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This calculator can calculate the optimal crew and ship upgrades for any given voyage. Input your current shipwright upgrade, and the required Morale, Combat and Seafaring values for this voyage. The calculator will determine the best possible crew to complete this voyage using the available Captains, Crew members and unlocked Ship upgrades. Note: The minimum amount of crew members that will be selected in all calculations is 4, plus 1 captain.

Make sure to enter all your current Captains, Crew and Ship upgrades before calculating. If a Captain and certain Crew members are not available, because they already are on another voyage, uncheck the Use:[] checkbox so they will not be included in the current calculation. To force a certain captain or crew member on the boat, check the F:[] checkbox. The calculator will show the selected Captain, Crew and Ship upgrades with a green background colour, or an orange background color if the captain or crew member was forced to be selected. If a deck upgrade needs to be selected twice, it will have an orange background color.

Note: When using more than one of either a First Mate, Eastern Overseer, Bureaucrat, Judge of Dice or Kharidian Exile, then make sure to place the best of those four crew members at the left side of your crew for the best results.

When a crew has been calculated, clicking on the ship buttons after 'Assign calculated crew to ship' will assign all crew members to that ship. To change the assigned ship on an individual crew member, click the ship number on that crew member. When a ship has returned to port from a mission, click on the ship's number after 'Clear ship' to reset all crew members on that ship back to available.

Use drag and drop using the captain or crew images to swap captains or crew members around. When changing a slot to a new crew member, first select 'Select One' from the drop down list to clear the current entry and then select the new crew member type.

This calculator automagically saves its data in your browser. If you want to use this data in another browser, or even on another PC then you can save the data on the server, and load it when you need it elsewhere. Use the fields below to save and load your settings. You can choose any username and password you want. Just make sure to remember them. If you forget your username or password, there is no way to retrieve them.


Original Calculator by: pingu2k4

Special thanks to: Xena Dragon

Thanks to: chenw, muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, Pker_Dude_Jr, Red_Tanya, Tuturuturu, xpx

Last updated by: Howlin0001

Last updated on: 13-Feb-2015

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