Myreque Dungeon

By Mindesto

Accessible during and after the In search of the Myreque quest, this dungeon offers a shortcut from behind the 'Hair of the dog Tavern' in the Morytanian town of Canifis to 'the Hollows' located in the middle of the Mort Myre swamp. A short walk south from the entrance in the swamp is a ferry that will take you to the southern town of Mort'ton.

Myreque Dungeon Giant Rat (Level 3) Giant Rat (Level 3) Giant Rat (Level 3) Deadly Red Spider (Level 34) Goblin (Level 2) Hobgoblin (Level 28) Poison Spider (Level 64) Skeletal Hellhound (Level 97)

Dungeon Monsters
Giant Rat: Level 3
Deadly Red Spider: Level 34
Goblin: Level 2
Hobgoblin: Level 28
Poison Spider: Level 64
Skeletal Hellhound: Level 97 / In Search of the Myreque

Thanks To: Ginger Warrior

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