Orks Rift Battleground

By Rien Adelric

The Orks Rift Battleground can be accessed upon completion of the Fairy Tale Part III - Battle at Orks Rift. It was the stage of the final battle between the Fairies and the Fairy Godfather (along with his army of Orks) in a bid to end the war for Zanaris.

The battleground is accessible only through the Fairy ring teleportation network (specifically, code BIR - DIP - CLR - ALP). After the quest, it is home to the tooth creatures cursed by the Fairy Godfather, which adventurers skilled in combat may find worthwhile to fight. Caution is strongly advised, however, as the battleground is a multi-combat zone and the cursed creatures, in addition to being numerous, can attack with all three combat styles. For the sake of reference, Ivory Shredflesh uses the Melee style, Ivory Bre'egth Mage, and Ivory Gromblod Ranged. It is also worth noting that the cursed tooth creatures tend to gather in groups to attack, so be careful should you choose to engage them!

Orks Rift Battleground Ivory Shredflesh (Cursed) (Level 118) Ivory Shredflesh (Cursed) (Level 118) Ivory Shredflesh (Cursed) (Level 118) Ivory Bre'egth (Cursed) (Level 118) Ivory Bre'egth (Cursed) (Level 118) Ivory Bre'egth (Cursed) (Level 118) Ivory Gromblod (Cursed) (Level 118) Ivory Gromblod (Cursed) (Level 118) Ivory Gromblod (Cursed) (Level 118) Fairy Ring (Code BIR - DIP - CLR - ALP)

Dungeon Monsters:
Ivory Shredfelsh (cursed): Level 118
Ivory Bre'egth (cursed): Level 118
Ivory Gromblod (cursed): Level 118

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