obtaining Splitbark, check our Shade of Mort'ton Minigame Guide.

Mort\'ton Area Map

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