Pest Control Calculator

By Eyehawk78 & Rcty

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Current Stats
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Desired Stats
If you find you cannot enter values into a box below, see Note 1.
To calculate how many points you will need when training a skill above level 99, see Note 2
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  1. Input your current XP values into the text boxes or use the Get stats! button with your RuneScape name to retrieve them from the highscores.
  2. Select which lander you are in.
  3. In the 'Desired Stats' section, select whether you will be using level values or XP values.
  4. Select what increment you're trading your points in.
  5. Enter the level or XP value you wish to achieve in as many boxes as you wish (depending on the above choice).
  6. Click the Tip Me! button to be tipped on how many Pest Control Points you will need to reach your goal and how many successful games it will take to achieve it as well.


  1. If you find you cannot enter a values into a desired stats box, your current level for that skill is less than 25.
    Pest Control can only be used to train combat skills that are level 25 or above.
  2. To calculate how many points you will need when training a skill above level 99, (i.e. Ghost Levels), select the 'I will be using XP values below.' option and enter your desired XP value into the relevant box.

RuneScape 2007
Find this page on the Internet Archive with a date as close to Aug 10, 2007 as possible.

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