North-west Brimhaven Mine

By Mindesto

This little pocket of gold is located on a peninsula north-west of the Karamja town of Brimhaven. With 10 gold ores and 1 spawn of gold ore it makes this mine one of the best gold mining spots second only to the Arzinian Mines. Lower levels beware of the Poison Scorpions which inhabit the area around the mine and the jungle spiders which infest the route to it.

Rocks: 10 Gold.

Nearest Bank: Ardougne, Tzhaar or Zanaris*
Nearest Furnace: Ardougne, Tzhaar or Zanaris*
Nearest Anvil: Ardougne

Northwest Brimhaven Mine
Key Gold

Poisin Scorpion: Level 20

*If you have finished Holy Grail and at least started Fairy Tale Part II, you can use Fairy Rings to get to Zanaris quickly. You must go to the pillars north of the mine and blow the magic whistle from the Holy Grail quest. Once in the Fisherman's Realm, you head over the bridge to get to Fairy Ring BJR, which will take you to Zanaris. To get back, simply repeat the steps in reverse order. This method requires one slot for a whistle and one for your Dramen or Lunar staff, but it is the fastest method out of the three.

Thanks to: Aceethan, Jaffy1

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