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Maintaining Prayers
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  • To find out how much prayer points a certain combination of prayers will drain every second, first enter the amount of prayer bonus your equipment gives, and then select the prayers you wish to use. Use the drop-down list to switch between regular prayers and ancient curses.
  • To find out how long you can maintain the use of the selected prayers, enter your prayer level, select the type of prayer-restoring potion you will be using, and then enter how many potions you will bring.


  • Use our equipment builder if you need help figuring out how much prayer bonus a certain equipment setup gives.
  • The holy wrench and the Castle Wars halos can't be included in the calculator, as the exact mechanics of these items are not yet known.
  • If the calculations appear to be off, keep in mind that numbers are rounded before they are displayed. For example, a drain rate of 3.333 repeating will be displayed as 3.3 by the calculator. Behind the scenes, the calculations are performed using unrounded numbers.
  • Feel free to leave feedback in our maps & calculators forum.

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